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Till all are one - Birthday Blog

 Hello guys, this has easily been one of the longest breaks in-between my blogs. Before i catch you all up on what vie been doing since then i feel the need to touch upon the current flux that gamespot is in.  And also its my birthday today, yes im 28 and even closer to being ancient. I usually save my birthday blogs for special events or countdowns, but since i haven't had the time or energy to make one its just going to be a pretty standard one.


(not my cake by the way)


Till All Are One 


(A light for our darkest hour)

With Unions getting the axe its hard to say things wont be different, but the sad truth is that they will. Unions are really the only reason I and many others have bothered to stick around, and with that final straw breaking the camels back its really hard to consider staying for much else. Unions and TGNGU in specific have been a big part of my life for the past 5 or so years, which is a great deal of time to spend on any website. Ive met many great people and users throughout that time, and made some lifelong friends with some very dedicated people. Im not leaving, since i still like this as my means of creating a blog, but my activity outside of it will be quite diminished. 

But as far as unions go, well we live on. For the union I'm in "TGNGU", we have moved to one of the new zeta boards many other unions have gone to. Its not quite the same, but hell gamespot really hasn't given us much of a choice and its the only way to continue on while still operating under our own rules. It is a shame that gamespot has treated us all in this way, rather than fixing the unions they would rather brush them under a rug, and now i hear they want to make some into public forums on the site as a consolation. But really thats not good enough since it doesn't keep out the scum many normal forums are plagued with, which is what i wanted to stay away from to begin with. Well either way, these changes wont stop us,  and ill always be around if anyone wants to get a hold of me.

For anyone who also wants to get in on the new version of The Great Nintendo Gamer Union, you can check out our new home here.


And with that onto the normal update thats been long overdue






Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward


This is a game i got for Christmas, but I only got around to starting it at the begging of summer. And its a pretty interesting game, with an even more intriguing scenario. 9 people are set in a situation of life or death that involves games puzzles and betrayal, which is just the right mixture to make it a fantastic visual mystery.  You can get more than a dozen different endings, by following different paths. Ive gotten a few, but for me unfortunately they are the dead end scenarios, ones that require other characters endings to access. So i have not actually gotten a legit ending yet, which is rather discouraging, but it gives me something to work towards. At the moment though I've put it down and haven't gotten back to it, i hope to return to it and at least get one ending.



Fire Emblem: Awakening


I decided after many recommendations from my friends on here, that i would take the plunge for fire emblem once more. I have the first FE game for GBA, and shadow dragon, but neither really did all that much for me. But i figured id give the series one last shot. And I am happy to say that I'm glad i did, since this is easily the best SRPG that I've played in quite some time. I'm not even a huge fan of strategy or rpg's in general, but with the casual mode and ease of play i managed to have fun without worrying about it locking me out with its difficulty and learning curve. It offers its easy mode for beginners, but also gives diehard fans the difficulty and challenge they want as well. It was a great move on their part and made this easily one of the most accessible entry in the series. The characters first and foremost are great, all boast varied and delightful personalities that show up in gameplay and through story segments. The biggest change had to be the marriage and relationship mechanic, which to my surprise was weirdly addicting. Powering up my couples and making them into a force to be reckoned with was a lot of fun, and seeing all their power transferred to their offspring was even better (along with their interactions with them as well). All in all this a great title, and I'm very thankful to have been introduced to it, its one more reason why the 3DS is currently king.


Pikmin 3


Its been a long while since my wiiu has seen any real action, so this coming out was a godsend. Like the other pikmin before this, it sets you off as intrepid explorers looking for certain objects, in this game those objects are different fruit which are needed to feed your home planet which has exhausted all its resources. First and foremost i must say this game looks excellent, from all the plantlife, creatures, and the fruit, it all comes to life within the forests and areas they inhabit. It still plays just as fluid and solid as ever, while the gamepad was a bit wonky with some of the aiming it still worked well and the added map and ability to chart out paths and objectives made it much easier. Although i suck it managing things in general it still gave me enough room to mess around, since there is no longer a clock, but rather juice which will extend your days and allow you to continue on your voyage. The boss battles stood out n particular, these titans were a joy to see and battle, and i loved seeing the stuff they would drop, and the sight of my pikmin trying to haul off these behemoths before the day was out. I recommend this to every wiiu owner, it right now is the best reason to own the system, and its a hell of a good time too.


Dragons Crown


Heres a title been waiting so long for, its been in at least a few of my past blogs too. Im not too far into it, but from what ive played its a great little beat em up dungeon crawler. Im waiting to play co op with my friends, so thats part of why i haven't delved completely into it yet. My favorite aspect has got to be the presentation and atmosphere, it feels like im literally playing through an old fairy tale, with the narrator and other characters it rounds out the whole whimsical feel of this title. Artwork has always been vinillawares strong suit, and it doesn't disappoint here either, even every portrait has motion and feeling to it. As of right now im enjoying it, but i cant say more than that since im still very early on into it.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


Back down the rabbit hole once again, with mario and luigi, and i couldn't be happier. With BIS being my favorite DS game this one has a lot to live up to, and so far its doing an admirable job of it. They have made the transition to 3d models surprisingly well, and the story/humor that the series is known for remains in tact. The battle system is as fun as ever and with the luiginary moves it only adds more depth to an already robust package and skillet. While i am a bit disappointed there is no mention of mario 2's dreamworld, each area and dream local is very well done. With the battle system being as dynamic as it is you will never get bored of even the most minute of skirmishes, its that entertaining. I believe i am nearing the end of the game, but i could be wrong, so as one of the noteworthy titles in the year of luigi this one is turning out stellar. If you've got a 3DS and are a fan of mario RPG's or were even let down by sticker star, this one should prove to be just what the doctor ordered.



And that about does it for all my major game updates, i could mention a few things from e3 and elsewhere, but at this point they are all in the past and done to death by many of the other users by now. And there are a few upcoming games ill just save for the next blogs.






Haven't gotten much in the way of figures, but theres enough new i suppose.


I wont go into too much detail, but you can see most of my latest purchases here on the shelf i cleared off just for them. But of these you can see, the new charizard, naked snake, small link, fall of cybertron, and part of figma pit figure.



Thanks for reading guys, and for those who aren't sticking around much longer, its been a pleasure to know all of you and interact with you over the years. Ill be around so even if we don't run into each other on the site, theres always a way to reach me. Take care guys.

First Quarter of the Year Gaming Update, and Phantom Limbs

Oh man I think this is one of the longest stretches its been since I've written a blog, but there's a few things to cover, and the last few months have yielded a great deal of new games for me. It may be late but i might as well cover everything so lets get started!!



Pokemon Black version 2


Once pokemon X and Y were announced i got that itch, you know that pokemon itch that we all get form time to time, and i had to fulfill that need quick. As suggested by my buddy CcJj from TGNGU i tried to find of the black and white titles, but at the time i couldn't and since i knew black and white 2 were available i went with black 2 to hold me over for the time being. Pokemon has changed very little in the way of things, same overall scenario: kid gets pokemon, travels on huge adventure, and foils evil organization bent on world domination. While this has that,  it does it in a much better way than what i remember previously, although from what i hear the story in the original black and white 2 is leagues better than the sequel, but for what it was i enjoyed it. The gameplay was very streamlined and sleek as well, with a nice presentation and layout that made battling even better than before.  The game locales and atmosphere were great as well, i never thought battling on a fashion show catwalk would ever be as entertaining as it was. Overall its an excellent entry in the series and hopefully X and Y will top it in every sense of the word (new mewtwo is a good start).


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


Who knew raiden would have ever ended up as cool as he currently is? Let alone another game staring him. But if anyone could do it platinum games can, and they have with this over the top action hack and slash that is a blast to play. The blade mode is a lot of fun to play with, cutting things to smithereens never gets old and its good at creating some great moments that make you look like a badass with very little effort. The story is nothing to write home about, which is strange for metal gear, but not so much for platinum games since story has never been the forefront for them, but its ok in this game and the rest of theirs since it takes a back seat to much of the rest. Jetstream sam was a pretty stand out character among the cast, he oozed style and and the battle against him was quite awesome. But that being said the final battle was just bananas, in a good way that is. Overall it was a solid game, and revengeance proved it had the goods. With solid and fast gameplay along with plenty of VR missions there should be plenty to do after all is said and done, which brings me to its length which is the only major drawback at about 6-8 hours long. But oh is it a fun ride for the entire duration.


 Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate


Here's a game that was easily one of my most anticipated games of the year, and did it live up to those expectations? Well sort of. It was and is a superb game, but it felt as though it could have been so much more. The biggest issue i thought it had was that it didn't feel like there was as much of an incentive to go on, and even less to backtrack and pick up items you may have missed. That aside everything else was pretty good, combat like lords of shadow before it was fluid and it gave the attacks the feeling of a lot of power behind them. Dracula's castle was dark and atmospheric as it should be, but it did look a bit similar in some sections. It plays pretty much like a mix of the original castlevania, lords of shadow, and a pinch of metroidvania in there, but only a little. The presentation was good too with each area giving off that diorama effect they were originally going for with the 3D effect. The part i liked the most was that it really felt like i was scaling a massive castle, not that other games in the series haven't done that but this one did that really well. Its an excellent game regardless of those minor gripes, it tells a decent story and paves the path for the true sequel that is lords of shadow 2.  


Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3


Cyberconnect 2 the people behind the past slew of naruto games have created another solid entry into the popular fighting series. The opening with the fox attacking the village is easily the highlight of the game, its just gorgeous. As is the rest of the presentation which most can see replicates the anime amazingly well. But its not without its faults, one of which is the rather straight forward adventure mode. The last game gave you a ton of missions and other things to tackle within the leaf village and other areas, but now its mainly get from point A to point B with very little in the middle other than traveling and some nicely drawn scenery. As for the combat its fast and as cinematic as ever, with nice particle effects and explosions. Things have been simplified though to a degree, it appears many characters have less moves and less combo's then they had in the previous game. It still plays superbly well, but these small things kinda drag down what would otherwise be one of the best in the series. I'm still working on some of the missions they give you after you finish the game, but three's not a whole lot of reason to go on unless i intend to get all the trophies. Good game with some minor problems, but its still got a wealth of content sure to please any fan of the series.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


I'm currently mid way through this title at the moment, i didn't pick it up at launch unfortunately. But oh man is this a great game, I'm having a blast with it so far and I'm at the 4th mansion out of 5. Next level have outdone themselves, i loved punch out and their attention to detail and excellent animations and personality are shining in this one. Luigi has never been more expressive and alive than he is here, he jumps back and shivers with fear as one would expect but his interactions with the environment are top notch and pretty comical in some instances. While there aren't ghosts like in the previous game (those with a backstory or a defined design), there are a ton of smaller ghosts and a few stand outs that have just as much if not more charm. Each room is packed with many objects and hidden switches among other things, you'll want to search every nook and cranny in hopes of revealing a hidden gem, boo, cash, or a bonus room you might have overlooked. So far this is my favorite game this year, i expected it to be good, but i think even i underestimated mario's little brother this time.


Recently announced games

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


We all pretty much knew what phantom pain was the moment we saw it, but it is good that the veil of kojima's twisted humor has been lifted. The trailer was just awesome and i couldn't be more excited to see how this one plays out and if it will lead us right to the eventual doorstep of metal gear 1. We now know the man in the trailer is none other than big boss, but with this trailer we've learned that mother base from peace walker has been demolished and that snake is now missing a forearm and has been in a coma for 9 years! I'm curious to see all the changes that have affected the world since peacewalker, and all the faces that will show up along the way within his new group "diamond dogs". One thing to note though is that apparently david hayter is not reprising his role as snake in this game, which is needless to say a huge disappointment. He has literally made that character for me and many others, but i have a strange suspicion that this is all another one of kojima's games and its meant to string us along till E3 when there is more to be shown and the lid can be lifted. 


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 (or as its known right now)


We knew miyamoto had mentioned way back that he wanted to return to the world of a link to the past, and here we can finally see that it has come to fruition. It was only revealed a few days ago, but already its easily one of my most anticipated 3DS games. It retains the look and feel of the original game, while giving us a new story, a new wall merging mechanic and much more that we haven't even seen yet. Personally I'm just glad we can finally get another 2D zelda game, even though its actually 2.5D with actual character models instead of sprites. But regardless I'm happy that its not in the same art style as WW anymore, needless to say that I'm sick of that art design and returning to this design is a breath of fresh air. The game from what i hear is running at 60 frames per second and it looks crisp and smooth. Aonuma and Nintendo EAD are working on this, so its sure to be one hell of a ride.


PS4 Impressions/thoughts


By now everyone and their grandma has seen what they have shown of ps4 and what it has to offer. Sony showed off a bit of the graphical power and laid down some of the things we can expect from it in the coming year. But personally for me i didn't see anything that stood out to me, or anything that seemed to make me want to go out and get one. I actually feel pretty content with my ps3 still and i currently don't feel like the upgrade is necessary for me yet. I know thats just my opinion but if they really want to win me over they need the software and a reason to take the next step, and from everything seen so far its just not doing that for me. Same goes for what little we have heard rumored for the xbox 720, always online DRM? No used games? All these things sound terrible and with the focus on social media and other additions these are becoming less and less what i want personally from a gaming machine. The power also has me a bit worried, since the previous systems were prone to overheat, how will these be any better with even more power under the hood? Ill look forward to e3 in hopes that they can change my perspective on the ps3 and whatever microsoft has, but as of right now im just not interested. Oh and hopefully they will show the actual system this time lol.


Any who that does it for the games section. I was thinking of doing an editorial rant for my next blog about gamers today and how jaded they are. What do you guys think, should i do it?




Got my figma link figure a while back, figured id show hm off here


He's great, but man it was a pain to get his sword into his hands (almost felt like it was gonna break)


i also ordered the pit one which should come within this or next month.



And last but not least I also promised you guys In October of last year that i would reveal myself in my costume for Halloween, so here i am as naked snake/ Big Boss from mgs3, in all my ridiculous glory.

This is the image i based my costume off of 


[spoiler] snakegohan.jpg [/spoiler]

*Gasp* *shock and awe insues*

Now that you have all seen my true face will your perception of me change? Who knows :P But i felt it was high time i showed myself


And that's all for now, thanks for reading guys. And i hope you all have a great weekend.

Hyrule Historia has arrived!!

This is just a short one guys, but anyway yeah i got my copy and it is fantastic.


So many wonderful pieces of artwork, used and unused. I highly reccommend it for any zelda fan or just any fan of art in general.



Take care guys, now im off to wrap this in a cloth and make it my new religion :P

2012 Year End Gaming Look Back/Review Part 2

Back again with part two of my year end look back at 2012, and all the games I've played during then. So here's the intro copied from the previous one

"Welcome one and all to my annual year end look back, i haven't blogged since October so this is long overdue. 2012 for the most part was somewhat lackluster for me gamingwise, there weren't that many standouts or any one game that had "that presence", and nearly all the best stuff was shoved into 2013. But this year wasn't without its gems here and there, so time to get this show on the road, and ill try to keep them somewhat brief.It will entail all the games I've played this year, some minor exceptions will be games I've beaten before but replayed, or games i didnt spend enough time with to give a fair opinion on (HD remakes will be present though)"

part 1 to if you missed the first half


2012 Year End Look Back/Review Part 2


Asura's Wrath (360)


This game I got during black friday for dirt cheap, Id held off during most of the year to try it out due to the somewhat sour reception it got. But i decided i had to see for myself how it was and since it wasn't a huge investment at that price i went for it, and i must say its a pretty cool experience. For the most part its basically a glorified quicktime event with beat em up gameplay in certain sections, and many will argue "how is that fun?", well Its hard to describe but I actually did enjoy this one quite a bit. Just the over the top nature of this games presentation, and the action that goes on during this game is awe inspiring, and living through asura's plight is something i got more entertainment out of than even a few other games this year. The boss battles are epic and some even make kratos' skirmishes seem like school yard fights. It might not be for everyone, in fact i know it wont be, but for me this quick time laden epic was one game that wont leave my memory anytime soon.

Final Score: 7.5


Sonic Generations (360)


To put it plainly my relationship with sonic games as been pretty hit or miss. I've always been a big fan of the classic titles and somewhat of sonic adventure, and for so long the series has promised a great deal and a return to glory which at the time yielded very sad results IMO. So when i had heard sonic generations was finally where things turned around, i had to find out for myself. And to my surprise it was indeed a delightful sonic title, even just hearing myself say that is a bit startling. Merging classic sonic and modern sonic sounds like it would be a bit of a mess, but they pull it off exceptionally well this time around. I favored classic sonic stages of course since they recreated all the aspects of the originals that i had longed for, but the modern stages weren't too shabby either since the sense of speed in those is so great. This title did what needed to be done for sonic, a game that blends both new and old, while cutting off the fat like unnecessary modes and side characters. Theres nothing quite like seeing an old friend get back on his feet, but sonic may have redeemed himself in my eyes, so i hope this means the future of this series is bright.

Final Score: 8


Code of Princess (3DS)


Beat em ups now a days are very few and far between, so when i got wind of this game i had to check it out. With wonderful style and character atlus brings us code of princess, while a bit basic it still delivers a good experience. Basically as a group (but solo in single player) you as the princess solange have to save the land and must do so by traversing different areas while acquiring new team members and items. The combat for the most part is simple, but still has enough to make it more complex than most other beat em ups. I think one of the best aspects is the colorful cast of characters and how fun some of them can be during the games scenes. Overall code of princess is a decent beat em up, a bit short and to the point but for pick up and play action it does the job just fine.

Final Score: 7


Transformers Fall of Cybertron (360)


Only one dev has ever managed to make a single transformers game to bridge old fans, comic fans, and new fans alike, and with the sequel there are now two that hold that title. Fall of cybertron is a heap of fun, gameplaywise its your standard 3rd person shooter, but with all the other added elements like transforming and melee attacks its turned on its head in a good way. Getting to play a number of bots is great since this time around they all play differently and some even have tailor made missions just for them that are a nice change of pace. Going stealth as cliffjumper, or plowing through areas like a tank as grimlock is quite pleasing, and most of all using soundwave and all his tape minions is easily one of my gaming highlights of this year. The game itself is visually striking as well with immense detail and pretty much any metal texture you could ever imagine. I didn't get too much into the multiplayer which is a big part of the game, but what i did play was fun although i was turned into slag more than most times. The real treat though is the final battle which is like a hurricane that fires on all cylinders, i wont spoil it but man what a ride.

Final Score: 8.5


New Super Mario Bros U (WiiU)


What can i say that hasn't already been said about the NSMB series? Its still solid, vibrant, and fun to play. Not much is hugely different for this entry but there are some nice touches and other new aspects. The implementation of the miiverse is quite nice, seeing other players excerpts here and there is fun, especially when i can see what a few of my friends thought for each stage. The game is quite nice visually too, its easily the crispest looking mario title ever and the characters and enemies almost take on the appearance of giant action figures with their plastic like character models, it all works well to make this an excellent 2D mario platformer. The only drawback is really the lack of much that is new, theres a few new powerups like the squirrel suit but other than that it relies on past entries power ups, which is ok i suppose. Its an excellent romp in the series though, and a nice game to compliment the wiiu.

