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Wow, its been so long since I checked Gamespot, almost 2 years! So just reading some of my previous(and rather embarassing) blogs caught me thinking, "Is anyone even reading any of these?" So if anyone reading this feels interested in reading more of my blogs, PLEASE leave a comment. My exams finish at the end of March so I'll be back by then. I have A LOT of gaming to catch up on. :/

The Last Exam

The place was buzzing with students. Each with a textbook in hand. Some of them, taking a last look at the chapters. Some flipping through the chapters that they hadn't even looked at yet. And then there were other who simply did not care about the exams. The book just lay sprawled on their hands for the simple reason that they wanted to fit in. Pass the exam that was their motive. Whether or not they got good marks did not affect them. Probably because it did not affect their families either.

Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. So I carefully made my way through the open sea of white uniforms. There in a corner I saw my friends. My gang. They quickly rearranged themselves on my arrival. A common sign to show that they had noticed my arrival. One of them raised his eyebrows and asked me the most common question that a student would face at this time of the year. "Studied for the exam?". I gave the usual reply," Somewhat". The funny thing about this conversation was that neither does the asker seriously care about the answer he receives nor is the person he asks the question to bothered about the meaning of the question. It was the last day. And I was all too eager to finish off the exam and carry on with my normal routine of life(which included music, games, and other stuff that didn't include studying school portions). To my relief, the last exam was computer, a subject that I was quite good at. How I was good at it was beyond me, though.

The thing about the exam hall scene was that eventhough each student had his textbook was open, none of them were really studying. It was just an informal practice that every student who reached campus, opened his text, took a random page and talked with their friends about common events until the bell rang. And when it did, oh the horror! It was as if a switch went on in each of them as they started discussing about the portions. Reffering notes, answering question, solving problems. Everything in a haphazard manner until the school caretaker came to the room and shouted at them to move to their respective rooms

Having taken a last look at my textbook, I made my way to the exam room I was one of the first few people who had arrived. And like all other exams, my confidence level for this exam too, was 0%. I liked it that way. It helped me not to get my hopes up. So that after each exam, if asked, I could say, "The exam was easier than I expected". Soon, the teachers(there were 2 of them) started handing out the answer sheets. This was soon followed by the question papers. Everyone receiving the paper with eyes filled of hope and expectation. Not me though. I just took hold of the paper, barely glancing at it. Soon, the bell rang and everyone started writing. Pin drop silence. It was hard to believe that not a few minutes ago, this place was buzzing with all sorts of sound. I swear I could've heard footsteps from the opposite building! Everyone seemed calm, quiet, completely concentrated on their work. The next few hours flew by. I finished my exam ten minutes earlier. After having quickly checked my answers, I lay by head down on the table to rest.

A second bell woke me up. As I glanced at my face, each of them had a smile stuck to their face. Finally, the 10th grade exams were over. They would have 2 months holidays. They could sing, dance, play or do whatever it was they wanted. Liberty at last! As for me, I already had plans for the vacation. Nothing was going to stop me from enjoying it. Not even a tsunami. I had my music, my games, my friends. Oh yeah, it was on.

Justin Timberlake-Artists You Can't Ignore(1)


Name: Justin Timberlake

Genres: Pop, Dance, Rhythm&Blues

Born: January 31, 1981
Memphis, Tennessee,
United States

Instruments: Vocals, Keyboar, Guitar, Beatboxing

He's an American pop singer who is called by the nickname JT. He won 6 grammys and 2 emmys. And I believe that he has the most versatile voice in the industry after the King Of Pop MJ himself. The hits that made him win millions of American hearts are the songs "What Goes Around", "My Love" and "Sexyback".

But I guess it all started when he sang the song "Bye Bye", in his boy band N'Sync. If you've heard the song, yes, JT did sing it.

Timberlake andJC Chasezwere the two lead singers of the popular 1990s boy band'N Sync.The group formed in 1995, started its career 1996 in Europe, and hit it big in the United States in 1998 with the US release of its debut album*NSYNC, which sold 11 million copies.The album included a number of hit singles such as "Tearin' Up My Heart". For the next two years, encouraged by similar developments with theBackstreet Boys, 'N Sync engaged in a lengthy legal battle with managerLou Pearlman. Eventually the band signed withJive Records.'N Sync released a long-awaited album,No Strings Attached, in March 2000, which became the fastest-selling album of all time with 2.4 million copies sold in its first weekand produced a #1 single, "It's Gonna Be Me". The release was followed by the band's third album,Celebrity, which held the title of the second-fastest selling album of all time. In 2002, after the completion of aCelebrity Tourand the release of "Girlfriend", the third single fromCelebrity, the group decided to take time off, at which point Timberlake began work on his first solo album and the group went into a hiatus. In its lifetime, 'N Sync was internationally famous and performed at theAcademy Awards,theOlympics,and theSuper Bowl,as well as selling more than 50 million copies worldwide,becoming thethird-best selling boy bandin history.

In February 2004, during the halftime show of theSuper Bowl XXXVIIIbroadcast on theCBStelevision network, Timberlake performed with Janet Jacksonbefore a television audience of more than 140 million viewers. At the end of the performance, as the song drew to a close, Timberlake tore off a part of Jackson's black leather costume in a "costume reveal" meant to accompany a portion of the song lyrics. According to CBS, "both Jackson and Timberlake had confirmed they planned it 'independently and clandestinely' without informing anyone."Part of the costume detached, and Jackson's breast was briefly exposed.Timberlake apologized for the incident, stating he was "sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl...."The phrase "wardrobe malfunction" has since been used by the media to refer to the incident and has enteredpop culture.[Click here to see the malfunction!]

