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True Blood

I don't know why I am still watching this show, all there is, is Vampire's, blood and sex! Well if there is a storyline it is a long time coming. Although I don't mind seeing the rather actractive women, without no story to support this show I am getting rather bored rather quickly. Wikipedia seems to have written some story, but I would have to say it seems slow, boring and all these awards I feel are maybe a little brought!

May this undead show join the TV Netherworld.

Film reviews on movietome.

I don't know how many other people find it annoying. But very often there are those on Movietome that just aren't trying to write a decent review. A one sentence of "This movie was great." is not a review and those that do such a thing should be ashamed of themselves.

Not only do you bring down the quality of Movietome, but at the same time you bring down the quality of your ability to write English. Also how strong are you with your ratings of a film? At times there is a lack of honoesty and they should give a real score and not hoodwink the rest of the community.

So please get your act together people. refreshed.

I like the new look, it's refreshing and it's a good job it was updated. There are still a lot of glitches know. A quicker accesses to produce blog posts is needed. Removal of stars from eps needs fixing and there are probably more problems I don't yet know about.

But on the whole other than bing whiney; the design goes well with the cnet brand, I like the colour blue and my avatar still rocks. :)

Gamespot rating system floored.

Ever since Gamespot change the rating system and got rid of the .6 .7 8 and 9 it has annoyed me. I do like to rate games under categories of graphics, sound, game lengh and gameplay. Gamespot got rid of that also. It was a shame because that was a very good function in rating a game.

Now the rating system just goes up by a .5 every time so I can't ever give the true score I am feeling for a game. I will either have to round up or if the game is that bad! Round down!!

And when you round up everyone elses scores who had to round up or down a true score will be lost. O, it will be close, but now all the new games on gamespot will have a score which will not reflect the true value of what people are feeling.

One can only hope that one day Gamespot will change it back.

I guess people don't like my Batman review!

Did we see the same movie? I think the film I saw was expressed rather nicely in my review. I think those people didn't read my review at all and desided just to disagree with what I said! Thank you Movietome for showing me that there is a biasted nature in people!

Forgive me if I am wrong, Batman was... dull, depressing, black and lots of explosions. Depth of characters? Well not much there for me, as for the Joker, well, no where near as good as Jack Nicholson and those that disagree with my review clearly desided I insulted a dead man!

Shame shame shame. Shame on you all.

SVR 2007 custom belt lost!

I decided to play some SVR 2007 today as I'd thought I try and update a few belt changes in exhibition mode. First of all I tried my caw CM Punk vs Edge on Raw for the Heavyweight championship belt. I tried twice and failed twice. I have the game set on hard and CM Punk's caw stats are only on 50 overall!!

Next I decided to play the ECW championship belt I created. For the first time ever the game crashed on me and I lost the belt. Now I always knew the game said it had to transfer the belt to the machine and back again. But what kind of game erases your belt which you had played with loads and got it to a value of 50,000… I'd have to say that is some pretty bad programming and got me annoyed!! How can I go on playing a game which crashes on my belt creations? I might shelf it and get a cheap copy of SVR 2008. Alas, DAM YOU THQ! Someone should be fired over that mistake!!

WWE Heat cancelled.

I watched the last ever episode WWE Heat today and to be honest I couldn't care if it was the final episode or not. The matches were so terrible and boring I could of easily fallen asleep.

It started out an A show for the WWE when they first launched the brand but after a while when SmackDown! arrived it quickly turned into WWE's B show. They have had a few gem matches on there since I've been watching, but alas. It hasn't had any good wrestling in a while.

So what does this do for the company? Well to be honest not a lot! But if they took off WWE Velocity to replace it with ECW then maybe removal of WWE Heat is a pretense to make ECW a two hour show. With the draft coming up surplus stars might end up on ECW to produce a three way attack on TV airtime.

So in a way good news and bad news. That at the end of the day is upto you, what you like and what you don't like. As for you lot on America Heat has been off the airwaves for a while, but here in England it's gone this weekend and good riddens.

My bargin of the week.

Yesterday I was in Welwyn Garden City looking through the shops not buying much. Well, I only brought a tie and one PS2 game. But this game is a good game, this is Fifa 2006 and Gamespot gave it 9 out of 10 score When I saw the price of what I was buying I knew I had a bargin.

Gallery: FIFA 2006 (PS2) receipt

The other Fifa 2006 games on display in the cheap section all had £3.99 and the original price would of been around £37 drop to £27 maybe after a year but now it's 2008 and you can get a 2 year old game for £2. I love how this industry works at times. :)

The Biast as Editors

I don't know how some on can manage to put anything down for Bio's or shows when you have editors on them that reject over the silly thing or hog it. I think it's worse for the Wrestling side on I find the guy currently incharge of TNA Inpact has been running the forum unfairly blocking and deleting most people from talking about TNA related stuff.

Then yesterday I updated the bio for Rick Flair, nothing wrong with my English, Rick Flair is no longer on Raw as he is now retired and no longer has the IC belt. But spacedkane who is the editor said:

"I wish you had cut and pasted the rejection so I could point out the grammatical error. It is in the way one of the sentences flowed. You altered the sentence but didnt conjugate the verb to match the flow of the correction."

Considering I only removed some bits and said he is now retired, I feel it was a biast decision, next I tried removing Ric Flair's height from the trivia list. Because frankly how tall a celeb is, is not trivia!! He rejected that on the basis:

"the user submitting this considered this trivia and it IS trivia fact for many profiles on this site"

Fact: I have rarely seen it on any other profiles on the site. I've looked at loads and edited loads already.

But the worse is those editors who simply refuse my update suggestion, then go do it themselves. That's not as bad as spacedkane! because he can't even update Ric Flair's profile!! At least those that rip me can update!

Happy Birthday to me. :)

Today is the 26th and I wish myself Happy Birthday!

You who reads this can wish me Happy Birthday too if you want, just in the comments space!! heh.