Final Score: 8.5


Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)


Who would have thought we would have gotten the better RE game of last year on the 3DS? Resident evil revelations for the 3DS is superb, it takes advantage of the systems horsepower and brings us a title that hearkens back to RE4 and a bit to the earlier entries which is what most of us have wanted from the start. The area's lighting/atmosphere are great, with dimly lit corridors and eerie blood stained passageways. The enemy variety is one part that is lacking though, with for the most part gray humanoid creatures, but i guess that kind of plays into what virus they are dealing with so i guess thats one way to look at it. The story also isn't half bad either, its a nice change of setting and the scenarios you run through are pretty tense. I will suggest though that anybody who plays it should use the circle pad pro attachment since it helps immensely. Although now many people will be able to pick it up soon on the main consoles, this version is still superb and worth any 3DS owners money.

Final Score: 8.5


One Piece Pirate Warriors (PS3)


We all know the warriors titles get slammed quite often by the gaming media, and i do understand that they are repetitive and change little with each entry, but i will say they are my guilty pleasure. This is one title i didn't think would come stateside at all, but here we are and i gotta say its pretty good at replicating the one piece experience through its gameplay. It has all the massive battles the series is known for, but it also tries something new by adding some platforming and quick time events. While they are a bit spotty in some instances, it is a nice change of pace between battles and it at least gives each area its own feel/flow. The visuals are great, it has a manga style shading and it along with the gundam games are the best looking titles koei has put out. You can play as all the straw hat pirates, and also a few other characters like ace, whitebeard, boa hancock, and jinbe. There were a few arcs left out, but as we know now the sequels already taken care of that problem. So all in all, if your a one piece or dynasty warriors fan this might be one game to check out.

Final Score: 7.5


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (WiiU)


Heres a game that had a rough start, but only really got its justice done on the wiiu. Ryu is back and better than ever, along with a few other characters to sweeten the pot. Gameplay is still fast and furious as ever, with multiple weapons and nimpo for disemboweling your enemies in an instant. Nearly all the problems many had with the original version have been addressed this time around. Dismemberment is back, theres more than just the dragon sword to use at your disposal, also all the quick time events that plagued the previous version have been cut down quite a bit. It doesn't do much to change up the series in anyway, since you will still move in a linear path while fending off rogue ninjas and fiends, but its still a solid and challenging title that all fans of ninja gaiden will be able to appreciate.

Final Score: 8


Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)


Suda 51 makes some strange games, but this might be his weirdest and best so far which is a great combo. Lets be honest zombies have been done to death (no pun intended), but this game manages to make slaying them fun all over again. As juliet you wield a jazzed up chainsaw that can mangle your enemies up something fierce, and it all ends with an explosion of rainbows and other such stuff which is hilarious. The gameplay is pretty solid, you move in a linear path through locals such as her school, a farm, an arcade and many other places. Like all suda games the bosses are a real highlight, which are all zombies based around styles of music, with the funk zombie josey being my favorite (auto tuning finally has a use). Also on the subject of music, this game has a wonderful soundtrack with a ton of throwbacks to songs that fit the setting along with some metal and other genres thrown in to round out the package. Humor is very prevalent in this title, and its over the top and fun dialogue matches the entire nature of the game perfectly. The game is a bit short and as i said its linear, but it shouldn't hamper anyone's enjoyment of it since theres plenty of stuff to unlock once your done with the main story. This is one weird zombie tale, but its one you wont soon forget thats for sure.

Final Score: 7


Zone of the Enders HD Collection


So far ive only finished the first title in this collection, so i cant completely rate the second. Zone of the Enders 1 still holds up pretty well, the HD treatment helped clean it up quite a bit too. This is one of kojima's series that ive wanted to check out for some time, but because it was rare and kind of hard to track down it wasn't until now that i can fully play it the whole way through (id played it before and rented it, but never beaten it). The voice acting has not aged as well though i must say, and the cutscenes look a bit crude but other than that the presentation is pretty solid. The futuristic cities and that almost trance-like music really gives it a feeling all its own. As far as the gameplay goes its pretty much just moving from area to area, while fighting battles and collecting codes. Its a decent game and nice intro to the series, and from what ive played of part 2 (which is much better) then things are looking good for the future of this series.

Final Score: ZOE: 7, ZOE 2: N/A



Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)


Sakurai has done it again, first smash bros and now kid icarus. This game is just brimming with stuff, from modes, to connectivity, and even AR cards that you can collect. First of all the main story is pretty beefy, and will last you quite a while and even longer if you intend to collect everything and aim for new weapons. Which also brings me to my next point, im not a big person on customization but this game allows for a ton of it and making new weapons and setting everything to your liking is always an excellent step in the right direction. Pit and his supporting cast are excellent, the dialogue/ voice acting is cheesy, but its the good kind of cheesy that is clever and funny, its present the whole way through which is very surprising for a nintendo title. It plays pretty close to most other rail shooters, but it manages to do much more especially with the ground missions which offer up a completely different dynamic and strategy. From a presentation standpoint it also does a very nice job, with menu's that mirror smash bros and may other fine details throughout. The visuals are very nice too, they kind of give off a kingdom hearts vibe while still being their own thing, and character designs are by far some of the best ive seen in some time. Theres also a multiplayer mode where players can use all the in game weapons and their own setup to fight each other arena style. Its a nice inclusion to an already robust package, i didn't spend much time on that part myself but it is a good time either way. Overall this game is superb, and easily the best reason to own a 3DS, the only drawback i could say this game has is the control scheme, but thats also a non issue since there are multiple configurations that you can use. So yea pits return is a triumphant one and im glad that this title turned out so great, i hope we don't have to wait long for his next adventure.

Final Score: 9


So there you have it guys, thats my look back on 2012. It wasn't the most eventful or high profile year for gaming, but it still had its moments and standout portions.

Thanks for reading guys and i hope everyone has a great weekend, heres to 2013 in the hope that it has some truly great games. And since im out of space (damn you GS and your character limits), youll have to wait till next time to see my snake costume.

Winds of Change, and 2012 Year End Look Back Part 1

Hey everyone, long time no blog. Well I never got to follow up with my last blog about my Halloween costume, but you might see it at the end of the next part of this one if your lucky :P. Anyway my activity is going to be much less than it previously was soon (looking to get a 3rd job and hopefully go to japan this year), so with that in mind I've set up a new leadership system in TGNGU, for those who are members you might want to check it out in that union to see what we have in store for you.

Anyway moving on..


Welcome one and all to my annual year end look back, I haven't blogged since October so this is long overdue. 2012 for the most part was somewhat lackluster for me gamingwise, there weren't that many standouts or any one game that had "that presence", and nearly all the best stuff was shoved into 2013. But this year wasn't without its gems here and there, so time to get this show on the road, and ill try to keep them somewhat brief. It will entail all the games I've played this year, some minor exceptions will be games I've beaten before but replayed, or games i didnt spend enough time with to give a fair opinion on (HD remakes will be present though)

Heres 2011's look back for reference


2012 Year End Look Back Part 1


Deus Ex Human Revolution (PS3)


This is one of the games I played over the summer, although it was part of a gaming slump that I was in. While i could admire what the game was trying to accomplish with its dark tech based future, I just couldn't get into it. The stealth was pretty cool though and offered up a great change of pace for most FPS games. But i felt stifled by how little room their was for error, there were so many guards in some parts that your window of possibility for getting by someone almost didn't exist, and i was reduced to hiding in vents until the alert went away. Which normally i don't mind since it happens in MGS, but it seems more forgiving in that case. Good game but i couldn't bring myself to finish it for one reason or another. Perhaps ill give it a go sometime in the future.

Final Score: N/A


Nintendo Land (WiiU)


Now this is a title that surprised me quite a bit. Like most of you I got this as a pack in with my WiiU, and I assumed it was gonna just be a small distraction for a while like wii sports was. But strange enough this so far is the game I've had the most fun with on the wiiu. Each attraction gives you plenty to do and a nice variety of single and multiplayer options. The art design itself has a sort of banjo kazooie nuts and bolts/ viva pinata vibe going on, with its shiny metals and fabric like textures. My friends and i cant get enough of mario chase (we've dubbed it mario grab ass) and luigi's ghost mansion. The and metroid areas could almost work as their own games because they are surprisingly solid. If you have a wiiu you probably have this title, so get together with a group and let loose, because its a hoot.

Final Score: 7.5


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS)


One of my favorite games ever finally made it to a handheld, and finally came to nintendo no less. While for the most part its mainly a port with not much change, it does look noticeably better in some parts such as the character models which have a bit more detail. The new crouching mechanic from MGS4 and PW also makes its way into this game, and it helps immensely, no more will you be forced to crawl or walk at a slugs pace when you can sneak up with far more haste. Not much to say since its still a solid game still, now with 3D, the only drawback id say it has is that the framerate is lower in some spots but it wont hurt the experience.

Final Score: 9


Journey (PS3)


Heres a game thats been getting quite a bit of praise throughout the year. Id been looking forward to this game for some time before it finally came out, and even though it took a while the final product was superb. Thrust into the unknown desert and with narily a hint of to what compels you, youll find many wonders and awesome vistas to look forward to. Although your alone, the atmosphere and somber tone along with what little lifeforms the world has will more than make the experience. And whats even better is the randomonline players you interact with, and in my case at the time it was both of our first times experiencing that area of the game. So I enjoyed the game for what it was, but I cant deny that I wasn't let down by how short it was, linear as well, but none of that can really derail what was good about the game.

Final Score: 8.5


New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)


This is really the game that made many nintendo fans go "ok im tired of NSMB". and really cant blame them for saying that. The game itself is of course great, but it doesn't really do anything different what so ever. The platforming is solid and everything is as you would expect, so if you've played NSMBwii then you'll be right at home with this one. Its nice to see the fully functioning tanooki leaf at work again, but aside from that the only real new powerups are the gold flower and various gold powerups. One thing I will say for sure is that this is the one mario game where coins were my main focus, throwing myself into pits just to get a few more, the greed had set in lol. Its worth a look see, but its merely a foot note in the plumbers long running series.

