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141: A Fresh Start

I started this Gamespot account three years ago. Over the course of these three years I have experienced many games, met people, and changed tastes. After those three years I recognized that I just wasn't the same person anymore. I am no longer the Nintendo fanboy that I was when I created this account. I am no longer the Pokemon expert that I once was. I have became a more spread out gamer. I like not only more games, but more mature games. I hope I am not misleading you in the sense that I no longer play any of the games that I am rooted in, I still love me some Pokemon Black or Super Smash Brothers. However nowdays it is much more likley to find me playing the likes of CoD or Uncharted; Red Dead Redemption or Madden; and much more. I created a new account because I needed a fresh start, and well, this is where my new profile comes in. It is P0in7B1ank, I just think that a restart will be a good jumpstart. I will re-follow as many of my friends on here as I can (if they remember me :P). and well, here it goes...

Everything thats Happened from Xmas till now.

Hey guys whats up? Ive been a bit vacant from GS lately, Mainly Because Ive been enjoying all the stuff Ive got for Christmas. Its been great, I guess still being a teenager has its perks around christmas time :P School was out from about the 22nd till the 5th of January. In this time span Im pretty sure I put about ten hours into one of my presents :P Some other things have happend since then too. So sit back, pop some popcorn, and relax, this blog may take a while.Starting from the begenning means starting at Christmas so I guess I will. I got a Lot of neat stuff (I wish I had pictures, but I guess words will have to do).

I got a set of Triton ax720s (A surround sound headset) There really good for listening for other people in MP and they can help that cinematicreally shine in singleplayer. My only problem with these is the Cable it connects into the PS3 with. Its called a Digital Optical Cable, it literally uses light to send sound. Mine is either messed up or its just a $hitty cable in general, as if it slightly wiggles sometimes a Pave Low begins to sound like an un-holy demon. The connection to my PC is a bit more solid however, and it doesnt give me any trouble, except that the difference in volume between PC and PS3 is huge and I have to really move that volume control when I switch between the two.

I also got MW3, not much to say really. Its CoD after all, its fun, but theres just not a lot to say about it. However I have put so much time into that game since I got it, I think I just hit 15 hours :P

One of my favorite things I got was Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, I got the collectors edition so it came in a steelbook with a belt buckle, a figurine, and Nathan Drake's Ring/Necklace thingy. Ill tell you something, I wear that ring all the time, its attatchet to a leather strip to make it a necklace so I wear it under my shirt at school. Its pretty neat. Ive already beat the game on normal, and it was a very good game. However it seems to be missing something that Uncharted 2 had, although I dont exactly know what... Other than that I picked up a few things with my own money.

January the fifth was my dad's Birthday and the day before we went back to school (it was actually the day we were supposed to go back but it snowed enough to push us back a day). We went down to a Sams Club (Big Wal-Mart) and he got a TV for his own B-day present Its a 40 inch Sony TV, he keeps it in his little Man Cave/Office area. I spent most of the day just being with the family and such.

The sixth was the day High School started back. It was of course pretty cool seeing everyone again, but this semester is kinda a rough deal. I have World History, then English 104, then I have Orchestra or Health depending on the day (this is something ive been taking for the 1st semester too, so its nothing new), then Algebra 1 Im in a year long Cl@ss(cause I was lazy last year :P) but some of us got a new teacher to make Cla$$sizes smaller (I got moved). Nothings terribly tough yet, but I absolutley hate english, but I guess I just have to bear through it. Ive met a few cool new people, I have a few friends in every Cla$s and my Best friends and I have the same lunch and 3rd Period, so thats cool. Ive met someone in my new math Cl@$$too, someone to be discussed later:cool: haha.

Other than all that everything's kinda slowed down, Ive been going about life as usual pretty much. Im getting back in the groove of everything. The last few weeks have definetly been busy, but it hasnt been bad.

EDIT: Man, we still have the Cl@ss and $tyle stuff? :/

Thats all, as always guys, Take it easy.

A Game of Shadows

Hello there guys, I know i havent been on a whole lot, but skyrim is just amazing and Ive been enjoying it.

Yesterday I saw Sherlock Holmes:A Game of Shadows. It was a pretty good movie, It was cool to watch. I love the sherlock holmes type stuff where its a crime/mystery/action. If i had to be a critic and point out a couple of bad things. Not only was a lot of the movie fights, but the fights themselves were extremely chopped up, I get that to fake a fight on film you have to do one of a few things to make it look realistic, and chopping being one, but sherlock 2 really overdid it. However the movie was really good and if you like that kind of movies you should go watch it.

On a different note I will hopefully be reviewing skyrim soon, as Im sure your tired of me saying I love the game although apart from the bugs there is one big thing that doesnt feel right, but Ill get into detail of it in the review.

As always, until later, take it easy.

Drawn In by Skyrim

Wow, I cant believe GS auto censored Sucked in the title :/

Hello there guys, if you didnt notice, ive been gone for a few days. Thats because about every moment Ive been on the computer over the last week Ive been playing skyrim. Its just amazing, When I finally got it I knew it would be good, but it just sucks you in and you never wanna quit. Actually for the first weekend after I got it I dont think I quit except to eat and sleep XD Im not far in the story either, Im at the begenning of "act 2" of the main quest. However Ive been doing a ton of Side Quests, theres always four or five waiting in my quest log at all times it seems :P Anyways guys, Ill probably still be scarce for a little while because Ill probably still be playing it.

