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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you guys are all having a great Christmas! And have a happy New Year to all of you, since I probably won't make another blog for that, unless I feel like it.

I'm not going to go on for long. Hoping that the year ends well (and fun). Take it easy guys!!!

First Major Snow of Year

Found it pretty funny that places like Texas and Arizona got a major snowfall before we did here in Ontario. Whatever, school busses were cancelled and I have the day off. I love these kind of days.

Anyways, I've been here due to the NFL Season and the NFL Union. My 360 broke down about a month ago and haven't played a single video game since. Not like I care anyways; I really wasn't playing much (except for Madden) before anyways.

In life, Grade 12, going amazing. I love it. So much freedom, and we rule the school. It has been my best year by far, and can't wait to see how the rest of it will play out.

NFL Power Rankings Week 1

These are my NFL Power Rankings.

1. They're the defending Super Bowl Champions, and they beat the top team from last year. Shouldn't have gone to overtime due to Ward's fumble, but there shouldn't be any concerns after coming off that big NFL Kickoff win.

2. Coming into the season, their only concern was Manning being able to work with a group of weak receivers. However, those receivers played excellent down the stretch of the game. The Giants should take the division again, so long as the games they play won't require them having to desperately throw the ball late in the game.

3. Sure it was against the Chiefs, but they scored 38 points against them. One of my favourites to win the Super Bowl. The 24 points that they gave up isn't a concern: the Chiefs scored off a Joe Flacco interception and a blocked punt. In reality, the defence gave up 10 points.

4. The win against the Bills can be seen in two ways: good or bad. I see both. The lead that the Bills blew was completely unacceptable, and had they not fumbled on the kickoff and Jackson had played well enough, the Pats would have had little to no time to be able to score. However, scoring two TDs in that time shows Brady's ability to win. Pats fans should still be concerned: Brady received poor pass protection and their defence is declining.

5. They may have almost lost to the Raiders, and I won't argue that they probably should've done a little better. However, the Raiders have improved, it was on the road, and they're fired up with Seymour. Rivers played well in clutch time, and that is also great. Their offensive play in the late stretch of the game can be compared with the Patriots, but like the Patriots, the Offensive Line is also weak, and the defence is a concern.

6. 13 of the last 15 Colts/Jaguars games have been decided by 8 or less points, so that shouldn't too much of a worry. What Colts fans should be worried about, however, is that the running game is weak and Anthony Gonzalez is down for a while, though Manning will find a way to win.

7. The Saints defence does not suck: 14 of the points they gave up against the Lions were due to the opposing defence scoring, and the special teams. Plus, six passing TDs by Brees? I don't care what defence its against, Brees throwing six TD passes in the first week is amazing. Brees, not Brady and Manning, could be the leagues best Quarterback this year. If they win this week, they're in the top 5.

8. I'd rank them higher if McNabb wasn't injured, but Garcia is capable of taking the starting role. They forced turnovers against the Panthers, even though Delhomme was starting, that should be something to be proud of. They face a huge test against New Orleans this week. Then again, Garcia is very old, and he's going to be very angry getting out of his wheelchair for the game, Michael Vick hasn't played in two years and would be more effective if opposing defensive linemen were dogs, and Kevin Kolb apparently thinks that passing the ball to his teammates is a no-no.

9. So long as Favre isn't throwing into double coverage, the Vikings are a Super Bowl team. AP was more than impressive in the second half of the game. He was weak in the first half, as well as the Vikings themselves, but if AP is handed the ball and Favre doesn't have to throw, expect this team to take the division. However, shame on them for allowing the Cleveland Browns to score their first offensive touchdown since November 17th, 2008. The defence should be ashamed.

10. Williams will be a thousand times better than last year. T.O is a negative influence after year 1. There are still some concerns though: they gave up 450 yards against a team that is lead at Quarterback who takes forever to throw the ball, and is expected to be rebuiliding this year. Plus, Romo not even being able to be able to win even in December is still a lingering concern in the later stretch of the season.

11. The best of the losers, they lost to the defending Super Bowl Champions by three. However, Johnson and White weren't as effective on the ground as they would've liked, Kerry Collins hated to let go of his walker for the game, and the Defence looked shakey in the forth without Haynesworth occupying two defenders.

12. Sure it was against the Rams, but a 28-0 win is as perfect as you can have this week. They're taking back the division this year, provided that they don't have the injuries they did last year.

13. They intercepted Cutler 4 times in his opener, and Rodgers to Jennings is scary for defences. A concern is that even though they got 4 interceptions, they weren't able to really finish the Bears until late in the game.

14. No team surprised me more than the Jets last week. Rex Ryan/Mark Sanchez will make a run at Coach of the Year/Rookie of the Year. This could be an early sleeper to go into the playoffs.

15. I kind of forgot about them to be honest, but their defence is still bad, and Turner wasn't impressive in their win. Atlanta is one of the leagues most overrated teams right now, but I'm sure this will be critisized a lot, but I don't see them as a playoff team.

16. Jay Cutler throws 4 interceptions, they have virtually nothing at receiver,Forte was a disappointment, Urlacher is down for the season. Yeah, this is a Super Bowl team, no doubt.

17. Their defence held the Cards to 16 points, so right nowthey're good. While the offence has Gore, there isn't much talent outside of him, so if they do well, they're going to need help there, and that may require a miracle and Crabtree signs with the team.

18. A playoff calibur team if they played in a weaker division. They managed to stay in the game for a while, but they play in a brutal division, are overshadowed by all three rivals, and Campbell/Zorn are as bad as a QB/Coach duo as they come.

19. Boldin and Breaston are both hurt, Fitzgerald may get injured at any time due to the Madden Curse, and Warner is always an injury risk. Injuries, not lack of talent, will pull them down this year.

20. They held the Colts to 14 points and lost by two points. Pretty impressive, but they're still a question mark.

21. I'll say it right now: the Dolphins were a fluke last season. They took advantage of a Tom Brady injury, a Brett Favre meltdown, and a sorry schedule to turn themselves around. No one will be scared by the Wildcat or Pennington's girly arm this year.

22. They have the talent on the paper, but they always go off to a slow start. They lost to a rookie QB and head coach. Another concern is if Schuab goes down: he is injury prone, and if he goes down, the backups while they have a starting history, its not good. One QB can be the worst of his position (Grossman), another steps out of the back of endzones (Orlovsky).

23. Delhomme has made 9 turnovers in his last two games (also includes the playoff game against the Cards). He's arguably the worst starting QB in the league right now. When you consider starting Matt Moore of A.J Feely over your starting QB, you know your going to do terrible this year.

I read on that perhaps Delhomme did so bad against the Cardinals was because his son got kidnapped and he needed to throw the game away to get him back (as an obvious joke). It was also joked about that perhaps for this game, Vick kidnapped his son and his dogs, and he had to get them back was to throw the game away and somehow make sure McNabb got injured. Just something I wanted to share.

24. They kept it close against the Chargers, have good players on defence and a good rushing game. They flattened San Diego's offensive line, and played well in that game. Sure Al Davis is the owner, but he doesn't play on the field nor does he call the plays, and the person who does call the plays will smash your face in if you screw around with him. Expect a surprise from them this year.

25.Flukey win, straight up. Josh McDaniels has already done more bad then good in the offseason, and late games are past his bedtime. Orton is still a bad QB, Marshall is an off-field problem, and their defence just plain sucks.

26. Flukey loss, it was robbed from them. Their defence is not as bad as people think, considering that they only allowed six points until they were burned by a lucky play. So how are they this low?How do you only score 7 points against the Broncos Pop Warner defence? I know they're better than this, but I'm still concerned with the offence, but not defence. I'm saying that as being a Bengals hater.

27.One positive: they had 450 yards amassed in their loss to the Cowboys. Then again, we could take a stopwatch to test how long it takes for Leftwich to throw the ball, but we'll lose patience. I could go on and on about a random topic forever, but he still won't throw it.

A fact I shocked to hear about: Wade Phillips was coaching in his first NFL game when the Buccaneers were playing their first. Morris, current coach of the Bucs, was nine days old on the same day! Wow.

28. Fred Jackson and Trent Edwards played well in the game against the Pats. However, their defence and special teams blew that epic meltdown. There is simply no excuse for that. While I'd like to see the good coming out of that one point loss to the Patriots, I just can't. If I were to hear they lost by one point, I would've already said the Bills may be a sleeper this year, but the way it happened? Recovery from that will be extremely difficult.

If God hates one team, its the Bills. Wide Right, Music City Miracle, Four Super Bowls (and having to face three of the best teams in NFL history in the 91 Redskins and 92/93 Cowboys)lost in a row, the Bills/Cowboys game in 2007, now this? I feel sorried for this team.

29. They were impressive in the first half against the Vikings, but they sucked after that.

Anyways, Eric Mangini has got to be one of the dumbest coaches in the NFL. After the Braylon Edwards TD was overturned since he wasn't completely inbounds after being knocked out by the pass interference, he runs three wildcat plays in a row inside the 6 yard line. How dumb is that?

30. Defence completely sucked in that loss, and when Cassel returns, he'll take a sack after every 5 plays. To be honest, I can't understand why they would go after Cassel. He isn't a superstar, he took 47 sacks last year (just think about him behind KC's offensive line), he doesn't have a great arm, and he just benfited from being in the Patriots QB friendly system last year. Croyle is superior to him, but they don't want to give him the keys. It bugs me. Croyle can run a pro-type offence, and he can throw the ball better, yet the Chiefs take Cassel over him.

31. Giving up six touchdown passes can't be given an excuse, not to mention winning one of the past 25 games (against the Chiefs in 2007). Their offensive line sucks, Stafford threw three interceptions in his debut, not to mention coming off an 0-16 season. Throw Culpepper in; its not like the Lions have a chance this year and Stafford needs to develop. I'm worried about him being a first round flop.

Also, I remember midseason in 2007, the Lions were the surprise team of the NFL at 6-2 and looked ready to enter the playoffs. They've won one game since. Wow.

32. They've won less games in the past two years than the Lions and Chiefs have. Your read that right. The Lions have won 7 of the past 32 games, the Chiefs 6, the Rams 5. Plus, they're the only team to have not scored a point yet this season, Bulger is going to get injured, and there are massive question marks on the defence.

Week 1 Predictions

Back at GS, but only for football season. This is a pathetically long blog, so read on if you have nothing else to do.

Pittsburgh and Tennessee already happened, and I picked the Steelers to win.

Sunday, September 13th
Miami @ Atlanta

These were the two most shocking teams in the league last year, yet this year I'm worried about both of them, and its not just about their brutal schedules. For Atlanta, I have no doubts about their offence with Ryan at QB, Turner at HB and Roddy White at WR. Their D blows, and though they devoted their draft for their D, they won't turn around so quickly. As for Miami, their defence is nothing spectacular, and no one is scared of Chad Pennington's girly arm, and there is no wideout that really is good, and no one will be fooled by the wildcat this year. That said, I think Atlanta's offence will overpower Miami here. 34-24 Atlanta.

Kansas City @ Baltimore

The fact that KC fired their Offensive Co-ordinator a week before the season even started lolworthy, and the fact that they switched to a 3-4 defense when their D-line and LBs aren't suited to this defensive scheme. Also, Matt Cassel wasn't a major upgrade over Thigpen (who for some reason took on my FF team). Cassel took 47 sacks last season! 47! Sure, the Pats O-Line sucks horribly, but the Chiefs couldn't block a team of 6 year old girls if their life depended on it. I expect that Cassel leads the lead in sacks taken this year, around 60, if he lives past Halloween. Ravens will contend for the Super Bowl, and Joe Flacco will do great this season. The Chiefs also recorded a grand total of 10 sacks this season. I remember in their Super Bowl season, the Giants sacked McNabb 12 times in one game. If one game is going to be a shutout, its this one. 27-0 Ravens.

Philadelphia @ Carolina

I'm worried about both teams this season. The Eagles lost defensive coordinator Jim Johnson (he died in the offseason), signed a mass dog murdered for their backup QB, lost their heart in Brian Dawkins and McNabb/Reid are amongst the most inconsistent QB/Coach duo ever. Remember the last time Carolina won the division and had a winning record the next season? You can't because it never happened. Delhomme was horrible in their playoff game against the Card, as he made 56, 094, 192 turnovers that game, and they face a brutal schedule, but they do have hope in their RB duo of Williams and Stewart, but I think that the Eagles have a better chance of winning this game. 24-20 Eagles

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

The Colts lost Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison, but they still have future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning under centre, WR Reggie Wayne and all that they have. The Jaguars did horrible last year, but it may have just been an off year. David Garrard did better than his numbers indicated, and Maurice Jones-Drew will get a career high in carries with Taylor gone. He may have a career year. Not much to say here, but I see the Colts winning. 33-17 Colts

Dallas @ Tampa Bay

Could any team have a worse situation at QB than the Bucs? Their starting QB moves like a sloth and eats a dozen cheeseburgers a game (Leftwich), another is afraid to throw long passes (McClown), one is a mere rookie (Freeman), and one is fast but sucks in every other aspect (Johnson). Not only that, but they have other problems too. They let go of every veteran they had, their defence completely sucks, they have a new coach who will struggle in their debut, they humourously fired their O-Coordinator a week before the season started, and Gaines Adams has played alright but has ailed to live up to his hype. WR Antonio Bryant is a whiney little effer. The Cowboys have let go of Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens, and now that he has finally broken up with Jessica Simpson, Romo can finally focus on the postseason rather than her. They also have D-Ware on defence, who will shred up the Bucs. 38-13 Cowboys

Detroit @ New Orleans

This could be an epic blowout. The Lions gave up the second most points in NFL history in their 0-16 season last season, they have a rookie starting at QB in Stafford, and their offensive line wasn't addressed this offseason, most importantly at LT. The Saints have a new defensive co-ordinator who is very aggressive (expect a lot of blitzes), and Drew Brees was a completion away from breaking Dan Marino's single season passing yards record last year. Expect Detroit to be shredded. 45-10 Saints.

NY Jets @ Houston

I expect great things from both teams this year. The Jets have a new face of the franchise in Mark Sanchez, a new coach in former Ravens defensive co-ordinator Rex Ryan, who did a great job in his time in Baltimore. This duo has the potential to be like a Smith-Ryan, and Harbaugh-Flacco this year, and I don't see why it won't happen this year, given that the Jets also have RB Thomas Jones and a defence that has the potential to be elite. The Texans have a powerful offense with QB Matt Schuab, Wr Andre Johnson, and RB Steve Slanton, and on defence they have DE Mario Williams and LBs DeMaco Ryan and rookie Brian Cushing. The main concern is Schuab's health: he misses many games due to injury, and his backups are Dan Orlovsky (who stepped out of the back of his own endzone last year with Detroit), and Rex Grossman, who has horrible accuracy and is one of most inconsistent QBs of the decade, and he can have pathetic QB ratings in games too. That aside, if one of these teams makes it to the playoffs, its going to be Houston. 17-10 Texans.

