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Is wikipedia a reliable source?

For a few entries recently I have made to for updating people's profiles I have had some that haven't been accepted based on the fact that wikipedia is not a reliable source.

You may say this is the case for some area's. But I would tend to disagree and feel that certain area's of the internet have been anti wiki from the start. Considering that wikipedia is now one of the most administered websites on record it would be very hard to write incorrect content without someone seeing it. Each area is monitored from each different group. Everyone has their favorite pages on wikipedia which they like to keep clean of vandalism and incorrect information.

So to say wikipedia is not a reliable source is very incorrect and very wrong. I would tend to go with wikipedia is more reliable and more upto date than it has been since it first started. I would now tend to say that wikipedia is more reliable to look up star profiles than and that is getting behind the times on a hell of a lot of star profiles.

I have noticed that a lot of stars have been repeated there is more one profile for some stars, maybe even 4 or 5 profiles for one star alone. I certainly have noticed this when entering data for wrestler profiles. So many need fixing, so many celebrities that don't have their correct credits deserved. I have done some, but there is so much to fix of what I have noticed it would take at least a solid half a years work to sort out. This is when wikipedia would make sure that that star has already been added and would even of been monitored.

So at present I am going to say that wikipedia is now a more reliable source than

Copyright abuse vs Content.

I often wonder how many people read the copyrights on websites. I really do like reading Terms of Service and copyright information as well as the privacy policy.

But with everyone writting on the internet, how are you sure no one is going to post what you wrote somewhere else? Well you really can't unless someone tells you or you find it yourself. Sadly it happens more than you think. Content is protected by law and copying it straight to your blog or otherwise is an offense. With the clamp down on illegal music, video, film downloads how long will it be before there is a clampdown on content?

Well in some countries there is already a clampdown on anti-government content so it can't be long to go before the content infringment comes calling. So becareful what you write, what you are posting. Because the police might come knocking with a lawyer one day.

Another way to scroll websites for copyright content is with a webbot, how long before people write new webbots to do this bidding. There are already thousands of these things scrolling the internet searching for content, information. Soon the internet is going to police its self.

So quite while your ahead and stay safe children of Cnet. Before these police webbots track you down and put you away. You know who you are! I am watching also.

Nintendo 64 visited but now finished with.

I was on a kibbutz for the last six months and there in the club room we had a Nintendo 64 with a load of games. I played some of the games and really enjoyed a few of them. Others seemed rather terrible and I would have to say my favorite was Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

That is the first Zelda game I had ever played and I completed it. I loved the graphics, the characters and the story. All of it was interesting and I even wrote a review. The two other games I also liked was World Cup 98 and Mario Kart. Both were very enjoyable on multiplayer and I played a bit of single player against the machine too.

The Nintendo 64 seems to run rather smoothly but I found it's controller a little bit of a let down. The official controller is obviously the best, but still it seems to get damaged rather quickly from relatively little use. We also had two N64 Clear Power 64-X Controller by Yobo Gameware but they broke rather quickly. The analog control would snap off rather quickly from very little use. I would not suggest them myself.

I also played Super Smash Bros which I didn't like that much. I played with Captain Fulcan mostly! I played the game vs the others in the moadon (club) on the kibbutz. But I sware they must of played a hell of a lot more than me because I kept getting owned. Another game I tried was WWF Warzone which I found rather horrible. I do like wrestling and the latest wrestling games are so much better, but this old one is a bit of a button masher. Not really that great and I don't recommend it to anyone!

As it goes for the top three, which I will write reviews for, having already written a review for Zelda and World Cup 98. I think I wont buy a Nintendo 64 for myself. I love the retro stuff, but I still stick to building my Mega Drive. I will get myself a Playstation 3 at some point when it's better value and there are a few more games I am interested in getting for it. For now, bye bye N64.

Retired as the WWE PPV show editor.

Yep, I decided to retire as the editor of the show, I have added a lot, fixed a number of stars list, but for now. I haven't really taken any part, done anything and so I thought I give new hands a chance at the show guides, ect.

Desturbings in the WWE.

There is just something about the world, but when you have a death that is shocking and desturbing at the same time it really makes you think. At first I was pretty sure that all three, Chris Beniot his wife and son were all victums. I really find it hard to beleive that someone who was so full of life can do this to himself.

But then you have to think of the phycotropic effect of the drugs he might of been taking. They could of really screwed with his brain. Something could of gone wrong. Then you have this bible signature next to each body. That in-it'self is a question. How many other cases have you heard of a strangled person next to a bible.

My feelings on the subject is that WWE needs to improve on it's policy to do with all types of drugs. They need to monitor a lot more on what they have possibly been doing.

In some ways, although so tragic this has raised questions and concerns.

All is not what it seems, then again, all is what it seems, to have an answer to the question is one thing. But to already have an answer to the questions which hasn't been said, seems to have happened. I fear there maybe a lack of investigation on the case of the Benoit's and an annoucement before the facts are clear.

Hopefully things will become clearly soon, we can only hope.

The slow and agonising death of ECW.

I am fed up with watching ECW. No more to that, I have also stopped watching Raw, the only thing left is SmackDown and the PPVs.

I am not sure if I even want to watch Judgement Day, the only match which sounds remotely interesting is MVP vs Chris Benoit.

This is suppost to be a sport where you see great wrestling! This is happening less and less, stars are getting serious injuries. The match ups are a bit off at times! I mean who the hell is interested in a super heavyweight crushing a cruiserweight?

ECW is going to the dogs for sure, they seriously need to fix it. Need the TV title back, need to tag team belts back. Need to get some real wrestling going instead of that crap that had atm. Snitsky was boring me. Lashley is on Raw and not really ECW! Sabu got released, wtf, he was ECW all over! They are really destroying the ECW brand. The ECW World Champion is Vince?? He should be looking after the dam company not destroying it! Well, I have had enough, good bye ECW! good bye Raw, I just hope SmackDown doesn't start going to the dogs.

High Score Images

I just saw this new feature on for uploading images. So I thought it would be a good place to add my high score images. I had a look in my list of files and found that I had some remaining! Looks like I lost some old images from my high scores. :(

So I have uploaded what I have, so you can take a look. The main two are from Might and Magic 8 and 9. Not the best in my view because I feel Might and Magic 7 is the best game in the series. I had high score ceriticate images around somewhere for 6 and 7 but I guess they are gone now.

I also tried to upload my high score for Zarlor Mercenary from the lynx emulator screenshot I took. That was in bmp format and not jpg like the other two. I am not sure if it worked know, I tried it twice.

Anyway, if you have any high scores that accociate with those games let me know, we can then find out who is the better player is! 

Scott Colton (Colt Cabana) signs for the WWE.

A while ago when I was helping the guide for WWE Velocity and I noticed that Scott Colton featured a fair number of times in one go. I also noticed him on Heat and on Raw vs Umaga. Not many people know this but when WWE accept a jobber they are doing two things. Helping to try and push the star the jobber is going against and at the same time they are in fact scouting the jobber.

For Scott Colton had a fair number of matches, more so than most jobbers. But now he has finally signed to the WWE. Ring of Honor's website finally released the news on April 3rd 2007 and dam it's about time.

I don't know how early he will start in the WWE but one idea might be to tag-team him with his friend and former tag parter from Ring of Honor, CM Punk. This would suggest a stable for the ECW brand and that might also indicate the other romour that they will be bringing back the ECW Tag Team belts.

So congrats Scott Colton, I hope to see you in ECW soon.

Bugs in Abundance.

I just tried to recycle an old profile that wasn't being used now it seems it's not worth doing that. Too many bugs!! Sylvester Terkay 's guest star roles just ended up back on the profile. Jacques Rougeau now has Terkay's guest spots in other! heh. So now there is duplicating of guest roles as well as duplication of profiles. database it seems is in major need of repair. One can only wonder how long before gets the overhaul it needs.