As always, until next time, take it easy 8)

137: Skyrim, MW3, BF3, and some 69 ;)

Oh lookie here, level 24, 69%... haha I hope I dont get modded for that title :P

Skyrim, the fifth installment in the elder scrolls series, and the only one to have the graphical advancements of the Current generation of Consoles and PC hardware. And Ill be getting it no cost :D

Yeah thats right, free. The deal is my sister is getting it, which is kinda suprising me, since shes not really a gaming person except for minecraft. Shes gonna get it (probably off of steam on my account) and let me play it too. Which I think is awesome, because Skyrim was a game that I wanted, but I wasnt about to get since I was already planning on getting both MW3 hardened and Uncharted 3 collectors edition. Anyways im looking forward to it.

MW3, all I can say is I want it soo bad :P It looks really cool and I like the idea of The support and specialist streaks, since in MW2 even a harrier is a bit of a raritey for me :P Im also looking forward to MW3 because its kind of a fresh start for my stars, Blops was my first FPS so of course I sucked at it at first :P

Battlefield 3, I love it, but Ive been neglecting it latley :/ A thing about battlefield 3 is when your playing it your so into it, its so realistic and action-filled you dont want to stop, but for some reason when Im wondering what to play I usually just play cod, I think this comes from the fact that when you play CoD you can just jump in and immeadealty have fun, wether your just d***ing around with random guns or going all tryhard. WHile with BF3 you kinda gotta ease into it, get into the feel and all that. Its more of the game you play when youve got a ton of spare time.

Anyways thats all I wanted to say, leave a comment about your opinions if you'd like and take it easy :)

136: Sick :/

Well whats up people? I thought Id post up a quick blog, toss out a few thoughts and stuff.

I am sick, stayed home from school today, Im starting to feel better at the time being. It was just a stomach bug :/

I've been playing a lot of MW2 recently, Im trying to prestige once before I get MW3, which will be sometime around christmas, I hope I can, because one extra prestige token would be nice. MW3 looks really cool and I cant wait to get it.

I also plan to get InFAMOUS 2 from a friend soon. For those that dont know, inFAMOUS 1 is one of my favorite games, Id rank it somewhere between RDR and MGS4 so that makes it 3rd on my list I guess. The 2nd looks awesome, it came out back in july and I meant to get it, I just never got the money to do so. However the big thing I plan to get by the new year.


I loved uncharted 2, it is un-doubtedly my favorite game that I've played to date, even when I go back to it and play it now its still fun, which is a feat in itself for single players games. So getting the collectors edition of Unchated 3 just feels right, The steel box, the case, and the belt buckle are cool and all, But I want the Sic Parvis Magna ring necklace so bad, itll be a nice thing to have. Ive seen the biggest part of the uncharted 3 SP so far, so a little bit of the suprise wont be there, but it will still be a fun game nonetheless.

Well guys, hope you enjoyed, and take it easy :)

135: Busy Few Days, and Battlefield 3

Hey guys, sorry I havent been on the last few days, just been very busy, but thankfully that little surge of stuff is over. Its been a bit hectic :P Anyways I have Battlefield 3 Downloading right now, I got it on Disc, only because I wanted a little extra gamestop bling :P I had a bit of a fail/scary moment starting out. I started installing it the first time and it failed. I tried opening origin afterwards and it gave me an error about my qtcore4.dll file. I started freaking, I downloaded a .dll fixer (note to you guys, NEVER DO THAT!) ANd I got about 50 viruses. At this point I was genuinley worried, then My brain-fart wore off and I Uninstalled then reinstalled Origin and now its working :)

134: Pot Shots at Obama and Minecraft Review

Wassup? Well Ive got a doosy of a story for you guys and a New Review on Minecraft. SO here it is

Alright, so yesterday President Barrack Obama was going to give a Speech at a High School somewhat close to where I live. He was coming from ashville, NC and to get to the HS in Wilkes,NC you had to go through our county. Schools got out early to use our HS as a Check point and to clear out the Roads for the Presidents Motorcades. It was a free Early Release, so I didnt Complain :P Anyways when we got home we heard on TV and the radio updates about where he was, so when he was getting close to our House we drove down to the end of the driveway as close to the Highway as the people blocking it off would let us get. Fast Forward about 30 minutes here, The last of a group of State Highway Patrol Motorcycles were passing through and traffic was completly gone from the road. You could literally just hear the creek nearby and crickets. Then we started to hear a large group of vehicles, we knew it was the president's motorcade. And right about the time it would have came around the turn (you culd actually see a few of the Secret Service and Highway Pat. cars coming around, We heard a Loud Gunshot and a Much quiter "ping" sound. Someone shot at the motorcade, One of the Big Buses had been hit, and im sure several secret service cars pulled off the road and started looking for the shooter. The President Gladly(*Cough*unluckily*cough*) never in any harm. As you'd expect the buses and probably the other cars were about as bulletproof as a street legal vehicle can be. But anyways, I thought It was an interesting story to tell. Im a Awful Story teller so it probably didnt sound as big as it was but oh well :P

Anyways moving on, I reviewed Minecraft today, Gave it a Perfect Score, making it a member of a small list, heres the review, and heres all the games that have got perfect scores from me,

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky 10

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 10

Red Dead Redemption 10

Minecraft 10

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 10

133:5k posts

Yep Im at the Big (small) 5000 posts :) Its took me a while but Ive finally got there :D so anyways I was going to write a really cool story too but I dont feel like it atm. And Ive got a question, would you actually believe me if I told you someone took a Pot shot at Obama's motorcade today?