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I'm losing my like for this site

I'm seriously losing my liking for this site.  Not as fun as it used to be.  I havn't posted on forums in about a year. Nothing interesting. Ever since I've gotton myself a girlfriend, I've lost my likeing for this site. Its the same crap almost all the time.

 Theres always one person that is like "I'm Back!", you know who I'm talking about, and you were like "Who is this person?" . Then theres the person thats posting something from a article. THen theres the person that posts what they're getting this week.idk.its just all the same.I'll still be on here.just  less.oh and no one reads my blogs. or just no one comments them.

Today is the day

Alot of my friends are talking about, personally I can wait. I'm talking ofcoarse about:

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

I have a huge group of friends that surround me, with ofcoarse the newest member, the one that I always have my arm around, my girlfriend. about 10 of them are like "Elliot, today is the day!" or "Are you getting it?". Its really annoying being asked the same question over and over again. None of them seem to realise that I don't play it as often as I used to. Instead of 6-7hrs like i used to, I play about 2-4 now which is still really good. I have a GF now, some of them still don't realise that yet. I don't see what the rush is for ME to have it seeing that I'm lvl 62 now, and if it took me that long, which is almost a year around Christmas, then imagine how long it'll take me to get to 80. Come on, think about it. I mean I'm gonna get it, obviously, but it can wait. I'm gonna get a DK, but it can wait.

Think about this, of you got LK today, you know how much lag is gonna be in the new 71+ zones and the death knight places. Seriously, thats alot of lag, so I think DK can wait. I think I'm getting it for my birthday, seeing that its the 24th, and its the 13th now. But if you have it, please, give me a full detailed description of the new expansion that is Wrath of the Lich King!

also, I was gonna put in the picture instead of the name for Wrath of the Lich King, but it says a error: "Tag img may not have attribute title". What is this?

and Last, My video blog test will be up later today, please watch. 

Was this the right thing to do?

About a week ago. My Girlfriend, Ashley, her parents went to Indonesia. So they wouldn't be back till December 19th. Her parents left on the 26th. I guesss they just needed time to get away from whatever. So after her parents left, Ashley asked if she can live at my place for the time being till her parents come home. I was fine with it. That just means more time to spend with her. So all leading up to today and beyond she's been living in my room, sleeping in my bed, and my dad's fine with it, but my mom seriously dislikes her for some reason. Everything is still normal, I drive her to school, I hang out with her during the classes we have together and the breaks, I drive her home, but to my place . Except now I wake/fall asleep with someone in my bed, I eat breakfast with someone other than my dad.

So that next day after she moves in, She decides to have a Halloween party at her house considering that her living room is bigger than my living room. 90 people all together were invited, my friends and hers. This party was wild, there was Beer, there was Dank, but I don't care for that. Now its about 10pm when this happens. Ashley and I are sitting there, we're talking and watching the people dance andwhatnot, I brought my Xbox so the drunks can play, I played a little bit. So I get up to go to the bathroom, I give her my drink and I'm gone for less than 2min. I walk out and swing a left and walk past some people. Theres someone sitting next to her talking to her. Shaved head, Hawaii t-shirt and shorts. Not one of our friends dresses like that. She's looking past his head pretending to listen, looking right in my direction. "What the **** is this ****?" Not one of my friends has a shaved head, not one. I get right behind him and poke him. He turns around and sneers. Its Lincoln, everyone hates this kid, literally, no one likes him, and this guy has the nerve to come to MY party, take MY drinks, and hits on MY girlfriend. I pick him up by his shirt, sock him to the ground and kick him in the face. He's there sprawling on the ground, he spits out blood once on the ground. I Drag him outside and kick him off the porch. So he gets up and of coarse my jeep has to be right there in the front, he spits on the left side of teh hood, then he starts screaming at me on how he liked Ashley wasy before I did. First, I've known her since 7th grade, I've always been her close friend, I've never seen this kid within 100ft of her. He knew I was going out with her, so he decided to follow someone and crash the party and just mess with me.

I turn around and go inside, everyone just stares at me, I walk to ashley, and I sit down, everyone starts talking again, ashley whispers in my ear "I love you so much." then she kisses me. So the party goes on till 2am, theres just me, ashley, and her friend. We drink a little bit and I go back on the couch and ashlye falls asleep on my lap, then I fall asleep. I get up the next morning, sign onto xboxlive and talk to Cryptosopoidium, he says I'm drunk, he was the only one who heard me drunk before besides the people at that party. I guess he understood me because he talked to me for 4 hours or so until Noon at which Ashley finally woke up and we started to clean the house. I checked the house. and my friend Jesse was nowhere to be found, I thought I saw him leave with someone, so I think he got laid. I also checked my phone and got 56 diffrent txts from diffrent people that left, some saying what i did was good, some saying what I did wasn't good. Was what I did wrong? I think it was a good thing to do, if you see someone hitting on your girlfriend, what would you do?