Minnesota @ Cleveland

The Vikings are one position away from a Super Bowl berth: QB. They have the best Runningback in the league in Adrian Peterson, a decent receiving corps, a great O-Line, the league's second best D-Line and the rest of their defence is great, so the fact that I have doubts about them even making the playoffs show how bad their QB situation is. First, it wasfight between Tavaris Jackson, who can't make reads and overthrows or underthrows his receivers by about 10 yards, and any Vikings fan should be scared if he drops back, and Sage Rosenfelts, who is super turnover prone, and if your down by 15 with about five minutes left, he is the QB you want to face. Then, Brett Favre came, who will throw in quardruple coverage and will blow games for the Vikings a lot this yeear. All they needed was a ball conrol QB, and they blew it with him. That said, Cleveland sucks in every aspect, and the Vikings will take this easily. 35-9 Vikings

Denver @ Cincinnati

Perhaps no coach has a harder debut this year than Josh McDaniels. What he did to the Broncos this offseason was absolutely horrendous: first he pisses off the franchise QB, anielates the fanbase, trades their franchise QB for a system QB, signs aging players, doesn't try to rebuild their horrible defence, mainly their D-Line, which is the league's worst, and does horrible in the draft. The Bengals lost Houshmenzadez, but Carson Palmer is eturning from an injury, and the fact that their defence was ranked 12th last year shows that their D is rising. They also did it without rising star Keith Rivers for most of the season, and they drafted Rey Malaugha in the offseason, so they are another sleeper this year. The Broncos will fight for last place in the league, and it will be for nothing since Seattle has their 1st Round Draft pick (whom they traded for a nickel corner). 31-7 Bengals

San Francisco @ Arizona

They are coming of the Super Bowl losers curse and the Madden Curse, and their QB is injury prone. Yet, I can see Arizona repeating as division champs. Kurt Warner is great when he's healthy, their WRs are the leagues best, their Secondary is the leagues best, their Offensive Line is on the rise, and Beanie Wells is their new RB (a steal at 31st overall). Ken Winslehunt has done a great job in Arizona already, and is destined to be the franchises all time greates coach. The 49ers may surprise a few this year, but they won't surprise this game. 35-17Cards.
Washington @ NY Giants

I don't feel like typing anymore, so I'll just post scores. 20-13 Giants

St Louis @ Seattle 41-14 Hawks
Chicago @ Green Bay 24-17 Packers

Monday, September 14th
Buffalo @ New England 42-23 Patriots
San Diego @ Oakland 34-7 Chargers

I though that I'd add right here that Oakland had one of the most amusing drafts in NFL history, and nothing is going right for them. The Chargers were unhealthy. Gates, Tomlinson and most importantly, Merriman will be healthy this year, hopefully. If Merriman is healthy and giving pressure to opposingQBs, expect the Charger to contend for the Super Bowl. If the Chargers have one weakness, its coaching, as Norv Turner is the worst coach to coach an elite team. The Raiders won't head in the right direction this year, but should they problems, all that they need to do is get Tom Cable to hook left, uppercut and POW!!!!

Officially Done With GS

I just thought I'd announce you will probably never see me again on this site. I probably should've made this blog post a few months ago, but I'm getting it done now. I'm officially off this site, and you will very unlikely ever see me again. A lot of you probably forgot about me, but I don't really care. I'm leaving for several reasons: this site is boring now, I'd rather be with my friends and I hate video games now. Just a few people who made my time on this site memorable:

Many other people in the NFL Union.

There are more of you, but I don't feel like typing anymore. Guys, farewell, it was great knowing you, I hope you all have great lives, have fun, take care.

Done With First Semester

There should be a category called life.......

Anyways, on Monday I completed my final exam. I had little difficulty with any of the exams especially Law and English. I studied Law forever and as for English, knowing what's on the exam and then writing it all down on a piece of paper and sitting on it during the exam helps.....

My next semester starts tomorrow... on a Friday... I don't get why my school thinks its a genius idea to start a new semester on a Friday. My school is so ****ing stupid. "Well, it is a great way to begin a new semester on a Friday." **** you, no it isn't. I'm not going to do my homework anyways if I get anyways, since I do stuff with friends on Fridays and Saturdays and the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Either I don't do my homework which will give my teachers the idea that early work is useless, or I don't go and my teachers think I don't care about school. I hate the administation at our school, and our school board. Anyways, here is my new semester:

Period 1 (8:12-9:30)- Gym- I like Gym, and this is the one ****I'm PUMPED to get into, but I don't get why my school thinks it genius to have all of the Grade 11 Gym closses s on Period 1. Put the grade 9's on Period 1, or have us put on Period 4.