Final Score: 7


Vanquish (Xbox360)

Platinum games knows their fanbase, which is why they knew I would enjoy this one :P. As ive said before I love the over the top stylish vibe and gameplay this game has. With cover mechanics close to that of gears of war this game takes it a step further, with super human suit enhancements that let you boost around areas, slow down to bullet time and more. The story was pretty non sensical, but either way its not really meant to take itself too seriously anyway. It doesn't change the world of TPS in anyway, but it does add some spice to the genre IMO.

Final Score: 8


Persona 4 (PS2)


Id heard many great things about this title, so I had to go back to the ps2 era and see for myself. First off the characters and voice acting were great, each one of the main characters had charm and I was curious to see what happened to them. As far as gameplay goes it was solid as well, a bit challenging for me (i suck at RPG's) but still good and quite intricate none the less. Unfortunately this was another game like deus ex that I just couldn't finish, whether it was the fact that even after grinding my party felt super under powered regardless of what I did, or that as good as it was it wasn't compelling for me. Regardless of how i enjoyed it, I cant deny that it was well made and the presentation was excellent, I just don't have the patients for most RPG's anymore.

Final Score: N/A


Darksiders (PS3)


With the sequel coming out this year I was curious about the original, so I finally got to check it out. It followed a zelda like formula like id heard, but with its own twists and somewhat of a hub world. The combat was smooth and had a nice variety, I also liked the art design which is surprising since I don't care for world of warcrafts which was done by the same designer. The boss fights were also a lot of fun too, war was a little dull as a main character, but he got the job done just fine. Id say the only thing keeping me from liking it more was that it just wasn't that remarkable, it played it pretty safe and didn't really have much of its own identity, but regardless it did have its moments and any fan of action adventure games will find something to like here.

Final Score: 7.5


Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD (PS3)


Ah one of my favorite games ever gets a remake with everything cleaned up, and I couldn't be happier. With 3rd person and FPS all mashed together this game has done it better than most IMO, and it has enough variety to keep things interesting, especially the story. In this game almost more than any other I really feel like the world is alive since it just oozes atmosphere, and at points its just the little things like weeds in the desert areas or rustic looking towns. Its aged pretty well all things considered, which is why I gave it a perfect score again, it retains all that made it great while giving it a tune up in the process, its the definitive version of the game and I love it. Those with PSN or steam might want to check it out at some point to see for yourself.

Final Score: 10


Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition (PS3)


Easily one of the best fighting games since SF4 IMO, got this game for cheap but it was well worth more than what I payed for it. Most fighting games are pretty sparse on modes, but MK delivers where the others don't. Hell just the main story mode has more meat to it than some single player games, and even when that done you'll have a blast taking on the challenge tower. I got the komplete edition so it had all the DLC and costumes too which was great, sub zero is who mostly stuck with and he plays true to form here, and whats awesome is that this feels like the only mk game where I could consistently pull off his fattily which was great. Overall its a great throwback to fans of the old games and it has plenty for new fans as well, its tight and well polished all around.

Final Score: 8.5


Mario Party 9 (Wii)


Another game I greatly enjoyed due to playing with my friends. We poured countless hours into this game, which were filled with laughter and backstabbing all at the same time. Many people ive seen didn't care for this one due to how some things were changed such as being stuck as a group in a car or the collecting of star bits, but IMO that changed things up enough to keep things interesting. And most of all the minigames this time around were far better than the last few entries so that in itself is a change for the better. If you love mario party and want to have a good time with a group of buddies, you cant go wrong here.

Final Score: 8


And thats all for this one since thats all gamespot will allow me for space, i could have written so much more but this will have to do for now. Thanks for reading guys and tune in next time for part two coming soon.

7 Year Anniversary and the Zombie PS3

Hello everyone, ah October is excellent, its my favorite month as well. So lets get started. First off last friday marks 7 years that ive been a member of gamespot! Man has it been while, actually i only really started frequently coming here in 2008, but with the gamefaqs account id say it still counts. Anyway, got a few things to talk about this time, some are in prelude to my next blog but i hope you enjoy them.



Passing of the PS3


First on a sad note, my 80 gb MGS4 PS3 has finally kicked the bucket. As I was playing it seemingly just shut off right in the middle of it. I tried to turn it back on but the it said i needed to do a restore since data might be corrupted. I proceeded to do the back up check, and then all of the sudden it went out again. I thought perhaps if i turn off the main switch and let it rest for a while that it might come back. But no, now i couldn't even get it to stay on, i got the dreaded multi beep and then that split second of a yellow light which was a sign of the terminal YLOD. I was utterly devastated, i didn't even sleep that night. Many things ran through my head such as what about my data, and how am i gonna get this fixed among other things. Needless to say i after a while i was just livid, so i had to take a show and go for a walk to cool down. I mean after how good ive taken care of the system why would it break? Ive done everything short of putting a diaper on the thing and this still wound up happening. So for a few days i was contemplating what i was going to do in this situation. These were the dark times

But wait, it lives again!!!

Rise from your grave!


Yes my PS3 has come back to life, but not on its own mind you. After carefully figuring out what i was gonna do, i found the answer. Sure i could have sent it into sony for $150 plus shipping, only to receive a new system with no backwards compatibility back, but thats not what i wanted. So I recalled what my friend did in this situation, a while back his system stopped reading discs so we looked for somewhere to take it to get fixed. We happened upon a small shop in a neighboring town. It was a mom and pop electronic repair service store, that just so happened to have signs that said "PS3 & Xbox Repair". And after a few once overs they took the system and had it fixed and back in my friends hands in only a matter of days. So once this came to mind i immediately did the same. Yea it cost me about $90, but for my data, my system and all its meant to me it was worth the price. I was prepared for the worst and had pretty much excepted my systems fate as i took it in to get fixed, since in most cases they would have to wipe your HD. But somehow it managed to survive with all my data and games in tact which was a HUGE relief. So yes now my ps3 is back in working order (for the time being), but as most know the yellow light of death is something that cant be fully repaired. So sometime this year or next im going to upgrade to the PS3 slim, which means i will probably do the full on system link transfer.



Current Gen Reliability Rant

Which brings me to my next point, why have this gens systems been so fragile or poorly designed? Nearly everyone i know who owns an xbox has had it fail on them, and the amount of failed PS3's is growing as well. Why were such huge flaws overlooked when the reproductions were quite damning? I could see them cutting corners with costs but its just gotten out of control, and i don't buy my systems with the thought in mind that they will only last 3 or 4 years tops. Nintendo has been very good on this front though, i haven't had a nintendo system fail on me since the NES, so i hope the wiiu doesn't develop the same problems the wii's counterparts have had. Im just sick and tired of having to worry about my electronics like this, its something we shouldn't even have to deal with considering how much we pay and how much money we end up pumping into these companies in the end. I know it sounds like im being self entitled to this, but we deserve to have our systems at a certain standard, and that we can rest easy knowing they aren't a ticking time bomb. I could go on for days but you get the point, and really in the end i know im not alone in this since its something that in one way or another has affected a vast majority of us and its high time we put our foot down. Im personally not gonna buy the first iteration of the PS4 or Next xbox, every sony system ive owned has failed on me at least once, so im not going to make the same mistake again.



Resident Evil: Revelations


So this was one of the presents i received for my birthday in august, I had meant to get it at release but other games and my finances prevented me from picking it up right off the bat. I must say though that this is one of the better Resident Evil games in quite some time. Its got great atmosphere that is very reminiscent of the original games, but also somewhat cross bred with RE4. It also looks excellent, and is one of the better looking 3DS titles, with some nice character models, monsters and animations. The controls were also pretty good as well, I used the circle pad pro though so that made it probably the best option for the game. The story was par for the course but it served its purpose to keep you interested in where the characters were going. The only things that were a bit off were the dodging mechanic (which i could never get the hang of) and a few other small things like having to wait for the door to close after another character went throughout it :P. Ill go as far as to say this game got more right than RE5 or any title since, and im glad the 3DS got a stellar title like this all to itself (for no i assume).


One Piece Pirate Warriors


Been waiting for this one for a while now, and i finally downloaded it (after like 7 hours, curse you slow PSN and wifi). For the most part its standard dynasty warriors, with massive battles and waves of enemies, which is definitely what i expected. Although there is a bit of a change of this time around, for the main log you control the hero monkey d luffy, as him you'll go through the entirety of the one piece story through his eyes and live through most of his battles. The different part is that his sections contain platforming aspects and a number of quick time events. They are ok and handled well enough, but they wont wow in anyway, but they do break up a bit of the monotony between battles and areas. This is one of the better off shoot games for the DW series, it looks great and stays true to the anime. This was actually the game that i was playing as my ps3 died, but now that its back up and running ill try to platinum this title. If your a one piece fan its probably worth a look see, but know what your in for because it is typical DW fare which i know isn't for everyone, so be sure your familiar with what your getting into with this one.


New Super Mario Bros. 2


I also got this one for my birthday as well, since as many of you know vie always been a huge mario fan. Going into this one i didn't expect much of a change, which is what most of us expected upon initially seeing this title. Its got all of that wonderful mario charm we all enjoy, but at this point the NSMB games are growing a bit long in the tooth. Not to say that its not a good game because it is an excellent title and well made game, but it more than any other mario title in recent memory has the "been there done that" feeling and its starting to lose that gold sheen. Although it was a fun experience regardless, ive never actually cared that much about collecting coins until now, because i was like scrooge mcduck at points :P. I also always enjoy bringing back old staples like the fully functional tanooki power up this time around, and also the return of the koopalings once again. Overall its a solid title, but brand fatigue has definitely sunk in and the old boy will need to either take a break or bring something new to the table next time around for us mario fans to keep some continued interest in the series.