Finally, a Girlfriend

One week ago today was the best day in my entire life. This girl is a junior and I'm a Sophmore. The most Beatiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. She's Amazing. she likes exactly everything that I like. Her name is Ashley. Best part i she lives a block away from me.

It was Homeccoming game a week ago. Which by the way we lost 28-0. WTF. So at Half time I was suppost to be playing Anesthesia (Pulling teeth) by Metallica. It's a Bass Solo song, its really a great song. So anyways I've had this girl spotted for 2 weeks. I've been saying hi then talking to her and I can tell she had the hots for me. So she was flirting with me for 2 weeks. I talked to some of my friends and asked what should I say? Most of them just said "Go for it". So I got to the middle of the field and played the song. Which was very successful. alot of people ran out to the middle of the stage to say "Good Job" etc. So here comes Ashley and I take off the Bass and give it to my friend who actually owns it. I stood up straight and breathed, she said "Wow, you did such a amazing job" After she said that I said thank you and just came out with it. I barely was done with my sentence and she yelled yes and grabbed me and kissed me. I dont know how many people saw this but it didn't really matter.

So within this week I have taken her out everynight. The weird thing is, my dad is completely fine with this, but my mum on the otherhand thinks that I don't need a Girlfriend right now. She asked me these weird questions like "Is she HIV positive?" "Are you sure she's not using you?" WHAT KIND OF QUESTIONS ARE THESE?!?! You're only son is completely in love and you don't think it should happen.

So Thursday night I'm playing WoW and she's sitting on my bed doing her Chemestry HW, and I'm talking to one of my best friends. And my chair keeps rotating the other way because she keeps making out with me. So this goes on for about 10min. Then theres like this one time where she pulls me out of my chair onto my bed. So she starts making out with me, I have no idea how long this goes on, it seems like 20min, so she stops and she then lays in my arms, I turn on the TV and we watch "Lost" till its over. Before its over she falls asleep in my arms then I fall asleep

Then the next Morning Iwake up at about 6 and theres someone in my bed, its Ashley. But both of our clothes were still on. My mum wasn't home, thank god, but my dad was. So after I lay there for a min and my door opens a crack mym dad stares at me and nods. He knows I didn't do anything because my belt is still on. And that belt takes like 2 min to take off cause its complicated. So she wakes up soon, we get up and eat breakfast downstairs and my dad talks to me as if nothing happend. So after that we walked to school. and finished it for the day and then I walk her home. I need to take my dad out to dinner or something as a thank you, he's witnessed so much and not said anything to my mum.

Ya so basically I'am the happiest I've ever been and so is she. Also I got Fable 2 which is absolutely amazing.

Teasers can Bite me

Two games have captured my complete and total attention this year. but I have learned their dark secrets behind the trailers. I'm talking about Halo Wars and Tom Clancy's End War. Both look absolutly amazing from their first trailers, but then when revealing the gameplay, its a RTS. WTF? RTS? Both these series are Shooters. What makes the developer think that they can make a RTS? Why can't a game companie make a shooter thats just all out war?

Never in my lifetime have I seen just one big War go on. When I saw the teaser for End war, I had a orgasim, Bullets flying everywhere, people getting downed everywhere, Commands being yelled, dog fights above you, just everything in a war being done all at the same time, like a real war. But then I saw the gameplay for this and I was like WTF? Same with Halo wars.

Does it cost to much Money or something to make a chaotic war going on all at the same time and not make it a RTS? Whats the Deal here? Then again, I guess thats why they call it a teaser.

Boobs and Video Games

Whats with these Developers and putting massive breasts on Female Characters? Seriously, when I played the Ninja Gaiden 2 demo, I saw the first cutscene and I literally said "BUH-JESUS!". No wonder they wanted to capture her. Whats with thse developers? Don't get me wrong, I love breasts as much as any other real man in this world, but why so big? Lets take one of my most hated games, Soul Caliber, almost every single woman in that game has like Size E's and to top it off, wearing a very skimpy longerie. I don't think that the developers considered the fact that most women can't carry those and not throw out thier back.

