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My E3 Emblems

I have got my first E3 emblems!

I know my chances of getting any more emblems is now over, and it ended very great, unlike in the previous years. I have got 7 E3 emblems within the E3 times, 4 common and 3 rare emblems. Although I missed only the Nintendo and Microsoft emblems due to that I do not have the chance of watching it live, I also missed the Box Seat emblem and the Special Agent emblem, the emblem I am looking for the most. Anyways, it is very happy getting the E3 emblems, and it also marked the first time I got the E3 emblems.

1000 Posts!!

1000 Posts!!

I successfully reached the 1k post mark without getting moderated for the next 500 posts for posting in the OT and occasionally in other boards, like the PSP board. I discussed about many things in these forums, and reaching 1k posts is still quite hard, especially if you want to have very few moderations. I will now try to reach the 5000 post mark next time with minimal moderations.

500 Posts!!

500 Posts!!

I have been very active forum posting at the OT board, chatting everything other than the video games. I know this is the most popular of all boards, and is also my favorite board, I have chattered about pets, movies and many other things. Yet I am not too experted at posting, 500 posts are quite a feat.

I also learned one thing about my OT posting:

I have been moderated and warned due to the fact I am bumping old threads. Now I know l can't bump/revive any more threads, and I can no longer post in threads I found in search, this is a path of bumping posts to me. I also have to watch for the opening post date of the thread.

Next time I am targeting to 1000 Posts as careful as possible without getting moderated.

No! Warned a Double Moderation!!

I have been moderated again because I am reviving old threads on the Off-Topic Discussion. I also got moderated again by doing the same action, making the 2 moderations into 1 warning. Though only a warning I am exceptionally afraid of all moderations, even warnings and point-losses, I believe I have ruined my Moderation History. I may have to look at the date of the very first post per topic. I am in risk of getting a deadly point-loss, or what I would call, a fine.

Coverage Emblem Achieved!!

I got my first coverage emblem, the GDC 10 emblem!!

This is the first time I have successfully targeted on getting a coverage emblem on Gamespot, the GDC 10 emblem. Though this is good to get an emblem, next time, I may try to get all 3, or the 3-day E3 emblem for the next year for watching major E3 coverages!

I achieved my Artistic Genius Emblem!!

I achieved my Artistic Genius Emblem!!!

After so much time waiting for the gamespace banner judgement, it has found that some of my banners are considered 'great', so I have earned my 9th emblem: The Artistic Genius Emblem! However, I still want to target for another emblem for having many banners judged as 'great'. Yet I don't know how many banners I have submitted is considered as a 'winner', or judged as 'great'.

I have got another emblem!!

I got another emblem for submitting a bracket!

And the emblem I knew by reading the Emblem Alert community blog, I just got this emblem for submitting a bracket! However, many others have got this emblem much earlier, but I am still lucky.

Even my bracket isn't good, I am already a participant.

Level 15!!

I went to Level 15!!!

At least, I have successfully reached to this level, Nobunaga' s Ambition, and that is one more to go before I am a lieutenant! It takes about 2 weeks to succeed and that was quite amazing. Be careful, I am in risk of getting flagged as a point loss again...

Ouch! Ohnoes!!


Ohnoes! Yesturday, when I am reporting abuse to users, I got flagged for false flagging--reporting several old posts. Though I am only moderated as a warning, as this is my first moderation, I haven't lost any points yet. Sadly, to me, this is a very serious issue to me, as any penalties in GameSpot is found really scary to me. Now on, for my entire life, I am now permanently prohibited to report abuse to any of the users.:cry: I am also in a high risk of getting another warning, which is definitely a point loss, because I have reported abuse to 4 of the users. If I get a higher penalty, like a suspension, it will be Bannedohnoes rather than Ohnoes, which is really life-threatening!

In fact, a person who is active, and doesn't commit as much violations, usually has a much lower risk of getting suspended or even expelled from GameSpot, and they can promote a level in the fewest days possible.

Anyways, I am a loser.:cry:

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