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For those Complaining about Capcom Recently...

Here are some fun facts to consider!

- Dead Rising 2:Case Zero was a self contained game using the DR2 engine. It was by no means a demo.

- Doing SSF4 AE on the PC as an upgrade from SF4 would be impossible as SF4 wasn't built with massive patching in mind

- They never said they weren't localising AAI2 full stop. Just no DS version as Nintendo have asked developers to wind down US DS games rapidly because of the 3DS. An iOS version is possible

-Layton X Wright is Level 5's game alone. Capcom's only involved in making sure its true to the character and supervising. Level 5 have publishing rights in Japan and Nintendo own the publishing rights in Europe and the US. Since Layton is ridiculously popular in Europe and practically DS sellers, it's going to get localised at least in Europe I'm sure.

- MHP3rd does not sell in the US and on top of that, Sony are being dicks about a PS3 version, not Capcom. Capcom US are interested in localizing the PS3 version but Sony won't let them.

- The concept of vanilla MVC3 being just a beta of UMVC3 and that the content of the game "should have been in the first game" is just ludicrous. The thing is that when any company makes a game there IS a budget and time limit to what they can do with a game. There were a number of things Capcom wanted to put in the game, like Frank West, but couldn't due to time and budget issues. A lot of people, I find, tend to disregard this when they're throwing out criticisms of Capcom on the basis of them "rehashing" their fighters. The fact that pretty much anyone who gives out these complaints are clearly casuals at fighting games who don't consider the balance and gameplay changes is one thing, but it also annoys me that they expect Capcom to expand on the game with DLC but yet they complain when they do so with a new disc. WHY? I mean, given that fighting games are a competitive game it's not like that these expansions don't cause a major change in the gameplay and improve on it. In fact, I think a lot of changes DO come from player feedback even though it's arguably not for the better and comes from scrubby resources and they can also contribute the funds made from that game to make what we now have as UMVC3. To draw a comparison, how is it any worse than the standard PC game expansion pack{Which, I should remind you, is typically released between 8-12 months after the games initial release}, GOTY editions, DLC in other fighters or even DLC for the typical Bioware or Bethesda game that arguably adds even LESS than the what UMVC3 does? As far as MVC3 itself goes I can understand the complaints about the gameplay itself, the stupidity of X-factor and how scrub friendly it is but the complaints about how Capcom approaches this game in terms of how expand and change it is just silly and inane to me.

- Online isn't modifiable or had a DLC hook to let them add stuff like spectator mode, so that was the problem in the end. They wouldn't be able to release it and charge for it anyway. This sort of thing is on Microsoft's "Forbidden" list of things you are not allowed to charge for and Sony doesn't like it either. If it was possible to make it, they would be forced to release it for free. This is the sort of thing that would be made much easier by releasing a whole new game altogether.

Granted, I'm not gonna defend Capcom for the legitimate reasons fans SHOULD be mad about with them. The fact that they're killing off Megaman for no good reason at all upsets me a fair deal as a big Megaman fan myself and I as well as many other fans of the Blue Bomber have good reason to be upset over this. Especially considering how Capcom blamed its cancellation on its fans and then proceeded to pretend that this wasn't what they claimed at all. I also understand some people's annoyances over the absolute lies Capcoms developers made about MVC3 pre-launch{even though I thought most of the said statements were overall inconsequential} and the new design they gave to Dante{which I find more humorous than anything. I also don't think I'm going to like Ninja Theory's approach on the series either}.