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes


A surprise present on my birthday was the reveal of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes earlier that day, which was so awesome. I thought we had seen the last of big boss's story but it appears there is more to tell and im so happy that there is. The trailer looked fantastic too, showcasing the all new fox engine in all its glory with the most impressive part being that its capable of running on current gene tech. It appears to take place only a short time after peacewalker where paz and chico have been captured by an organization of yet unknown origins. The biggest change seems to be the possibility for an open world like environment as said by kojima himself. In just the short gameplay montage we can see snake already has more options available to him, even being able to drive is a huge change. I must say though the title looks awesome and has leaped into my most wanted upcoming game. Heres hoping we don't have to wait to long for snakes return.




Halloween Costume


So this year ill be attending a premiere for a movie a few of my friends have made over the last few years, its a cowboy vampire movie that has pretty excellent quality. Anyway this will take place on halloween night, so for the occasion we are being asked to dress up, and its been ages since ive done so. There will be a few after parties as well, so im going all out with my costume.

Becoming snake


Ive decided to go as one of my favorite gaming characters ever, and that as you all know is Snake/Big Boss. I've bought a good amount of the gear and stuff for it so for my next blog ill be talking about that with a few pictures as well. Will i reveal my secret identity? Find out next time


Thanks again for reading guys, its always a pleasure.

Annual Birthday Blog - Top 10 Favorite Wii Games

Yup another year has gone by, and im another year older (ugh). So for this year i decided that since the wii was on its way out id give it one last hurrah and list my top 10 favorite games for the system. I have many fond memories with these titles, and it all started on nov 19 2006. I was at walmart at 6 am freezing my ass off in line with a bunch of other people. I was determined to get my console so i could experience the much lauded motion controls, and since pre orders were all gone at the time i had no other alternative. I just managed to be at the right spot, something like 13 out of 16 who were lucky enough to get one. Lucky for me they handed out tickets for those who were in line, so at 4 i could go home and rest till i could get it at midnight. It was definitely worth the wait, i was tired so i figured id play it the next day, but i was compelled to play it so sleep had to wait. And the rest is history, so heres a bit of that history and the games over the systems lifespan that i enjoyed the most. Gamespot will not allow me any more words to use, so i had to cut the music samples from each game.

And for the honorable mentions see my last blog here.


Top 10 Favorite Wii Games


10. Wario Land Shake It!


Ive never been a huge fan of the wario ware games, but the wario land games a different story. This game is like a cartoon come to life, wario's reactions and the games animation is fluid and full of humor. Captain Syrup has tricked wario into going to the shake dimension, and with his lust for cash it wasn't too hard. The story is pretty straight forward but it gets the job done, and its conclusion is pretty funny and wario lives up to his famous traits. The gameplay is classic platformer, albeit a bit slower than others. Its got some creative level design, with many hidden areas that house one of 3 treasures wario must collect in each stage, that aspect gives it a good amount of replay value. Wario's main new move was his ability to shake objects, enemies and everything in-between so he could get his greedy fix. Overall I love this game, its simple but it has plenty of charm and little touches here and there that just make it stand out from the pack for me.


9. Kirby's Return to Dreamland


Yes another platformer, they are one of my favorite genres so get used to seeing them on this list. Now i enjoyed kirby's epic yarn, but lets be honest kirby needs his power ups, and this is the game that returned him to his former glory. This games big draw was that it allowed you for the first time to have 3 other friends play a kirby game with you at the same time. It was a nice addition, but the single player suited me just fine. As for the story a star crossed voyager crash lands in dreamland and its up to kirby and his pals to recover all the pieces of his ship. Simple enough set up, but the execution of the worlds and stages is where it shines. When i played this game i got a very nostalgic feeling, like i was playing a platformer from the snes days, where things were simple, fun, and they had an atmosphere all there own. That was the kind of magic this game captured with its worlds and bright colored locales. Not much else to say but this is one kirby game no one should miss, it even has its own version of the kuribo shoe from mario 3 which brought a smile to my face.


8. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Who doesn't love the prime series am i right? Well for me personally this has got to be my favorite entry in the trilogy, even over prime. This is really the first and most successful first person game to make full use of its motion controls, at this point i don't think anything could top it in the genre. I liked how everything was a bit more streamlined, i love exploration as much as the next guy but when things can move at a brisker pace while keeping it all in tact id say thats a winning recipe for me. Samus' final assault on everything phazon is a nice book end to the story, it introduces a number of other bounty hunters and characters while also dealing with the many incarnations of ridley and dark samus. I think some of my favorite aspects of this game were the little uses of the motion controls, pulling levers and shifting things around, it just had a very visceral feel to it all. And don't even get me started on atmosphere, the GFS valhalla is an area ill never forget, with its air deprived voids and lurking phazon metroids around every corner it was just awesome. The set piece moments were great as will with meta ridley at the beginning trying to tear your apart while in the morph ball moving through passage ways. Samus' ship also was an integral part that i liked, im glad they finally made use of it. I definitely recommend this entry in the series, its got everything and easily the best controls in the trilogy.


7. Muramasa the Demon Blade


Beat em up games are kind of rare today, but every once in a while they pop up, and this is an outstanding one at that. Its not your standard sidescrolling fare, since it has many RPG elements and a leveling system that keep things interesting along the way. The gameplay itself is not too complex, like i said its a bit of a button masher but theres plenty of intricacies to it all. The level layout is like that of the 2D metroid games, everything is interconnected via a huge map, and beyond that are major zones of ancient japan. Now the most striking aspect has got to be the art/graphical design, it is just glorious and easily the most visually pleasing game on this list id say. It looks like hand drawn japanese paintings, slashes and smoke just looking stunning. There's also calm spots during the trek across the beautifully created midevil japan, with wheat blowing in the wind that make you want to just sit and watch. You can play as 2 characters in two different campaigns, which differ up enough from each other to stay interesting. Boss fights are also a highlight since they are big and over the top, with demons and dragons alike. Collecting all the different swords and making use of each ones special ability was the most fun though, it made what would normally be just a beat em up into something more.


6. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


My sole reason for buying a wii was this game, the gamecube release was pushed back so this was my only option and i had to make it mine. So since this was introductory game for the wii it holds a lot of memories for me, wii sports did too but not nearly as much as this. I was apprehensive at first to go with the wii version but im so glad i did because its better in many ways. I love the art design in this game, dark and somber, this was the zelda game id been waiting for (ww just didn't do it for me). Link once again has to set out in order to save hyrule, but in this entry things have taken a different turn. And as you all know wolf link and the motion controls were a big part of this adventure, and for the most part they work well. The wolf link sections are a bit long, but once you can move back and forth between them its much better for puzzles and gameplay. All the new items like the ball/chain, and the return of bomb arrows were a welcome change. And like all the previous games I've talked about atmosphere is a big selling point for me, which in this case it doesn't disappoint either. Foggy bogs and dimly lit caves are what zelda is about, and id say this game does it the best in that regard. Aiming and the controls were just miles better on the wii, it made item selection and everything else that much more slick and refined. Also midna is easily one of the best characters to come out of zelda in years, she was a very likable and sympathetic character, only one other recent addition would rival her. This would have been higher, but it stayed pretty true to the zelda formula and never really did much new, but all in all its one of the best zelda experiences you can get.


5. Punch Out!!


Little mac had returned, and he along with his misfit rivals were better than ever. Id wanted to see this series return for so long, and it took till 2009 to finally see it happen. Punch out has always been more of a puzzle game than a sports game and thats where i think it excels. As mac the gameplay is pretty much learning each fighters patters, tells, and then taking advantage of those to tear your opponent apart. Each boxer is from the previous games (except disco kid) but its good to see them all again, and these caricature's are more lively than ever. Facial animations and personalities are the best part of the whole package, just fighting these guys will give you an impression of what their like. Along with the added challenge mode which adds a lot of replay value, you'll understand each bout from the inside out. Its cartoony and over the top, but i love that and now a days with the sea of serious games its a bit refreshing to see this title and series make a return. Ive always been a huge fan of the series so they had a lot to live up to as far as im concerned, and they succeeded, i just hope we don't have to wait too long for mac's next bout.


4. Donkey Kong Country Returns


For a while there DK had seemed like he was having an identity crisis, what with the bongo games and bad barrel racing games i thought he'd never return, but im glad i was wrong. Retro studios of metroid fame have done it again, as their first shot at making a platformer ive got to say they have gone above and beyond anything i could have expected. This game is easily the best 2D platformer on the system and one of my favorites of all time. And I know im alone in saying this but im glad they cut all the excess fat from the original DKC trilogy, gone are all the unnecessary characters (I hate Krool) and elements and whats left are what ive wanted the DKC series to be all along. Basically a refinement and remaining of the first game this title brings back DK and Diddy to traverse through an entirely different jungle than previously. Each level is diverse and wonderful, i don't think a platformer has ever had this much diversity in its worlds and themes. They all contain wonderful set piece moments and move at a feverish pace which makes it a blast to play and even just to watch. Minecarts and the silhouette stages stand out quite a bit, but theres also little things that make me smile like when dk clings to grass so he can climb around areas, and how certain levels make clever transitions to the next world. With all the secrets and small nuances theres so much here its staggering, and with co op now an option you can finally enjoy it with a buddy at the same time. I could gush about this game all day but you get the picture, play this platformer now!


3. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


The most recent addition to my list and probably the last and best game nintendo themselves will put out for the wii is definitely this title (sorryxenoblade/last story fans). This game was a long time in coming (5 years or so i think), so it had plenty riding on it since it seemed like a bunch of people were let down by TP. So let me say that it was better than expected, and the definitive motion based game. Having full control over link and his sword really cool, it worked perfectly and smoothly save for a few instances where i myself had the alignment messed up but even so it was flawless in that regard. One thing liked most about this zelda entry was the itmes, not only were they unique and fun to use, but they made use of them at every chance possible. In past zelda games the item you went to the temple for was usually just used in that once instance, but in this game you had to use almost everything in your arsenal which was fantastic and really made each area feel very cohesive and like you were always prepared for the situation. The world was easily the biggest in any zelda game, it was confined to an overworld and sections below but for the most part there was plenty to explore. Id say the tone and overall atmosphere of this zelda ws more in tune with a link to the past and those games which was quite a nice change. Zelda and link also had a much more inmate and thought out relationship too, but it was ghirahim who stole the show and is easily one of my favorite villains from the series, the guy is just ridiculously awesome. Music has always been a big part of the franchise and its at its best here, while not quite the masterpiece that OOT's score was this one has its moments. Being the first full orchestrated zelda makes it stand out and it did wonders for the atmosphere and feeling of flying through the air on your lofting. Theres plenty to enjoy about this game, terrific puzzles, excellent music, top notch boss fights, and a good amount of side missions this is the best zelda since OOT, it succeeds in every aspect of it attempts and is worthy of the mantle of this legend.


2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Hands down my most hyped game ever, I was watching videos and visiting the dojo on a daily basis and i couldn't have been more excited. Id say it was worth it for the most part, since my buddies and I still play this game on a regular basis because its that good. Like melee and 64 before it the gist of the game for those who don't know is basically a 4 way death match between all your favorite nintendo characters and even a few third party characters show up for the party. I liked that snake was brought in, he's a fantastic character and i don't think i would be into metal gear as much as i am if not for his inclusion. The gameplay IMO was far more balanced and fun than melee, as a guy who plays as link things felt far more to my liking this time around since there was no really unfair advantages anymore (save for meta knight and sonic's FS). New items such as the smash ball spiced things up and made the mad dash for it a lot of fun. The adventure mode and overall amount of extras and things to do was amped up tenfold, theres still stuff ive yet to finish in it to this day. And the music, oh the copious amounts of awesome in this soundtrack cannot be rivaled with tunes from every corner of the spectrum and all the greats from each series. Its an game that has so much to offer everyone, the only thing sort of keeping it from being number 1 is the roster, there are some bad choices in there (toon link, rob, 3 landmasters, etc.), other than that this is the finest multiplayer game on the wii hands down.


1. Super Mario Galaxy


And last but not least my favorite wii game, and like all my count downs you could see it coming a mile away :P. I assume some of you are wondering where galaxy 2 is, so i guess ill explain. As good as galaxy 2 was, it just didn't grab me, and it had fantastic level design but the lack of a hubworld and smaller levels, combined with the feeling of been there done that just doesn't make it that memorable for me. Now with that said Galaxy 1 is simply amazing in nearly every way. This was the game id been wanting since mario 64, classic mario platforming with a wonderful new twist. That twist happened to be the gravity and sphere shaped planet stages, which were a blast (literally) to traverse and move between. One thing i really liked was the presentation, it actually had cutscenes which tied the narrative together, sure thats not the most important thing a mario game but it was that extra ambiance and feeling that made it even more magical. It also has one of the finest scores in any nintendo game, there pretty catchy and you'll find yourself humming them for some time after you play. Visually its bright, vibrant and definitely a visual feast, the guys behind DK Jungle beat made this title so its no wonder it looks as great as it does. Suffice to say i love this game, it has everything i could want from a mario game like: powerups, music, level design, charm, and just plain old fun factor. There is usually one game in every systems generation that will grab you like no other, and mario galaxy is that game for me, it takes me back to those days where nothing mattered but having fun and it made me feel like a kid all over again.


Well there you have it, another year another blog. Thanks for reading everyone, I appreciate all the comments and all of those who took the time to listen to this old gamer ramble.

Prelude to Wii Countdown, and gaming funk (I didnt ask for this)

Hey all, hows everyone been doing? Well besides the constant glitches on the site and other things :P. Anyway for my annual birthday blog i plan to countdown my top 10 favorite wii games. But in leading up to that I thought i should also mention the games that didn't quite make the cut but ended up as honorable mentions (or i guess in my top 14 if it went that far). Along with those Ill also put my favorite theme for each, which will also continue in the next blog for my favorites as well. After that ill just mention some game news and a few other things, so anyway lets get going.


Top Wii Game Honorable mentions


Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure


Although I never managed to finish this game (its hard as hell) it was a surprising change of pace for capcom and one of their more adventurous games. Sort of a point and click game with a ton of trial and error, paired with a lovely visual style this game is easily one of the more unique titles on the wii. My friends and i had a lot of fun with this one upon its initial release, we would take turns trying to solve puzzles and laughed at all the hilarious ways Zack and wiki could fail at the task. I recommend if you can find this gem get it, because I doubt capcom is going to give this one a second chance, its a shame too.

Favorite thème: Ceremony (Medium)


Metroid Other M


For all the hate this game seems to garner i fully enjoyed it and didn't let anything sway my opinion of a great game. For starters this game honestly felt like more of the sci-fi metroid games of the past and that atmosphere definitely made an impression on me. The game is not without flaws but most can just boil down to opinion. For me the gameplay was solid, since it was all done with only the wii mote i gotta say they managed to do a great deal with the limited number of buttons on the wiimote. The cutscenes were slick and well done, for me personally i was fine with it all, sure its cheesy in some parts but that's the charm in it, over the top and since samus was a blank slate before I'm glad she finally got some characterization. The boss fights had to be the highlight though, each was fast and intense, along with samus' increased agility (the prime games lost that aspect) it was a breath of fresh air. Love it or hate it the game was definitely good overall, and I will always stand by my enjoyment of it as well. Im glad nintendo took the risk to bring this game to us, because if they didn't take risks wed just end up with the same stuff every time.

Favorite Theme: Super Metroid Theme (not sure if thats the right song name)


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


Good old travis touchdown, he's definitely a character i can relate to, loves swords, is an otaku, and a bit of a pervert :lol:. The first game in the series was great, but i think this one refined every aspect of it, i was never a huge fan of the open world aspect so that's not really something i missed. The mini games alone make this trip worth it, each one is a excellently crafted 8 bit nostalgia trip and if they were on the iphone or something id play them during any free chance that i got. The boss fights are amped up as well, wish there were more giant robot battles but travis does his best work on foot. Suda has yet to let me down and this is definitely one of his finest quirky games to date, I sure hope he doesn't keep us waiting long for NMH3.

Favorite Theme: Philistine


New Super Mario Bros Wii


This one barely missed the top 10, but like the others that definitely doesn't mean its still not one of my favorites. The initial thought of 4 player mario seemed rather strange to me but you know it turned out far better than i would have expected. This is another game my buddies and I had a blast playing, whether it was helping each other get to a higher platform or just screwing each other over good times were had throughout this game. It brought a much needed upgrade to the NSMB formula, and best of all it saw the return of the koopalings which definitely won me over. The new powerups like the penguin suit and propeller suit will be ones i fondly remember in the vast array of mario's wardrobe. And with the recent release of NSMB2 and NSMBU coming soon it looks like the wait for another wont be long.

Favorite theme: Mountain Land

So those are the honorable mentions, they didn't quite make the cut but they all hold a special significance for my overall wii experience. part 2 of this list will be coming on the 30th, which is my birthday :D.



Gaming funk, a slow summer, I didn't ask for this


Been sort of in a funk for a while it seems, id recently bought Persona 4 like i talked about last time, which is one i didn't finish. Then after that i picked up Deus Ex Human Revolution on a whim (it was cheap) to give it a shot, i like to try to pick up games out of my comfort zone sometimes because it broadens my horizons and there might be a series I've been missing out on for a long time. But this too ended up as a game I didn't finish, I don't know what it is whether it was the gameplay of both of these or that I just wasn't feeling it but lately i just havent been in the mood for them. Gaming really has been rather slow this summer and i had planned to take full advantage of it by playing as much as i could and also to get to my huge backlog. Needless to say that i didn't accomplish much, I don't know this probably sounds weird but for a bit there i was questioning my hobby and why it was losing its luster. Gaming is not the same, but i also am not either, with time things and people will either grow closer together or farther apart to what they like. I don't know maybe its just that im not interested in whats coming out this year. There's also gamespot and its utter lack of care for its site, which leaves many disheartened and annoyed to the point where a ton of people are no longer active. Its become rather sad to see the site we all care about crumble around us, i do appreciate all of those who still remain and stay in contact but all this just adds to my slump ive been in.

Which brings me to another point, why all the delays? This year has got to be the weakest year in gaming memory for me, almost everything we learned about from E3 was for next year or had no release date. So the likes of: Nino Kuni, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Castlevania LOS Mirror of Fate, and more are just a few of the games that i was holding out for, only to hear they aren't even going to make the tail end of this year. I know a game with longer dev time will yield a better end product, but come on why even make unrealistic release windows if they cant even meet them? I guess this just means all my focus will remain with the WiiU for the rest of this year because aside from a few select titles my line up for games this year has severely gone down.


Anyway enough with the let downs and rants, lets talk about the faint glimmer of hope

MGS4 Trophies


Yes its been a while and coming but since the trophies have finally arrived for MGS4 i thought it was about time that this retired old soldier returns to the battlefield. I haven't replayed this game since its initial release in 2008, so i was definitely overdue to relive this title. And i must say its aged like fine wine, every moment was special and it only further reminded me why i loved the series and all the characters within it. Act 4 also felt even more nostalgic the second time around, I like when games revisit old areas it taps into those memories like one would have for places in real life which is something special games do, Twilight princess did this with the temple of time, and mario galaxy 2 did as well with thwomps fortress. The trophies were fun too, i tried to get a good amount of them but there's no way i would make the game tedious for myself just to collect them because that's somewhat of a disservice to myself and the game if i made it not funfor myself. Anyway it was great to go back to and its one game experience i will continue to always remember fondly.