Period 2 (9:35-10:50)- Biology- I want to become a Gym teacher, so I need to take this course. I already have my two science credits and don't need a third since I took auto last year, but whatever.

Period 3ab (10:55-12:20)- Math- :evil:

Period 3c- (12:25-1:05)- Lunch- I love having C Lunch.

Period 4- (1:10-2:25)- Religion- Most....boring....closs....ever. At least unlike Math, I know I'm going to get above a 50%, guarinteed.

Also, Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday :D.



Fight at School

There was a massive fight at school today. There is this one, massive kid around 6'5, and over 300, maybe 400 pounds. There is also this other kid who is only like 5'11, but is jacked (really muscular, an absolute tank). The first person I menioned will be person A, and the other B.

I don't know how the fight started, but basically person B punched person A in the face. Then A smashed B's face into the locker around 4-5 times. Furious, B just started smashing A before they were both broken up by A LOT of people, as in 30 kids, a couple of teachers and such. The cops were called over.

This is when it really changes. Person A was really angry, pissed and was had to be controlled by a couple of people. Then he broke free, then he punched one of our schools janitors in the face, then one of the staff members who works in Guidance and looks like a tank, and he looks like the strongest of all of the staff members in our school. Then he punched a vice-principal, our schools principal, a few teachers and two cops. I don't know how they controlled him, but they were both dealt with, person B suspended, and I'm pretty sure A is out of our school, and will probably face some nice jail time. I hated person A to be honest. He was very rude, disrespectful and was one of the least likable kids I've ever met in my life. I'm glad he's gone.

NFL Divisional Round-2009

Since the Division round starts today, I thought I'd talk about them for a bit

Ravens @ Titans

This is a very evenly matched game, perhaps the best matched in all of the playoffs so far. They both have really good defences with not so scary offences. The Ravens have the young Joe Flacco at QB, while the Titans have Kerry Collins at QB. Collins isn't an elite QB, but he does play smartly and makes few costly mistakes. The Titans don't allow many turnovers, and when they do, it doesn't usually backfire in which the other teams comes over with six. They both have decent running games. Their defences are elite. The Titans have possibly the best D-Line in the league with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth, with Keith Bulluck behind them, who is one of th top LB's in the history of the Oilers/Titans dynasty. The Ravens are lead by future Hall of Fame MLB Ray Lewis with the moster FS Ed Reed roaming the backfield. I expect a very low scoring game that may have to come down to the final two minutes, but I see the Ravens barely winning this one.
Ravens: 13 Titans: 10

Eagles @ Giants

Another very good game between two division rivals. The Giants were arguably the best team coming into December before losing three out of four games. They are also without Plaxico Burress. The Giants may have to win with ball control offence, and with Brandon Jacobs running the ball, and Manning turning into a smart and consistent QB since the final game of the 2007 regular season, that may just happen. However, the Eagles D-Line is turning into a team strength and managed to hold AP and Chester Taylor last week. The Eagles have some weapons on offence with Donovan McNabb emerging after being benched against the Ravens, and Westbrook being a weapon on offence. I see this game going any way, but it will be a higher scoring game than the Ravens/Titans game, but it may go down to two minute offence as well.
Giants: 28 Eagles: 24

Cardinals @ Panthers

I don't expect much of a game here. I said that last week for the Cards as well, but the Falcons had to rely on a rookie QB and the Cards had homefield advantage, so it was kind of dumb of me to think like that. The Cards had a great defence last game, and Warner and James played pretty well, but the Panthers have Williams and Stewart in the backfield, of whom will be very hard to stop. Plus, they have an emerging star on defence: Linebacker Jon Beaston. Expect him to be a star along with Ware, Willis, Mayo, Merriman and James Harrison as the linebackers of the future. The Panthers will be very hard to stop in the postseason, and expect them to demonstrate that here.
Panthers: 31 Cardinals: 14

