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Level 14!!

I went to Level 14!!!

I have completed Level 13, and I am closer to a lieutenant! It is quite hard to achieve, and it takes about 1 and a half weeks to complete. Can I go to Level 16??

Speed Runner!

I am a speed running walking commercial!!

For posting 4 speed run videos, I am a Speed Runner. Speed Runners are also Walking Commerials, because this emblem is a clone to the Speed Runner emblem! Congratulations!!

New Sig!

Attention! Please rate my new sig I made, from Fractal Extreme!


Please rate it as what Gamespot rates it in the new rating system, except with the zero score included. Rate it from 0.0 (neamic) to 10 (perfect/prime). A score like 2.3 (terrible) won't be accepted.

Level 13!

I went up to Level 13!!

I have made it up to Level 13, and this is quite amazing to achieve a hard level.

Video Blogger!


I got my Video Blogger Emblem!

And I mastered video blogging, and uploaded 4 video blogs, I got this emblem. OMG!!!

I reported abuse to many users that they aren't completely obscuring bad words.

I reported abuse to many users that they aren't completely obscuring offensive words.

I found blogs and forums and an image title that contains offensive words that weren't completely obscured. So I reported abuse to users who done that wrong thing. I checked it using Google.

[spoiler] I have got a notice that I have properly notified moderators for abuse reporting. [/spoiler]

As it takes multiple attempts to upload a video blog...

As it takes multiple attempts to make a video blog... as the video encode fails while I was uploading a video...

I want to upload a video blog about the DX Ball 2 DEMO screens I have took, but most of the time, I failed, as the video encode have failed, as said in my inbox, which is really, really REALLY annoying. In this case, I have to re-upload, as this is a really long progress. It takes 3 big attempts to successfully upload a video, as I decided to change my wmv video into an avg video. This is a horror to me.

I now have 100 friends. Double the popularity!

Wow! Now I have 100 friends, which means double the amount I need to get the Popular emblem. At least somebody is banned, I don't really care. As I have 100 friends, I still like to make even more friends, even if I have thousands of friends. But be careful, I may lose friends, which is the grimmest thing.

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