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Ginger-Snapper Blog

a ghost raiding a tomb in the sky?

finished Bioshock Infinite a few days ago, its a fantastic game but the first is still the best in my opinion.

finished Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) the day it was released another fantastic game and the best 3DS game so far, and i finished Tomb Raider about 3 weeks ago it was a great action packed experience!

only 2 months until the Last of Us Releases!

so many great games releasing this year

That's all and Thanks for reading.


Thieves/ZzZzZzZ Dogs/Apocalypse


finished Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time back in early feb, its a great game its better than Sly 3, just as good as Sly 1 and 2 and is more like Sly 2, the ancestors are great fun to play as the the locations are great the story is good overall its a fantastic Sly game 9.5/10.0

also played Sleeping Dogs which is also a great game it has hard hitting combat, great missions, and a good story and overall its just a really fun game 8.5/10.0 

played Motorstorm Apocalypse its a great racer with great tracks 7.5/10.0

hoping to get Tomb Raider soon.

That's all Thanks for Reading and please comment!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

as most of you know i have anticipated this game for years and is not far away, out in USA in less than a week but in EU and where i am in the UK it will release March 29 but instead of waiting till March 29th i'v imported it and should have it around the 10th of feb i wouldn't usually do this but its a game i'v waited for years to play as i'm a big fan of the sly series and plus it didn't cost me anymore.

also i may do my Top 10 games of 2012 soon i know its quite late but i may still do a list.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Super short blog and please comment!

AC, PS All-Stars Battle Royale


whats your favourite Playstation Character?

i have PS All Stars Battle Royale on pre-order with the Exclusive Jak and Daxter Sleeve only available in the Uk but its not out here until 23rd of Nov also i know its had mixed reviews from 6's to 9s but i'l judge it on what i play and i have been looking forward to it since they announced it and as i'm a huge fan of Smash Bros and Fighters it was a must buy for me.

also whats your Favourite Assassins Creed 1,2,Brotherhood,Revelations, or 3.

mine is AC2.

have any of you played Hitman Absolution? looks like a great game.

That's all and Thanks for Reading!

Resident Evil 6 Review.


my Resident Evil 6 review is up on my Contributions page although for some reason its all messed up, all the writing has been bunched up but hopefully Gamespot can fix this Glitch.

anyway i enjoyed Resident Evil 6 its no where near as good as the Survival Horror Resident Evil games but if you take RE6 as an Action game its still enjoyable.

That's all and Thanks for Reading!

and Please Comment!

whats the most disappointing game you have played this year?

Whats the most Disappointing Video Game you have played this year?

Dishonored looks like a Fantastic game, have any of you played it? and what do you think of the game if you have?

i'm getting the game soon because Stealth games are one of my Favourite Genres!

oh and i read.

Batman #13(New 52)(Death of the Family Story Arc)(Writer: Scott Snyder)(Art: Greg Capullo)

is Fantastic best issue in awhile.

That's all and Thanks for Reading!

and Please Comment!

RE6, Leon's Campaign Impressions.


i got Resident Evil 6 yesterday and have played through 2 Chapters of Leon's Campaign i haven't played the other two Campaigns yet that are unlocked at the moment as you unlock Ada's after finishing the 3 unlocked Campaigns.

my Impressions are on the First Two Chapters for Leon's Campaign.

the games starts really quite quickly with loads of QTEs and Explosions, then you get to the rather slower part which is more like Resident Evil from there your playing the Demo until you get down to the sewers which is dark and is really good i have only played through 2 Chapters so far there has been a few bosses which where quite Easy and there was some really good dark areas and a few puzzles here and there overall so far i really like Leons Campaign it does have a lot of action and there are quite a few QTEs but no more really than RE5 and so far i prefer it to RE5 but if you didn't like RE5 then you most probably will not like this if you did then you should at least enjoy it.

Score so far for Leons Campaign 8.5/10.0

That's all and Thanks for Reading!



haven't been on here doing these blogs for sometime now but anyway i hope to get Resident Evil 6 within this week as it seems to be sold out everywhere but hopefully i can get a copy tomorrow maybe.

Movies i watched recently.

DCUAM (DC Universe Animated Movies)

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

based of the Dark Knight Returns Graphic novel that has been split into two movies.

this is one of the best DCUAM out there its up there with Under the Red Hood, the action is great, the music is fantastic it sounds a bit like the Dark Knight Rises and goes really well with the Action, it has a great story and fantastic animation, the Voice cast is also very good.

Overall 10/10

can't wait for Part 2

Superman Vs The Elite

now from what i heard and have seen everyone was split about how good the movie was some really liked while others hated it because of the Animation was dodgy, but i did quite like it really i didn't mind the animation it wasn't the best but still it was okay, but the story was really good and had some really good action.

Overall 8.0/10.0

and lastly would anyone be interested in any Reviews?

as there are a few games that i could review if so let me know in the comments :)

That's all and Thanks for Reading!

Dark Knight Rises/Reviews/Games.

Dark Knight Rises

over a week ago now i watched one of the best movies ever made in my Opinion,the Action was fantastic, the story was very good and the Acting and pacing was very good its a long film at a 2 hours 45 mins running time but for me it could have been longer and i wouldnt have noticed its that good i won't put up any Spoilers so i'll end it here but Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway as Bane and Catwoman where Fantastic and overall for me a Fantastic end to the best Trilogy around.10/10

now to the stuff i got this month and Birthday stuff.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Ps3: Great Game 8.5/10.0)

Lego Batman 2 Dc Superheros (Ps3: Great Game 8.5/10.0)

Ratchet and Clank Trilogy (Ps3: Three of the best Games ever made now in HD now to play them again another 10 times each 10/10)

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (Xbox 360: Great game and a great remastering 8.5/10.0)

Bane T Shirt

Dark Knight Rises Poster

Batman Gates of Gotham Signed by Scott Snyder and Trevor McCarthy and Kyle Higgins


Batman #11


B.P.R.D Hell On Earth Exorcism #1 of 2


The Punisher #13


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Colour Classics #3


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11


Detective Comics #10


B.P.R.D Hell on Earth Devils Engine #1 of 3


That's all and Thanks for Reading.