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Govvy Blog is racist.

Some of my online gaming friend told me to try out Combat Arms, I downloaded it, installed, only to find out they block all connections outside of the US! I consider this a racist act against the rest of the world. The same thing happened when I saw Dungeon Fighter Online. Displayed as free to play via the Raptr network. I didn't realise it was by the same company, low and behold, the same, waste of time of a download, install...

Face it, doesn't have the ability to promote themselves outside of a grid which is heavily biast. This being a fact. Unless they want to promote a game which is truely global internet free. At the moment, this isn't an internet freedom, it's just a USdom.

Is movietome getting lazy?

I am on the site looking up movies, well trying to find them in the database, recent movies such as The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan and Predators. I can't find them in the database, so I can't add a review down. I even wanted to write down my distaste for the film Far Cry. I really think that Uwe Boll is a boring director!

But why are movies missing? Is there a lack of staff for MovieTome? A lack of promoted volunteers? Something tells me the site is getting lazy.

And the front page it'self, it hasn't changed in months and months. The website is starting to look like an abandoned project.

Only Cnet knows what has happened from the death of filmspot and now the death of movietome?

Settlers 4 demo

I been wanting to try the demo for ages, I finally loaded it up on a rainy day and tried it out.

The game graphics didn't seem that good and I don't really see much improvements on the older version of the game. Found it entertaining for a 15 minutes or so. But the battles, buildings, elements seem very much the same as the previous version!

Very out dated.

Heroes Season 4

I don't know why I watched all that, but most of it was boring and how I managed to get through that show... I will never know...

Olivia Williams low point.

I was reading the 20 Feb 2010 edition of the Telegraph Magazine and Olivia Williams who plays Adelle DeWitt in Dollhouse low point was:

Being a corpse in a real morgue in a real drawer on a real zinc bed in a real fridge, naked.

For a cop show.

Heroes going where?

I am getting rather bored of the recent series, I don't know why I am still watching the show which is going where? I wait for the action and very little comes along, there is too much talk and characters thrown in to die and be dead.

Hero decides to travel through time to right the wrongs, which I can't really see what is right or wrong. Syler is trapped between two places and has to act two area's. The actor is good, but sadly he can't do his best, because the parts he is doing is getting dragged.

Claire is stuck in college and has to deal with some other person with an ability to go invisible. Point being? Well there is little point, I don't understand what is going on and frankly I am getting lost.

So after that is said, we are back to square one wondering, where did it all go wrong.

Star Wars Empire at War demo.

I just got round to having a go at this game. I don't mind the demo, seems fun to play, but the demo doesn't have a lot, just enough maybe. But does it have enough to get me to buy the real thing?

Not really is my opinion, the ground battles are just an updated version of Galactic Battlegrounds which I found to be rather like the old Age of Empires, it's a bit of fun but it doesn't bring too much new to an over satuated market of war games.

The space battles are interesting but that too seems to feel out-dated some how.

I think I will stick too the old games I have lying around which I haven't completed yet.

Southpark: Season 13 Ep 11 Whale Wh***s

All know I enjoyed certain aspects in this episode once again I felt Southpark is being politically insensitive. Although I am against whaling and against the slaughter of dolphins. I felt disgusted by the way the show makes a whole nation the enemy and then goes with the twist at the end to make Japanese seem gullible.

I know this is suppose to be over the top and very against the grain, I just hope shows like this doesn't destroy the American ideal. There is the sense to change the world for the better one can only hope that people don't take Southpark to seriously.

Stargate Universe

I see on the Stargate Universe page there are lots of people rushing to do show reviews. There is a rather rash approach and I read some points. There is simularities to such shows as Battlestar Galatica and Star Trek Voyager. The lost ship working to get home...

I understand these point but I like to reserve my judgements untill the show has finished.

I myself found the show started with a bit of a bang and then slowed down to deep-space. I was a bit confused by the battle against Gua'ald ships as you don't know who the enemy is or was. But we might find this out later in the show.

As for now, a new ship with new technology and a lot of work to fix it up. I guess we will have to wait and see how the ship and it's crew evolve.

Warehouse 13 pilot

Welcome to the future with bits of the past. Now why when you have really cool mobile phones and lots of money would you want to use a communications device from the 1930s? That piece is pretty retro and the show is suppose to be new age?

I do love history and science fiction but shows should have a reality to them which doesn't break too many laws. Warehouse 13 has really gone out of it's way to break so many types of laws of nature that the creators have probably made the scientists of the past shake their fists from the heavens.

First you have two government agents who know each other from work with different styles, then you have an X-Files feeling, thrown in there is some Indiana Jones mix in a lot of silly things that shouldn't work and what do you have?

Another B rated show that shouldn't last more than one season.

I didn't manage to watch the whole season of the new Knight Rider, but Warehouse 13 is too much for me. I couldn't even get past the pilot that too me felt like it should be crashing into that warehouse and burn it to the ground.

Reality check people!