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Star Wars to StarGate, I guess it's Sci Fi month!

I have brought two new games and one is an oldie for the Genesis which is Stargate. What a b***h of a game, this is easy yet tough! So you get to learn a pattern, performing those tasks in order. Then you get a ridiculous jump to perform which is exceedingly hard to perform and thats even on easy mode!! The starting music to the game is awesome know, but when you start playing the in game music gets pretty sickly after a while! The controls are really good actually, they work well, the platform works and the AI is pretty good also. I'd just wish the game wouldn't have such tough jumps to perform!!

The other is Lego Star Wars II which I haven't received yet. I order it because I broke one of my controllers. Don't ask why! But it seems the lego Star Wars games are popular so I am inclined to find out why.

I have also been playing a lot of WarCraft 3. Which I feel I have been doing rather well on. I feel the need to complete the one player modes before I go onto multiplayer.

Avatar updated.

I have updated my avatar to a Sith avatar I saw. I think it looks awsome. Hope you all like. :)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. Over the holiday's I lost my Grandma Ray who I loved very much. Went out very little to what I normally get upto. And played alot of SVR 2007 and Bully on the PS2.

I have also wrote a review for Smackdown v Raw. It may be a little complainy but it is what I thought of the game. I think I could of added more. But that would be going on a bit. But I shall leave it for everyone else to rate the review.

Bully was a great game also, I shall have to write a review as I have completed the main storyline and completed 70% of the game.

I have Warcraft 3 left, but I shall finish that off at sometime later.

Peace out 2006. 2007 here I come!!

Christmas here we come!

It's that time of the year again where everyone celebrates and everyone is happy. Are you sure everyone is happy? I think that would be rather wrong if I thought that. There will always be those who are against the grain. But we must have fun at least and my fun this christmas will be arc, Smackdown v Raw 2007 (well not so much fun there!) and WarCraft 3.I don’t think I told you all, my brother gave me a copy of GTA Vice City and it’s a pretty good game. The story could have been a bit stronger but I really enjoyed it. I should proberbly write a review for it also. P.S Don’t forget to tell me what you got for Christmas/Hanukah. :) 5 days in review

well, I was happily on reading the forums and such. Then I saw something about SG1 and SGA returning. So I browsed over to and checked it out. Well I be dammed, time to watch SG1 and SGA again. :) After all it is one of my favorite shows.

So I went through my favorite shows, added them to my favorites list and constributed missing information. One of my favorite shows, Match of the Day had hardly any information and I thought if I contribute enough I could become the editor of the show! and behold! Now I am.

So in 5 days, I am almost level 6, and Editor of Match of the Day. Maybe next week Cnet will higher me. Okay, maybe thats pushing it!

Summer 2006 Lowdown.

I think I just wrote my best review to date.

FIFA 2005 Review. It is my longest review yet and to me it is my best review to date. Hope you like.

I have also been playing Civilization 3 conquering the world. I was doing excellent. I placed all my peices around the greeks in South America took the whole continent, played a little more after that, then the game crashed and I lost all that hour and 15 min of play! DoH! So anoying.

Other than those two games, haven't really played any others other than a little ARC.

Fight Night Round 3

When it comes to boxing there are two types for me, protected with head-gear and then there is with no protection and no head-gear. Now I don't like boxing that isn't protected because to me it is just wrong. The theory of smashing someone’s head in until they submit, get a count out or eventually go the whole distance receiving maximum brain damage, is just wrong to me.

Fight Night Round 3 is the continuation in the series of a few boxing games by EA Sports and I just played the demo of it from OPS2 Magazine. The controls work well and the graphics where very impressive so impressive in fact, that I felt the cringe factor setting in when I saw the blood flowing and my characters eye puffing up. This goes to show even in computers games you can simulate the type of damage sustained to real boxers.

I’m sorry to say that for the first time ever I was so impressed with a demo, that it was impressive enough to completely put me off of buying a copy. The graphics and effects where so good that the demo was more than enough, now I think I shall go watch a nice game of football.

Year of the Genesis

Recently I got out my Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and started playing some games. I brought the Genesis with 12 games, 3 controllers for £50 for a friend a few years ago and I feel its a dam good investment.

So I started playing and I have played two games and feel I played them enough so I wrote a review for each. I started on Formula One and it took me a while to make the game harder than it was. The default options where far to easy but I hope you like my review on the page. The next game I played was International Rugby. This game wasn't even listed on gamespot or gamefaqs! So I requested it on gamefaqs making sure I gave all the correct info then when it was on the database I knew it would be on gamespot automatically and it was. :)

For gamespot I submitted some data as well as the boxshot image I found on the internet then I added my review. Which I hope you also enjoy the read.

I have only one game that wasn't on the genesis games list which is Super Kick Off. The info for that was submitted to gamefaqs today so hopefully that will be added so then I can play up then add another review!

I also have Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat so stay tuned for my blog entry... Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat!...

Someone doesn't like me.

I wrote 3 reviews today and already someone has voted no to all of them. :(

Make's me feel sad, I didn't think they where that bad and I haven't voted for anyone's reviews today... Infact, I haven't voted for any reviews in a while!

Btw, if you where interested in what reviews I had written and didn't see, it was for Might and Magic 6 and 7 + Civilization. I guess the reviews where not that good, but I thought they where okay.

I might write an SVR 2006 review soon, but I really haven't completed all the tasks and I really want to do that first if I can.

Game On. :/ :)

Update End Feb 2006.

I have recently aquired Warcraft II Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal which I have just started playing. I have started on the Orc campaign of Tides of Darkness and it seems so far really easy. It does seem to take the piss and there are no difficaulty levels. I have just saved it at act two so hopefully it will start to get harder.

I have also been playing more on Smackdown vs Raw 2006. I have completed the Smackdown season with my virtual character of myself and I am getting on quite nicely on RAW. But that royal rumble is pretty hard. I shall get it done, even if I have to change the option to easy!

Among other things I got kind of anoyed with the Command & Conquer Firestorm. I goto the final mission of the NOD campaign but I can't seem to finish it. Dam its a pretty hard mission that one. I haven't started on the Allies yet but I shall get round to it eventually.

Also recently I have been playing alot of Neopets, dam that website can get addictive at times. I've been trying to collect the stamps I don't have... Which is alot and trying to get high scores which its hard. I know its a kids website but why is it so addictive, it seems to cut into my real life too much and thats doing damage!! But what the hell, I enjoy it. :)