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Game Of The Month!

So I'm gonna start this new blog called Game Of The Month... In this blog I'll pick one game which stood out as the best game Ive played all month... This month the honors go to Chronicles Of Riddick Assault On Dark Athena..

From start to finish this game was amazing.. First of all you get the "bang for your buck" factor.. This game includes a remake of the Classic Xbox original (escape from butcher bay) and a brand new game in the Series (Assault On Dark Athena). Both game blend stealth and gunplay very well.. Another stand out feature is the hand to hand first person combat.. Other games have tried it but I believe this is one of the better attempts at it. The games game me about 20+ hours (together)which is okay in my book. Oh I almost forgot about the games Multiplayer features.. It has a sort of (unreal Tournament, quick run and gun) style of gameplay. You have 2 modes (deathmatch) or this other feature in which one person takes the role of Riddick and everyone else is a guard.. Who ever kills Riddick gets to be Riddick until they die. Only downside of the Multiplayer is It kinda lags so dont look at multiplayer as your buying point.. So You have 2 full games each topping 10+ hours and a multiplayer feature all packed in one $60 package.. If that doesn't intise you enough to buy the game I don't know what will.. :P So go out and Buy it! :)

GoreObsessed (Chris)

Getting Back Into Blogging!

Hello everyone! I'm doing this sort as sort of a test blog.. Ive been wanting to start using this blog but wanna see if anyone still actually reads these things... If anyone sees this post please leave a comment and give me a reason to keep making more!!!! :)

A pretty bad week for me...

Hello everyone I hope your all doing great... It hasent been the best week for me. My 360 broke on me... So with my 360 goes both my only game console and my dvd player lol... Luckily Microsoft is gonna fix it for free... Well if that wasent bad enough I purchased a slim ps2 a week ago and then I finally get messaged from the seller and he tells me he has to refund my money due to his console being broken by his son.. So I now have no 360, no dvd player and no Ps2 to keep me busy....  Well how has the week gone for you guys?? Any stories of misfortune to share with me?? :P

Gore's long awaited updated blog update... :P

Hello everyone! Well whoever still browses through my profile that is. :P I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.. Well where can I start? I got hired about 3 weeks at Gamestop... Talk about a dream job... I've tried since the age of 16 to get hired at gamestop and never not even part time.. Well now not only am I part of the staff... I just got promoted to 3rd key.. Thats basically like 3rd in charge... Meaning I get paid more! :D. Well a perk of working at gamestop is you get 15% off games and you can take any item in the store home for 4-5 days. I've taken Ultimate Marvel Alliance and Fear thus far, both are incredible... If any of you havent played these games yet then do so.... NOW!!!! Well I hope everyone on Gamespot (who ever still browses through my profile that is) is doing great... Well to conclude this blog I hope you all had a great weekend and once again a happy thanksgiving, black friday blah blah...I'm gonna go see if I can get some sleep for work tomorrow. Good Night! :)

Attemping to get back into blogging :P

I took a long break from Gamespot in general and have seen myself slowly come back highly due to getting a 360.. I bought an Xbox 360 off a friend of mine with a bunch of games.. I kind of doubted the console in general but I thought I was ready for next gen so I was like what the hell.. It cant hurt... Boy am I glad I bought it off him.. The 360 is incredible in every way possible. Microsoft has done an incredible job of getting a lot more 3rd party support and a huge number of very appealing exclusives.. This along with the sheer power of the console, Xbox live and Xbox live arcade are all giving me a whole lot to do this summer.. To anyone who reads this and wants a piece of advice.. I would say pick up an Xbox 360 for sure.. Well Im gonna see if I get any feedback at all to this blog.. If I do then I'll keep posting. Either way you can all see me on the forums. :)


A journal entry in memory of former Vader drummer "DOC".


If any of you know Vader you know that most of their career they had a very brutal and honored drummer "Doc"... He has passed away.. I dont have many details yet being as I just found out, but I wanted to make an entry to remmember him.. So Here's to an incredible drummer from an Incredible Band....

R.I.P. "DOC"