However, I think a lot of the fans tend to look at things less broadly than they should and don't take the time to research why a company may be having problems with something like, say, localization. When it comes to localization or game development, it isn't always as simple as "okay, I'm going to release this game since everyone wants it" or "okay, I'm gonna add this guy to the game because so and so wants us to". That game industry simply doesn't work like that and to me it says volumes when people just want games based on their own simple minded criteria than what companies want to and are capable of doing. I'll admit, it's been a tough year for Capcom thus far{And to some degree gaming in general}. I think Capcom is very capable of making great games, it's just that on top of some very bad choices and technical problems they've been losing their fans favor. I don't necessarily think Capcom hates its fanbase{well, maybe the Megaman fans. Haha. But I guess that's another story entirely} but I do think that they're taking their own liberties with game development which by a consumer standpoint is just dreadful. The point being is that I don't think all of the companies issues should just be narrowed down to "dur hurr Capcom doesn't like its fans" when there can very easily be much more broader reasons for why such problems exist.

Bleach Review

For those not in the know, Bleach is the anime (Japanese cartoon) adaptation of the popular novel by Augusten Burroughs "Running with Bleach." Burroughs wrote the novel as a stunning expose of homosexual life in Japan under the pseudonym "Tight Kubo" (Kubo means douchbag in Japanese). The anime takes a lot of liberties, but is still a seinen (adult) anime, meaning that it contains copious amounts of violence, sex and Japanese people, all of which are inappropriate for the viewership of children. For those of us who are mature adults however, Bleach is a serious and insightful story full of depth.

The hero of Bleach is the young Ichigo Uzumaki, an ex-mercenary gigolo who learns he has shinigami powers. When translated, shinigami roughly means that Ichigo is a modern descendent of the 1st century lord and savior Jesus Christ. He thus has godly ability to convert heathens (called Hollows) and give salvation to the worthy. Ichigo goes on an adventure with his friends Sado (short for Sado-Masochism) and Orihime. However in the 4kids dub their names are translated as Misty and Brock.

Misty and Brock are important support characters in Bleach.

Throughout the story Ichigo must restrain his homosexual urges for the sake of continuing his holy mission. However, though surrounded by a panoply of women, Ichigo also refuses their advances due to his innately gay nature, even though Misty is pretty hot. Particularly tempting to Ichigo are the temptations of Satan. Satan disguises himself as another character named Ishida Mitsunari and frequently cums comes onto Ichigo.

Ichigo Uzumaki and Ishida Mitsunari come very close to having anal during the story.

Although the main plot initially concerns Ichigo's quest to convert heathens, Tight Kubo demonstrates his masterful writing ability by frequently tossing in extreme plot twists that completely change the direction of the story. For example, after the first arc of fighting Hollows, Ichigo then embarks on a quest to invade Hell (called the Soul Society in the 4kids dub) to save his [phony] girlfriend Rukia (roughly translatable as Persephone) from Hades. After that's done Ichigo finds out that an evil hacker math wiz Digimon Emperor named Azn is a closet Hollow and thus needs to be converted to the one true faith. Then Ichigo finds the master sword and sails to America on a quest to find the one piece and become Hokage. Tight Kubo has gone on record saying that he has enough plot twists that he can draw out of a hat draw from his extensive imagination to continue writing sequels to the plot for at least 10 years.

Numbers are prevalent in Bleach and have great symbolism in the plot.

Overall it is very hard not to recommend Beyblade in light of its wide variety of characters, substantial symbolism, rich animation and constantly shifting narrative. When choosing to watch the anime though, it is important to select which version is most appropriate for you. As well as the official version, there is also an American 4kids dub which significantly tones down the anime to make it more friendly to children. Among other changes, all the fighting scenes, sex and Japanese names are removed from the 4Kidz dub. Ichigo is called Billy Bob Thornton and Sado and Orihime are known as Brock and Misty respectively. Confusingly, the most Oriental looking character, Rukia, is called Orihime Smith in the dub. This choice of name is likely 4Kidz attempt to reflect that even Asians can be integrated into proper and civilized Christian society. In fact a constant motif in the dub is that we shouldn't judge all Asians as bad just because of their attack on Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001. Thus for children I would suggest watching the 4kids dub while most adult otakus will want to watch Bleach in the original, refreshing and superior Nipponese.