Take GTA 4 (EPIC), you go to the Strip club and the Strippers have Silicone size breasts, thats rather realistic, do you see a woman walking around in real life, THATS NOT FAT, having Size E's? I think not. I just think that instead of going with this "Sex sells" crap, i understand that consept, go down a couple sizes, I think you can fit her into that skimpy little longerie still.

Smoking Crack again

I'm back on World of Warcrack. Therefore smoking Crack. I'll still be playing XBL but just less. My realm, Ner'Zhul, my char: Eleot, Hunter. At the moment lvl 54

Let me explain Crack. At school there are a select few that play WoW. Its a code for Playing wow. we call it Crack, so when we see each other we say "Hey smoke some crack tonight with me." Of coarse you get those weird looks like, "Wtf this kid smoke crack?" I get off on it. And someone suspects a thing. Life goes on.

BTW, I have Facebook now, add me.

Power to the players my ass

You guys have seen the Gamestot commercials right? They do some weird unknown game and say "Trade us in for $15" or some bollocks like that. A couple days ago, I go in to sell Mafia. I didn't really like it, simple as that. Now keep in mind that I buy a game every month to every month and 3 weeks. I never have sold before. All of this was actually said, including the swearing.

So I go to turn it in for some store credit. My dad's with me cause I need a license to sell it. I ask "How much can I get for this?" He says "$1 But we'll sell it for $2". I say "$1? What the f**k can i get with one damn dollar? I can trade in a 1950s dollar and get like $5." This game I got for like $6 at a garage sale. Brand new, the poster and manual was is there and the disc doesn't even have a flake of dust on it. "This game came out like 2-3 years ago, and you're gonna sell it for $2? When The first Halo game over there is still $20 when it came out in 2001 or 2002. You're gonna turn around and sel it for $15 probably. Don't bulls**t me." Seriously, $1, thats kinda bulls**t. I bet you every dollar I have, if I got Fable 2 today, and I don't like it, I'll wait till a week and one day later to exchange it, I'll get like $15-20 for ir when I paid $60.

Gamestop, seriously, change your motto, "Power to the Players" doesn't fit you. "Power to the............" Belongs to freedom and not being raped by companies, etc.

So anyways, someone else got a better Gamestop story?

Back in America

I have just gotton back from a longggg flight. 13 hours of pure listening to Screaming Babys. While on my flights I got the prevlidge to watch to Epic Movies of the year. They showed the Dark Knight (5th time seeing it) and Iron Man (2nd time). When those were done I played Through Warioware touched and my sister brought her laptop so I went on Gamespot and i see one of my friends here on Gamespot got banned from Giant Bomb. wow. Thats Bollocks for getting banned for that. Crypto, you are now a Celebrity Fellon on GB now, congrats. I'd like to see those links to the Forums about the mods mocking you. So when the Flight was over, It was exactly as I remembered it, Drizzly and Bluish Skys, but thats pretty much how it is in the morning. So we get over to the house and a big family reunion or something, we were in the Family Manor. I asked St. Jimmy (my 2nd cousin) how many people live here at the moment, and he said 15, including kids, 9 adults and 6 kids all in this Manor. and then add in the 5 of us. (me, mum, dad, and my 2 older sisters) So 20 people in the place for a week.

I walked upstairs and theres my room, There are 6 rooms in all. I myslef had to be in Youth Room, this is a room with 5 Bunkbeds and 2 32" tvs. the Youth Room is for the kids, not 4 year olds but like 9-13 age. So that is populated. I never really went outside, I spent my days playing thorugh GTA 4, getting the Liberty City Minute Achivement, which I did get. I beat that on thursday. Then I played throught Gears on Insane, and then yesturday I played Bioshock, trying to get my Little Sister Savior achievement. It was really fun.

Although I did Notice, really the only thing I learned outof the whole trip, is that the Manor is Shaped Like a cross. :( :( :(. You can see it on Google Earth. Go on it, type in Manchester England. Find Manchester Stadium, not that hard. Then turn on Roads and look a little bit Southeast down. Its on Parkhouse Street and South Street. Have fun finding that.

Gonna be gone

So some of you know, especially my close friends here on Gamespot, if you are my closer friends and I have not told you, then, I'm sorry. I leaving today to my Hometown, Manchester, UK. In fact I'm at a Internet Cafe in the airport as we speak now. The Family House is there, so theres like 15 people living there. But being the UK, drizzly and whatnot so I can't skate, I'm gonna be cooped up all week playing my xbox, the games I have not finished and the ones I have. When I come back I will have 7000+ gamerscore, I hope. Theres no Internet over there so I won't have XBL. But when I get back (one week from today's posting), I will be back on for the remaining week and a half till school starts. Thats all for now, I 'll be back