Chargers @ Steelers

I have a really hard time picking smartly on who the winner will be here. First off, I'm a Chargers fan, which blinds me a little. And secondly, Sporles really emerged in a shocker against the Colts, who I had as the top team going into the postseason. I'm not sure if the Chargers were just an emerging team or the Colts just sucked, but I have a feeling now that we can beat everyone now that we beat the Colts. I do have reasons to believe that too, but the Steelers are scary. With James Harrison at linebacker and Troy Polomato in the backfield, their defence is a thing to fear. The Chargers D is not so good, and they are the only remaining AFC team with a juggernaut offence. Their offence is scary. Philip Rivers really emerged as one of the top QBs in the league, which is very good as we had to rely on LT too much in recent years. With a groin injury, LT won't play to full potential. However, we also have Darren Sproles in the backfield, along with rookie Devin Hester. Gates has nagging injuries as well, but played very well last week, and we still have Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson at reciever as well, so we have plenty of weapons on offence, possibly our best offence in decades. The Steelers have some weapons on offence as well, with Roselisburger at QB, and Ward and Holmes recieving. My fanboyism is really blinding me for this game, so I have trouble predicting. I'll just display two possible scores.
Chargers: 24 Steelers: 21
Steelrs: 21 Chargers: 17

Happy New Years Gs!!

First off, Happy New Years to all of you. I'm hoping that 2009 will be an even better year than 2008. With the way its been in high school (each second semester getting better and better), second semester this year is going to be epic.

Christmas was good for me:
Weight Training Set
Madden NFL 09
Dead Space
Guiness World Record 2009 (forth year in a row)
LaDainian Tomlinson Ornament
Magnetic NHL Standings Board
TML Hockey Puck

Pretty good. Also, I got my G1 licence the day before.

I also have predictions for the NFL Playoffs:
Baltimore beats Miami 20-16
Indianapolis sadly beats San Diego 24-21
Philadelphia beats Minnesota 38-24
Atlanta beats Arizona 45-23

Baltimore beats Tennessee 24-10
Indianapolis beats Pittsburgh 30-23
New York Giants beat Philadelphia 31-27
Carolina beats Atlanta 35-27

Indianapolis beats Baltimore 20-17
Carolina beats New York Giants 34-31

Super Bowl:
Indianapolis beats Carolina 35-31

I'm Back!!!!!!

After having a broken computer for two and a half months, I finally got it fixed and I'm finally back. First off, I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas and that you all have a great holiday, and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, happy holidays!

Today happens to be my 16th birthday. I was about to go for my G1, but I didn't have my health card (my second identification piece), so I'm doing it tomorrow.

Schools been going smoothly. I've had a little stress from work, but it always happens around this time first semester. Second Semester stress is rare for me.

I haven't been gaming much, really. Nothing at all to say there. Come to think of it, I can't recall any games I've played except for Halo 2, and, out of all games, Bomberman and Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! The latter is amazing. I can't get pass the drunken guy though.

Christmas is in two days, and I'm hoping for a weight training set, Madden NFL 09, Dead Space and a San Jose Sharks jersey. I probably won't get the set, but whatever. I still have some weights at home that I use anyways.

Football is really confusing me this year. Earlier in the season, the Cowboys were the team to beat. Then it was the Giants, and then the Titans, then the Giants again, then the Steelers, now I don't know who! I'm thinking a Colts-Panthers or even a Colts-Giants Super Bowl. I thought it was going to be a Giants-Jets Super Bowl earlier this year, but that looks unlikely now. Chargers have turned around nicely, and the Broncos have fallen nicely. Funny how the Broncos could have been in first place in the AFC West at the end of every week EXCEPT week 17. Thank you Buffalo, and thank you Edwards, for replacing Losman at the right time.

I watched The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Both are awesome.

Thats it. Merry Christmas everyone, and have a great New Year!