Transformers Fall of Cybertron


So i just got one of my most anticipated games of this year, and so far its definitely pretty awesome. High Moon studios has done wonders with this series and its the closest thing to the original G1 transformers i could have ever hoped for. First off the world in this game feels completely alive, with brilliant set pieces and constantly shifting land masses and robot parts. Combat feels fluid and always exciting, the only thing i think it needs is more incentive to transform but other than that so far so good.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition


Got this one for really cheap online, id been wanting to check it out for quite a while and this deal sealed it for me. As a huge mortal combat fan this one has a little bit of everything for everyone, a lot of nice throwbacks such as characters stages and themes. Im glad they moved back to a 2D plane like capcom did with street fighter 4 its just so much more polished and smooth because of it (who needs to sidestep anyway am i right?). Its been a while though since my last mk so its going to take some time to get back in the flow of things, im currently getting my butt handed to me by the computer :P.

These few games have perked up my interest a bit since writing this though, which is good, i suppose it just depends on the games and circumstances.


On a sadder note i have to mention one last thing.

Nintendo Power Ending


Yes as many of you have probably already heard nintendo power is ceasing production by the end of this year. Although its not a huge surprise seeing as how physical magazines have been dropping off left an right, but still this one hurts more than any other. As a child nintendo power was always something i looked forward to, it was our only gateway into what games were in store for us and other stuff about those games we may not have known, which is different know in our digital age. I myself wouldn't be the gamer i am today without this magazine because there are series and titles i would have not even known about or gotten into unless i had seen it within those pages. Pokemon is a rather large stand out because before its was even anything i remember looking forward to the small trainer guides that game with issues right on red on blue's release. Not only that but every issue was packed with maps, guides and wonderful artwork from each game that at the time was found nowhere else. And if you've checked out a few of my blogs or know me well enough you'd see that i was even part of at least two issues, once for my mario kart DS avatar, and another time for my zelda tattoo. So all in all its very sad for me to see the end of this magazine come about, it was the last piece of a forgotten era and i will always treasure my memories of it and everything it brought.

Thanks Nintendo Power, most of us wouldn't have experienced what we did without you


And that should do it, thanks for reading everyone and stick around because next time will be my annual Blog, as i said before it will be my top ten wii game countdown.

The E3 Dust Settles, and A Few Summer Games

Hey guys, (insert sure has been a while quote). Ive held off on giving my e3 impressions for a while, mainly to have time to think more on it and because i knew there would be a flood of E3 blogs like every year so i figured id rather not see it lost in the mix. So anyway lets get started, first ill go over the big E3 press conferences, then ill talk about the games i was interested from there. After that ill talk about the games i was playing between my last blog and what im currently up to.


E3 Press Conferences


Hmm well what can i say, i guess one good thing is that it was at least a step up from the past few years. There weren't really a ton of cringe worthy moments but even so they still failed to excite me with really anything they showed off. They still had kinnect focus and continued to show their annual round up of the usual suspects, gears fans have to be bored at this point right? In any case they did alright, but in the end they brought really nothing to the table other than their smartglass feature, but then with the wiiu that feature is already somewhat brought to life where as in this case you need outside devices already.

Ill give microsoft's conference a C


Sony had one of the stronger showings (and i use stronger lightly), they showed a good amount of PS brand only games and a few other solid upcoming titles. But thats pretty much where the good ends, the rest of the time was a few lackluster demonstrations and not much else. One of the problems i think they have is that all their secrets are blown way beforehand, the Internet already knew that drake and big daddy were in playstation all stars a few days before so that reveal was a waste. Actually the biggest thing wrong with their press event was the lack of PSVita software, this was their chance to show off whats coming and they totally botched it, an assassins creed game isn't exactly a system seller so i don't think they used their time wisely and they've yet to sell me on that system.

Im gonna give sony a grade of C+


This was nintendo's big chance to steal e3 and win everyone over, needless to say they messed up as well. Im a huge nitnendo fan as most of you know but even i cant defend what took place. They started strong with pikmin and super mario U, but slowly went a bit off the deep end. They had split their 3DS offerings into another press event so that was absent, but even so they spent far too much time on batman arkham city and a number of other things that really didn't completely sell people on the system when that should have been their main point. I know as reggie has said "nintendo fans are insatiable" but thats partly because we are left in the dark quite a bit on many things, even a glimpse of an upcoming game in one of their many beloved franchises would have sufficed but no, we got nintendo land, which looks ok but its definitely not something they should have closed with because really they should know who's paying attention to these events more than anyone, us.

Ill give them a D

Really overall it was pathetic, and i actually had no expectations to see anything and i was still disappointed. As i know im not alone in this after seeing what everyone else has had to say up to this point, but this has to send some kind of shockwave through these companies. I never thought Ubisoft would have the best E3 showing but yea they did, they brought the games and did it in a way that was enjoyable. Things definitely need to change, because as they stand E3 just might not be worth the wait if all their gonna do is say "coming 2013", or just not bring anything worth the media events time. Ah well its over and done with, but ill take the good out of it and look forward to the few games that have caught my eye.


Games of E3

There wasn't much but heres the elite few that caught my attention, a few are even return ones from last year.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


We finally get some good solid footage of this game (no pun intended) and it looks fantastic. Just the amount of maneuvers that radian can pull off looks staggering and the combat looks even slicker. I like that they are putting at least a small bit of stealth into the mix with the silent kills, albeit a bit small its at least something to break up the action a bit and at least give you other options for handling situations. A shame its not coming out this year (once again) but even so from what we've seen so far im very optimistic.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2


Now thats a trailer, plain and simple. Seeing gabriel tear apart his enemies in all his vengeful flare was excellent, and the music was haunting and powerful. The ending was good as well revealing a white haired warrior, who we now know is alucard. No gameplay was shown but id say this will suffice for some time to come.


Transformers Fall of Cybertron


Prime and his pals are back, and now im fully ready for their second run. With the reveal of the massive metroplex all bets are off and things are definitely going to get hectic. Ive seen a ton of gameplay from bumblebee to grimlock and it all tickles my cybertronian fancy quite well. This game comes out near my birthday and i cant wait see the autobots great escape.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


Not much to say here, other than it looks even better than it did previously. With a new subtitle and from what ive seen and heard this may expand upon nearly everything in the previous game. Tons of secrets and new areas for luigi to explore await. One thing i liked were the hidden rooms that when further inspected reveal hidden rooms behind sheets or wallpaper which was a nice touch.


Resident Evil 6


While the chris and jake segments of this game look ok, It really seems to shine during the leon segments. In those parts it harkens back to the original resident evil games and thats something that caught my eye. I like that they are trying to make fans happy while still changing up the mix with all 3 separate kinds of scenarios with each group of characters.




Ubisoft's and really E3's only surprise was this game and though im not usually one for these types of games this one really got my attention. The plot seems quite different and the connected gameplay is very intriguing. Not a whole lot is known but its shaping up to be something special.


Pikmin 3


Ah good old pikmin its been far too long. This is easily the one title that can sell me on the WiiU at launch. The new rock pikmin have me interested to see what other new types await, and the game itself looks gorgeous. Collecting junk is going to be fun later this year.


Sleeping Dogs


This is one ive been keeping tabs on for a while but i haven't really expressed my interest in it till now. The hong kong underworld in this game looks very interesting, and the devs have definitely done their homework in creating it. Being the leftovers of true crime hong kong i was a bit weary at first, but since it no longer has any connection to that especially from the production values of it im confident it might deliver a great experience.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate


Easily my most anticipated game of E3 mirror of fate brings back both of the best belmonts in the franchise, and it keeps them connected with their 2D roots (2.5d at least. This is to bridge the game with its sequel and from what has been shown im definitely liking what im seeing. It manages to take some aspects from past castlevania games while also beefing it up with lords of shadow style combat. Whip cracking will hopefully come to my 3DS soon when this game is released later this year.



Persona 4


Well I've decided to give the acclaimed game a shot since i was very interested in the series, and a number of my friends here had recommended it to me. All in all its a pretty good game, its got great characters and an interesting story. Its also got that style that i really enjoyed in catherine which is natural since this was their previous game. I played a good amount of the game last month, the combat worked well but i slowly came to a realization. I just cant seem to get into RPG's anymore, and the combat was a big part, it worked well but i just felt like i could never catch a break or that i was just not enjoyable for me since i struggled more than most times. Its no fault of the game, but its a huge part and i just didn't find it compelling enough for me to go on because i was getting destroyed most times and it didn't seem rewarding when i could pull off a victory. Ive put it down for a while and im not sure if i will return to it, but as it stands right now it was still an excellent game its just it might not be the right game for me at the moment.




I picked this one up because the second is close to its release and i was interested in the series overall. I didn't initially get it because it looked a bit generic and im not a fan of the warcraft art design at all. But id heard a lot of good things, most of all that if im a fan of zelda id love it. So i managed to play through it during may and it was decent, not to say its mediocre but it didn't really wow me. The gameplay was enjoyable and getting new items and abilities kept things interesting, but the story and themes were pretty standard id say. Controlling war you feel powerful indeed, albeit a bit clunky at times but overall its satisfying and there is plenty to keep you busy. Im probably gonna skip the sequel but for the price this one was worth a look id say.




An overlooked gem sometimes finds its way into my hands, and id say this falls under that category. Platinum games never seems to disappoint in the action department, and this game brings it fast and with steroids at certain points. With the advanced suit augmenting your abilities firefights take on a new twist which is definitely appreciated with all the slog of shooters out right now. The strategy of managing the suits overheat and all that brought a bit of tension on top of all the bullets flying at me, but it added to the overall experience IMO. While the story is cyber nonsense thats not really what matters in this title since its never really something platinum takes too seriously so it works in that way. The cover system worked well too, and there really wasn't any enemy sam cant handle. The soundtrack was just nuts though, almost trance electro or something of that nature filled the game, although in the heat of the moment it fits quite well. In the end its not exactly the greatest game, but for $17 you really cant go wrong with this one.