Tight Kubo's writing stylin was almost certainly inspired by Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

I give Bleach 5 Bankais (that's Japanese for male genitalia) out of 5.

ANALyizing the New Gen of POKEmon!

So I am ANALyzing the Pokemon from these new Negro and Cracker games. I enjoy Pokemon because it remind me of my old Ukrainian hobby of training animals to beat the living hell out of each other. Unfortunately it seems like the thought process for many of these Pokemon involved going out into New York city (the new setting for Black/White), writing down random things that were there and turning them into Pokemon.

Take for instance Garbador:


I think the design process for this one went something along the lines of a Japanese Pokemon developer looking around the sidewalks of New York City, realizing that in New York people just leave their stinky garbage on the pavement outside their crummy apartments (at least that's how it was like the last time I was there). Then they decided that nothing was more symbolic of New York than garbage, which honestly is pretty true. so they added a Pokemon that is garbage both literally and figuratively.

Really, if there was any Pokemon type that needed something new and cool, it was the poison type, but instead they just added trash. I have to wonder how hard it would have been to have picked up a book on poisonous animals instead. No. Let's add some rotten garbage. People will think that's real cool! Oh and for the next gen it can evolve from a cigarette and evolve into a pile of crap.

It saddens me to say that Garbador isn't even the worst of these abominations. As Mr. Japanese Gamefreak developer was strolling through the streets of New York, he looked up to see snowflakes. This inspired him to make a Pokemon based on a snowflake.


Even its face indicates its miserable and worthless existence.

But wait! There's more! Mr. Japanese gamefreak developer then got hungry. After eating some ice cream, he decided to make 3 Pokemon based on ice cream. Why? Because there's nothing cooler than ice cream. Literally.


I think the decision to make it vanilla ice cream was also inspired by latent racism. The Japanese could have easily made it chocolate ice cream but refrained because they hate black people. Not that it matters though since ice cream is a disgusting form of food and not something anybody would ever want to send into battle. I can just imagine the sort of hipster douchebag who would own this Pokemon. Maybe if you use sunny day on this thing it melts. better yet, if you run out of rations maybe you and your pokemon can just team up to eat this thing.

To be fair though, 5th gen isn't all bad. There are some good things to be found here.


This guy, Escavalier, is already going to become a favorite of mine. Besides having an awesome punny name, just look at this badass. He's a snail knight (an escargo cavalier)! Unsurprisingly he's pretty slow, but he makes up for it by being extraordinarily powerful and boasting great defenses. He seems rather useful being a bug/steel type and boasting a pretty great movepool.


And this is a buffalo with an afro. Bouffalant, as he is called, puts Taurus to shame.

that makes me wonder exactly where mr. Japanese gamefreak guy spotted an armored snail and buffalo in new york. Maybe he saw a snail and then went to the Metropolitan Art Museum and checked out their great arms and armor exhibit. Perhaps he went to Buffalo, New York...or else just saw a statue of a buffalo in New York. Meh. Why do I even give a damn, They're great!

Regardless, I guess like the city of New York itself, Pokemon 5th gen has a lot of crap but still contains some redeeming qualities. I have to wonder why there's not a taxi cab pokemon though.

How humanity will rise to greatness and why your religion is a holo-lie!

Khorne gave us an arena where we could shed blood in His glory and assemble the skulls of the worthy for his throne.

Slaanesh gave us a stage to play and frolic on, tasting the extremes of pleasure and pain in a grand opera of ecstasy, decadence and depravity.

Nurgle confered upon us His great gifts, so that we could spread his untold plagues and joyous diseases to the corners of cosmos, all for the noble cause of entropy.

Tzeentch wrote the script of history and gave us all our roles, planning out everything in great detail only to shake the foundations with Hope and progress, changing all because he must.

Obviously, these Warp deities transcends the logic of us mere mortals, and will continue to grow strong for as long as the fires of chaos, the fires of life, remain lit. All the gods of our era, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah or Buddha are mere minor deities, microscopic bottom feeders in the hierarchy of the Warp. Indeed, all our prayers and emotions reach out not to the gods we imagine, but fuel the powers of Chaos. Prayers to Jesus of change and feelings of hope for the future helps construct the Tzeentchian schemes, meditation and asceticism usher forth delightful Nurglesque entropy, love and joy stimulates Slanneshi ecstasy while anger and prayers of retribution and vengeance fuels the fires of Khornate rage and bloodlust.

And indeed, the world is good. In the coming 30 millennia, mankind will spread throughout the stars and rise to heights previously unimagined, followed by great strife and ruin that will bring forth a new dark age, bring a ancient culture to the brink of ruin, and see to the birth to a new empire. Then, during the age of great crusades, Horus, the first Chosen of Chaos shall arise, and with his brothers Alpharius Omegon, Mortarion, Fulgrim, Perturabo, the Night Haunter, Magnus the Crimson King, Angron and the Word Bearer. Together, they will bring Chaos and glory to mankind, and with the Kabals of darkness, the Necrontyr legions of the C'tan, the Great Hungerer, the Green Tide, the galaxy will be awash in blood and glory.

Barack Obama's Evil Plan for World Domination!

1.) Prohibiting tea to stop the tea party opposition movement.

2.) Creating Barackbots in order to destroy the Taliban and suppress dissidence on the homefront.

3.) Replacing the health care system with death panels, a group of judges with scythes that execute old and unimportant people in order to save everybody time and money.

4.) Cutting the budget for most space programs, except for the ones that include his visage on their machinery.

Of course, he meets a lot of opposition from his conservative critics who wants the free market to determine the best way to destroy the Taliban, and, failing that, a 30 foot tall mech in Reagan's likeness.

And there's also that ridiculous fringe group who are opposed to Barackbots because they claim it's made in Kenya and thus unreliable, and they demand to see American certificates of production.

My interpretation of a Japanese discussion on Tatsunoko vs Capcom


Dev: Nice to meet you. Please teach me..
Dude: Welcome to show. What is your opinion on game?
Dev: My opinion is that if the Japanese had won in World War 2, we would see more games like this. Inferior America would have more games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes too.
Dude: So what makes this game so great?
Dev: You can sweep up enemies with a little blond girl.
Girl: Tatatsu-ah-noko-ah. Cap-ah-comma. They go together like a school and destructive firearms.
Dev: Oh yeah, Tatsunoko on one hand is great. On other hand, Capcom is even much better. On third hand, together they are awesome. Don't ask where I have a third hand. It is not pleasant.

It now cuts to gameplay.

Dev: So here you see Ryu. Also, I like him so much so here is a bunch of pictures of Ryu. We ripped off Andy Warhol. Here are some more characters. They don't matter. Ken the Eagle, Karas, Batsu. Nobody will play any of them.
Girl: Oh look at Chun Li. She's so cute. I wish I could have thighs like that.
Dude: Yeah you can if you do squats and play We Cheer 2 for the Nintendo Wii.
*awkward laughter*

Dev: Morrigan is a must because everybody likes Morrigan...
Dude: What's so cool about Morrigan?
Dev: You didn't let me finish. I was about to say that everybody likes Morrigan's breasts.
Dude: Oh. Yeah they are good size. Like my cousin's.
Dev: This is a picture with half of Soki's face and half Ryu's. Better than boxart for Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time which you can see to the right of you right now if you're on Gamefaqs.
Dude: Gold Lightan reminds me of my abusive father.
Dev: Oh. Fun! Nothing like nostalgia! Also, as a joke we are showing a picture of PTX with the words 'This is a perfectly balanced fighter.'
Dude: "By the way Ryu, I think you would make a great addition to the G-Force?" He sure is popular guy.
Dev: Yeah, you have Joe the Condor, Ken the Eagle...Ryu could be Ryu the Coc--
Dude: Excuse me?
Dev: Er...Ryu the Rooster. Because roosters are proud fierce animals that participate in street fights. Oh yeah here are a bunch of random explosions and badly done particle effects. And Chun. Alright great Capcom characters. Now for some crappy other non Capcom ones. This is ferocious guy with dog. I forget his name. His dog is named Friender because he is the guy's only friend. *Jun vs. Swan appears as developer pants heavily and nervously touches trousers*

