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Trend in creating profiles on PC games - killing the PC?

Although I own and play the PC, PS3 and Xbox360, I still prefer the PC.Not as a fanboy (all 3 are great), problably because the first console I owned was since 2006 and Ive been playen since whenever on PC.

In the past (quite recent past as well) the most PC games had the option of creating different profiles on for one PC. That is on the PC user. So I could buy a game and the 3 people in my household that play games could all play with their own profile.

That changed over the last couple of years. At least you could still use another windows user.

Now that is changing as well. For example Starcraft 2. I wanted the game so bad, I bought 3 for my household. The reason is only one user per disc. Please note I am not pointing fingers here at SC2 or any other game.

How many games is there that I am willing to buy a disc per user? Probably only SC2.

I am not going to name any further games, but there is definitely a trend in forcing people to buy a disc / codefor each user. The option for me is to (a) go pirate (b) go console route only. I will NEVER go route (a). But I took a decition to buy all games rather on console, except when there is no console version AND I really want it. This is really a pity, because I would still prefer to play on PC.