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My Answers Level has been upgraded.

Yes! Now my answers level is upgraded to Silver!

Before, I could only answer 15 questions and post 5 questions, now I have been upgraded! I could now answer 25 questions and post 10 questions. But could someone tell me why did I upgrade.

Ooo. I uploaded my first video! Yes!

Public Access

I got another emblem!

For posting my very first video for everyone to see, I got the public access emblem. My first video is a video blog about that one of my friends just got banned. Go see it!

Boo! One of my friends are banned!

Uh oh... I lost -Pulse because he got banned... :(:(:(

I checked on my contacts list as suddenly one of my friends got banned, which is -Pulse. I don't know why he'd got banned, but this is very scary. I tried to untrack him, but it doesn't work at all. So, too bad, I will have banned friends forever. :(:(:(

Here is my video blog about it.


I lost a friend! Noooo! Than I gained new friends. Yes!

Uh oh! I lost one of my friends! Noooo! But I gained new friends too. Yes!

I have some bad news for you, as I can't believe I lost one of my friends, Clubhaxor, which is a very horrible thing. Now Clubhaxor will appear in my Other People I'm Tracking list, which I really hate it. So I decided to send a message to Clubhaxor, so he can track me again. I wish that no one will untrack me again and downsize my friends list. :(:(:cry:

However, I have some good news for you, I have got 3 other friends, like Saad77, Brainkiller05, and Dan-Lero. :idea::P

My fourth record: 795,476,250

I am really an expert 3D Space Cadet Pinball player!

I probably know that I am an expert pinball player becaues I made another record, 795476250 points!! I tried every mission, including the strange, unusual Time Warp mission. Just like before, I didn't use a single cheat or even nudge. As I said, I really am an expert. But one day, I can get over 1000000000 points, which is beyond the maximum point limit the scoreboard can display, 999999999.

New pinball record: 616,423,750 points.

I, comes up again to make my new 3D Pinball Space Cadet record!

Yes, as I just have made a new 3D Pinball Space Cadet record at noon. I scored 616423750 points, and I again reached up to Rank 9, Fleet Admiral. I haven't used any cheats, hidden test cheats and nudges that will tilt the game and result in bonus loss. I have got lots of extra balls and replays as I play. I got 29 extra balls. All my skill shots are worth 75000 points and every crash bonus is 5000000 points, the maximum crash bonus possible. As I know, I am found to be an expert pinball player. Yahoo!

I made a new 3D Pinball Space Cadet record!

I made a 535,142,500 point record in 3D Pinball Space Cadet!

I just have made a new record of 535142500-point record for playing a game called 3D Pinball Space Cadet without nuudging or cheating. I reached rank 9, just as my previous record, but I got 7 more extra balls than before, and each of my skill points were worth 75,000 (which you have to lit 3 out of 6 deployment lights found in the deployment chute.) I died lots of times and each end-of-ball/crash bonus is held and it is for 5000000 points. It is very hard to do that, but probably I was found to be one of the exceptional pinball players. I will still play, and I will get more points than before.

I have scored a 469,342,250-point record while I played 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

I made a new record!

I have scored a 469342250-point record while I am playing 3D Pinball Space Cadet. It was so hard, and this is probably the best I can reach. I reached rank 9, the last rank in the game, and it is named Fleet Admiral. I have done it without using any nudges (which may tilt the game) and cheats, including the debug cheat. If I tried harder, I may set up a new record, but this is quite hard to do that.

My Tagger Maker upgraded into a Level 4 tag related Tagger Leader!

Tagger Leader

My Level 3 Tagger Maker have been upgraded into a Level 4 Tagger Leader!

As I make many tags, my tagging emblem upgreaded from a Tagger Flirt to a Tagger Dabbler to a Tagger Maker and to a Tagger Leader! Yes, I got another promotion on my emblems. But one day, my Tagger Leader might upgrade even further into a Tagger King.

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