Dev: Sorry for that. Fun fact: Nobody knows which games this Rockman is from?
Dude: Who is that? (said while Frank West appears)
Dev: He is some stupid American who can control shopping carts with his mind and bring the dead back to life.
Girl: Oh, so uh, why did you add a Gundam?
Dev: He isn't a Gundam. That's actually Tekkaman Blade. He is a clone character of Tekkaman and we added him because we got lazy. I'm going to imitate an Israeli accent now.
Dev: Ehhhhhhhhhh....combos are cool. Also, ehhhhhhhh, as you can see we had a large beam quota here just like in our other versus games. Ehhhhh look at all these combos. Man, ehhhhh the only thing better than this combo is a combo of hookers and blow.
Dude: Alright
Dev: In conclusion: buy my game.
Dude: Alright
Dev: Buy it.
Dude: Alright
Dev: That's an order.
Dude: Alright

Dev: Alright I lied. I'm not done yet. Just to touch on a few other things. Well actually, I'd like to touch the woman sitting next to you in particular.
Girl: Tatsu-ah-noko and Capcom-ah, so many different characters huh-ah?
Dev: Yeah. So speaking of cool characters, please sleep with me.
Girl: Hahaha. No.
*laughter all around*
Dude: Well he does have big hair. You know what they say about big hair.
Girl: Yeah, big head.
Dev: Alright thank you for talking with me. My offer still stands babe.

Persona 4

It's funny that I really like this game but for some reason I haven't been playing it since I just got to Rise's level. I'm really not sure why, but I guess it's because there are other games that have me hooke at the moment rather than P4 despite those games probably not being as good as P4.

In comparison to the last game, I'm not sure if I'll like or more or less than it. While it definitely improves on the last game in terms of gameplay, I personally loved the last game for it's incredible story and its interesting method of telling it. P4 still has that element, and its story from what I've played of it thus far has been good, it's just that I'm not sure if it'll be as effective as the last game. After all, the flaws in the last game didn't really bother me much and coming into this one what I cared about the most was the story and characters.

The game is much more straightforward than P3. While you still have the choice of when you want to go there, you're required to beat each dungeon within a month and the dungeons in question are all about 10-20 floors each with a sub and main boss. Level grinding is still pretty much necessary in that if you ignore all your enemies while progressing through the levels, you're going to be screwed when you reach the boss. But it's not problematic because if you consistently kill enemies as you progress you should be strong enough to fight the boss.

Personally, what really improves combat is the fact you can control your teammates. Now you can ensure that they won't do anything stupid in combat and that you can now fight more strategically. Ths is great since this was a pretty big flaw in the last game and it ensures that you're less likely to be screwed over. However, this makes way for another problem in that you can't immediately retreat which makes doing so possibly pointless as either you're about to kill the enemy or they've killed you.

Comparing the battle system with the last game I'd say this game has improved on it thanks to the full team control. The retreating is a pain in the ass for sure, but it's passable.

Outside of combat, they definitely made it so that there's a lot more to do. From what I found thus far, none of the new activities hurt your social connections very much but none of them feel that significant. Though they are welcome additions to the game nonetheless.

All in all, it's a great game and fans of the last game will definitely love it and it definitely improves on the last games gameplay, but as I'm more concerned with the story than the gameplay when it comes to this game I'm not sure if I'll like it as much as I did the last.

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