Lollipop Chainsaw


Another one of the many games id been looking forward to was this title, and i finally got my hands on it earlier this month. Suda's games are always bizarre and quirky as hell and this one is easily the most out there one of all. Juliet and Nick have a back and fourth thats written very well and got me to chuckle more than a few times. The gameplay is standard hack and slash with new moves to purchase and item upgrades to get along the way, another added element is sparkles which are obtained by killing more than one zombie at a single time which added a bit more to how i handled each situation. Theres a few set piece moments but overall your constantly on the move and theres little to interact with. Its an enjoyable game but id say its biggest drawback is the fact that its really short, like 6 hours or so. But it still has plenty of replay value and the costumes are an added incentive to continue.

Anyway thanks for reading guys, gamespot says ive run out of letters for my blog so thats it

Leading the Charge, and Reliving the Past In HD

Its about time for an update, and ive got plenty to share this time (i always do even if i have nothing to talk about :P)


The biggest revelation as of late is that i have been elected the new leader of the Great Nintendo Gamer Union since our previous leader has stepped down to pursue other real life goals. Its quite the responsibility, but you know what I'm feeling up to it and I'm optimistic for what the future might hold for the first time in a long time. Ive always kinda wanted to try out a leadership role and i guess this is my chance, with the help of the officers in the union it should be manageable since they all do their jobs great. I have some ideas for future activities and other such stuff so for those who are already members come and stop by, and for those who aren't join if you get a chance, all are welcome (unless your rowdy).

Can I handle the power and responsibility? Here goes!


Although I could always go for the supreme tyranny route.





Since my lost blog ive played a decent amount of games, some of which were part of my most anticipated games of 2012. A few though I'm still hesitant to pick up since from the way it sounds they didn't turn out so hot, but i usually don't let reviews dissuade my perception so ill try them out later in the year, mainly because i want them cheap. So lets get started


Kid Icarus Uprising


You know I had my doubts for a bit about this game, although that doubt mainly lie with the touch screen controls. But since it offered other options it wasn't an issue at all in the end. And I must say the game turned out fantastic, its brimming with atmosphere, quirky characters, and just a genuine overall polish that nintendo games are known for. There's just so much packed into this little cartridge and the amount there is for the player to keep on doing is immense. The story was great as well, ham fist-ed for sure but done in a way that was very enjoyable, all the characters have a wonderful repertoire with each other and the voice acting is excellent for the tone. While the controls do take some getting used to they eventually become second nature, but for me i didn't end up using the default so i opted to use the control method that allocates the camera to the face buttons which i found worked better for me since my hands cramp easy from doing data entry for a living anyway. The air missions are gorgeous and are a sight to behold, the land missions are great in their own right as well. I think if the next star fox game forces us to do land missions again it could learn a thing or two from this game on how to handle it right. All in all this a fantastic title and easily the best the system has to offer right now IMO, alongside mario 3d land and mario kart 7 that is.


Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection


I got this one for Christmas but I had so many games on my backlog this one got shoved aside, but i finally managed to get to it last month or so. The HD make over looks great for the most part, smoothed to a pleasing level id say. I only really finished MGS2 in this set, since it had been the one i haven't played in quite some time. Its held up somewhat well, it was a little harder than i remember but i still managed just fine. It definitely made much more sense after experiencing all the other MGS games as well, compared to when I originally played it. I plan to go through peace walker on this set again at some point, but for now its too soon, and i had to resist playing through MGS3 on this since this next game demanded that i shouldn't.


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D


The 3DS has already seen one of my favorite games grace its screen, and now its MGS 3's turn. For the most part the game holds up well, in story and overall scope. The new menus and interface are also a huge step up, the map contained in the lower screen also makes use of the radar and many other items that coincide with it. The biggest change id say is the Crouch walking and over the shoulder shooting, both make the game much more accessible and very easy in a way, but its still pretty challenging to sneak around so threes no need to worry in that sense. The only part id say the game lacks a bit in is the frame rate in certain parts of the game and during cutscenes. While its not game breaking its noticeable to those who have played previous iterations of the game. The 3D is also used in some interesting ways as well, the usual methods of making objects stick out and having each area have a bit more depth are of course present. The one that i noticed the most though is when snake can look through his scope in first person, the 3D fades out and it returns to non 3d, while at first most people id seen thought this was a glitch or screw up, but upon further inspection its meant to be like that because snake is closing one eye to look down the barrel and he wouldn't have the use of both eyes so its only natural it would move between that during. Its a nice little touch, but overall its a decent version of the game, sure its lacking a bit in the trimmings as far as extras go but for those who have yet to experience the game its well worth the trouble.




Its been a long time in coming but journey has finally arrived. Its easily one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. With that said its a pretty excellent game, with a quiet solitude that goes a long way during gameplay. While not being guided by really anything per se, you are left to to what seem to be your own devices, but even then its still pretty linear. Theres something really special though when a random user over the internet joins you, a common goal and camaraderie link the two of you together and after a while you'll begin to worry and look over that other player which is something new, and a unique take on multiplayer id like to see more often. The only thing that really held the game back from being top notch for me was the length, its really short. I'm not usually one to harp on a games length being in any way related to the amount of enjoyment you can get out of it because that's really no way to gauge the experience, but man i just wish there was more to it in this case. Good game but rather sparse in longevity, but the experience is one you'll have to see for yourself.


Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD


Man someone must have a soft spot for me because all my favorite titles keep re emerging with a new coat of paint. I recently downloaded this title after putting it off for quite some time, but in doing so im reminded why I loved it so much to begin with. From the outset everything is still great looking even when initially designed for last gen tech. Forests are dense, each town and citizen has personality, and oh the atmosphere, and as you all know im a huge sucker for good atmosphere, its probably what i enjoy the most about games in general. The gameplay has held up really well too, the first and third person gameplay meshes really well and the live ammo ads an interesting twist to the formula, since you have to hunt it and use it in creative ways. The story and everything about it are just so other worldly and you soon become entranced by the stranger and his bizarre tale. The difficulty still spikes at odd times but its nothing most people cant over come, although in the end it gets a bit harry lol. Overall this is an excellent game even after all these years and its easily the best version of the game hands down, I cant recommend it enough for those who haven't taken the plunge into this strange adventure, its excellent.



In other gaming related stuff, it seems like a few games have had a rocky start already this year. Resident Evil Opperation Raccon City comes to mind since it got unanimously panned by critics and fans alike, not that i didn't see this coming but I'm wondering why capcom didn't, then again they are off their rocker at this point anyway. Ninja Gaiden 3 didn't seem to fare much better either, since it sounds to have picked up some gameplay aspects most fans of the series don't want while leaving out the ones they do. Although Ill still give both a shot eventually. I've began to pick up a habit of waiting games out it seems, since it usually seems like a better idea to get the games I'm unsure of when they are dirt cheap instead of taking the chance.


"Ouch my pride"


Then there's also Nino Kuni getting delayed all the way to next year which is not a huge shock, but still really disappointing. I feel like some of these japanese devs are just taking forever to release some of their games, almost to the point of me losing interest in them because they are taking so long.


One good bit of news to come out though is that One Piece Pirate Warriors is finally getting a worldwide release. Although this comes as a double edged sword in a way, while Europe gets its on physical release of the game with a box, America is stuck with a digital only version. While im happy its even getting over here in some ways i feel kinda slighted by this move namco has pulled. Not only will I not be able to actually get my hands on the game but from what i hear the last warriors digital only game took up a ton of space on the PS3, 11GB in all and 22GB just to download. I only have a 80gb PS3 so thats literally 1/4 of my hard drive space which is just ridiculous. From what i hear its mainly due to sony of america not letting games without a dub get a physical release (yakuza squeezes by somehow), but with that already in place this game might have an uphill battle as far as sales go. I could always buy the EU version through import, but i do want to support the american version of it in an effort to show them that the fanbase is here and we deserve the games too, but thats what pisses me off, they got us between a rock and a hard place. I either get the version I want or support possible future one piece games for the future, its just the kind of strong arming i don't like companies to do to us.



And on another note ive found a pretty cool new iphone app that lets me catalog and list every game i own with info everything. Its pretty cool, ive gotten nearly all of this gens games that i own logged so far, but past games are gonna take some time since ill have to dig through all of them just to remember what i have. Its a good app, and though it has a few bugs that need to be fixed (it crashes a lot, and has foreign language where its not supposed to be) its still something you guys might want to look into, its definitely something i enjoy doing when i have a free minute. So for those who are interested its called "Video Games Manager".


This picture was taken when i first got it so its got a ton more of my games in there now.


This app has also spurred my interest to pick up some games ive missed in the past or ones i enjoyed but never owned (legally anyway).

The first one i picked up recently was Lupin The Third: Treasure of the Sorcerer King for PS2. Ive never actually played this one but nows my chance since i got it really cheap at dimple records. Ill probably throw in some impressions of it in the next blog because ive yet to start the game.


I also tried to get Jade empire the same day, but when i brought the game to the front of the store the box was empty, just my luck. They told me they'd get one from their neighboring store so they would call me when that comes in, so hopefully ill get it soon, This one is really the only Bioware game i ever enjoyed, its been years since ive played it too.


And last but not least are a number of games im thinking of picking up within the next few weeks, for those who have played them let me know how they are, id just like to see your guys take on them



9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective



Been kind of slow as far as figures go since they have been kinda low on my priority list as of late just because there haven't been many that have caught my eye and they are expensive. Anyway heres what I got since last time.

Figuarts Zero Jimbei



This figure is fantastic, he's easily the best figuarts zero figure in the line and the best sculpt of this character yet. He's huge too


Figuarts Zero Doflamingo



They managed to get the eccentric and insane look of this warlord perfectly. He's also got multiple heads for different expressions.

Both have caused me to have to rearrange my shelf a bit.



Anyway thats all for now guys, ill probably have much more to talk about in the next blog if i get those games but until then sayonara and thanks for reading.