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Ouch! Ohnoes!!


Ohnoes! Yesturday, when I am reporting abuse to users, I got flagged for false flagging--reporting several old posts. Though I am only moderated as a warning, as this is my first moderation, I haven't lost any points yet. Sadly, to me, this is a very serious issue to me, as any penalties in GameSpot is found really scary to me. Now on, for my entire life, I am now permanently prohibited to report abuse to any of the users.:cry: I am also in a high risk of getting another warning, which is definitely a point loss, because I have reported abuse to 4 of the users. If I get a higher penalty, like a suspension, it will be Bannedohnoes rather than Ohnoes, which is really life-threatening!

In fact, a person who is active, and doesn't commit as much violations, usually has a much lower risk of getting suspended or even expelled from GameSpot, and they can promote a level in the fewest days possible.

Anyways, I am a loser.:cry: