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Out of Ideas :/

Yeahh..... i'm out...... been playing out Tomb Raider Anniversary.... almost finished it.... but I've died while fighting Natla, and I gave up after that. I'll try it again today...

As for GameSpot, well.... I'm outta ideas of what to post... maybe tomorrow I'll make a big blog post about E3.... or something.... ideas, plz...

The Darkness (PS3, X360)


The game was launched on June 25th, but only yesterday GameSpot's review was released. And they gave it a 8.5!!

The Darknes PS3 Box Art

The Darkness is one of the most gruesome and best-looking games available, with an interesting storyline and awesome dialogue sequences. It received 7 Medals, including Brutal, Good Start, Great Story, Oh Snap!, Outstanding Visual Design, Technically Proficient Graphics and Terrific Voice Acting.

You play as Jackie Estacado, a Mafia hitman that has strange snake-like demons attached to his shoulders and can summon other smaller demons to do his biddings, as he fights his way through New York and the Otherworld, a hellish, nasty place.

You can play by with your guns or you can use your Darkness Powers, granted by your demon pals on you. You can launch a giant tentacle towards an enemy, thrusting through his chest and obviously enough, kill him instantly. Or you can summon darkness-powered weapons with infinte ammo that drain your Darkness Energy instead of bullets. Another cool power that's only unlocked at the end of the game is the Black Hole power. Focusing all your Darkness Energy, you release a black hole in front of you, sucking every and any enemy that's near it, killing them instantly. Or, you can simply summon your demons pals so they can do your dirty job instead of you. You can summon 4 different demons, and each of them has a special ability. As you can see, the Darkness Powers pose a good threat to Jackie's enemies, since they seem to be overly devastating.

The Darkness Screenshot

Even though there are a huge variety of weapons, ranging from pistols and revolvers to SMG's and even an Assault Rifle (that looks like a M4), GameSpots claims that it's possible and most useful to go through the whole game with only your standard pistols, since you'll virtually never run out of ammo, and your Darkness Powers, that combined with the game's not-so-bright enemy AI.

The game also features online 8-players multiplayer. There you'll find any FPS' basic modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. Also, there's a Survivor mode, where (obviously) your objective is to be the last man standing. GameSpot claims that there are several lag issues, and they really compromise the action, making the game go too much slow and sometimes even crashing. Oh well!

That's only a brief description of The Darkness I made. To see GameSpot's full review, click here.

To see more screenshots, click here.

Well..... seeing everything I saw in the game's screenshots and reading everything I've read, I can't wait to play The Darkness. Too bad I don't have a PS3 or X360 :D

This game looks ultimately awesome and it's definitely worth checking out (if you have a PS3 or X360) , since it'll deliver a great story and thrilling blooody action. Just great!



Finnaly, after almost 2 years away from GameSpot, I'm finnaly back, and this time's for good....

I'll be active again, writing reviews, chatting with people and (why not) dig other people's profiles :D

Hope you guys still remember me.... :?



Hello!!! After all this time inactive, I'm here to say that I'm back at GameSpot with ful gas! Hooooray! More reviews, blog and forum posts and other stuff are on the way... But don't forget: I'M BACK!!!!

Inactive... ^^

Well... I'm quite inactive and I'll keep being for a while... I'm currently playing lots of games and next week I'll be full of exams... so, no GameSpotting for a while... :(

See ya soon!


Well... I'll go straightly to the point: my mother's cancelling my full 24-hours internet... which means I'm back the the weekend-only internet access... at least I've earnt a new emblem before I go... goodbye yall... :(

Uhhmmm... GameSpot glitch, again?

Well, I'm having a hard time uploading the video, so I guess it will take a while before I can finnaly upload the video blog.

Yeah, it's done! It's weird because I'm sick and stuff, but I did it anyway... who knows someday I'll make a remake of it?

Have you guys experienced this glitch too? When I click "Upload Video", it goes to the uploading screen... then, it keeps a bit of time with the orange balls animation and then it crashes... says that "The server is taking too long to respond"

Any suggestions?
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