As a result of the controversy, Timberlake and Jackson were threatened with exclusion from the2004 Grammy Awardsunless they agreed to apologize on screen at the event.Timberlake attended and issued a scripted apology when accepting the first of twoGrammy Awardshe received that night (Best Pop Vocal AlbumforJustifiedandBest Male Pop Vocal Performancefor "Cry Me a River").

Now, JT is one of the most commercially acclaimed singer in all of America. He has also acted in a few movies(I was unable to get those sources).Well that's JT for ya.

-Thank you for reading


Summer's comin pple!

Hey!! long time no blog i know...

My 10th grade exams finish next week and after that ill have my summer vacation!!!! yeah just 5 more exams and ill be back on GS!! hope all my fellow blogeers/gamers out there are doing well and haven't forgotten me. I have a lot of gaming to catch up on.


Kazuya/Tekken storyline

Kazuya of the tekken series is one of my favorite game heroes of all time. Well, he is not exactly a hero, to be precise; he's more of a hybrid between a hero and a villain. I think the whole concept of having an inner angel and an inner demon fighting over the same body is something that we can all relate to.

Tekken3 was the first game I ever played on the PS1. Since then I've been a huge fan of the series and have done all kinds of research to understand more about the storyline. I find the Tekken storyline much more deep and interesting than that of any other fighting games (SoulBlade/Calibur, MortalKombat, StreetFighter etc.).

Tekken 3 on PS1

Tekken 3 on PS1

The story is all about how three descendants: Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin fight over the Mishima Zaibatsu which is the family corporation promising world dominance.

It all started when Heihachi threw his son Kazuya, over a cliff. Why you ask? Well, he wanted to test whether his son was worthy of inheriting the Mishima Zaibatsu throne. Heihachi figured that if his son could survive the fall, he would make a good commander for the corporation. But the unwritten fact remains that Heihachi never expected Kazuya to survive the fall and he just wanted the family corporation all to himself.

Kazuya didn't survive the fall. He died after which-due to the sins committed by his forefathers-he was sent to hell. There he met with the devil and eventually made a pact with him. Well to put the result bluntly, Kazuya traded his soul with the devil to escape death. But since he was initially a good guy he still had the 'Angel gene in him'. So that's how he's considered half evil. His red eye is a symbol of this inner evil.


Kazuya Mishima

Later Kazuya gets a son named Jin. Jin inherits the devil gene from his father. However he has no idea whatsoever on how to control his forsaken power. This situation portrays Jin as a young boy who does not have control over his truly awesome powers. Kinda like The Hulk, I guess.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin

Well, that's the main storyline of tekken to put it short. And in each game new characters are introduced with their own storyline-which is in some insane way connected to the Mishima storyline.

Jin is the main protagonist of the series. Heihachi is the main antagonist and Kazuya falls somewhere in the middle. This is again because Kazuya's half good and half evil.And that's again the reason why he's my favorite tekken character. I think all of us can relate to him because everyone has an inner demon:twisted:...ain't that right?

-Thank You for reading!


I toldya I'll be BACK!


I'm back after a short break. Just finished my 1st term examinations and enjoying my 10 day vacation. So I'll be active for about a week. By the way, congrats to spain on winning the world cup {I was supporting Holland though!! :cry:}

So, I just thought of starting a monthly blog where every month or so, I come up with a blog on a song artist who I think is unique. Think I'll call it 'ArtistsYouCannotIgnore'! Maybe I'll start it this week…till then cheers, and keep gamin fellas!

New banner!

Just wanted everyone to check out my new banner...! Thank you EmeraldHillZone!! Totally love it and youre the best at what you do...!


Lil' busy here!

Hey guys, this is to all of you who have been wondering why I haven't been very active in GS recently. Well the reason is that I'm gonna have my 10th grade ICSE exam this year .And it's suppossed to be real important. But I'll try to get online as often as I can. Adios for now!! Wish me luck on my exams!!

My top 5 songs

Here's the list of my current top 5 songs…!

5. Low feat. T-Pain [Artist - Flo-Rida, Album – Mail on Sunday]

You just can't stop your feet from tapping to this song! The single was a hit worldwide and the longest running number one single of 2008. With five million paid digital downloads, it was certified5x Platinumby theRIAA, and was the most downloaded single of2000sdecade, measured by paid digital downloads. Flo-Rida rocks as usual with his hip-hop voice. The song is made better also by T-Pain with his sizzling rap solos. A perfect song for break dancing, One of Flo-Rida's best along with "Right Round feat. Katy Perry".

4. What goes around… [Artist - Justin Timberlake, Album – Future sex/love sounds]

Well, R&B doesn't get any better than this! Justin Timberlake sings with usual robotic voice. The song explains the theory that whatever you do will have an equal and opposite outcome. Simple Physics. J.T plays a boyfriend who just witnessed his girl cheating on him. The song brings about a passion for vengeance and if you ask me it's one of Timberlake's best. . Timberlake's first two albums made him one of the most commercially successful singers in the world, each selling in excess of 9 million copies (in addition to his 55 million albums sold with 'N Sync).

3. Paralyzer [Artist – Finger Eleven, Album – Them vs. You vs. Me]

Finger Elevenis a Canadianrockband fromBurlington, Ontario, formed in 1989.They originated inBurlington, Ontario, as the Rainbow Butt Monkeys. They have currently released five studio albums, with their albumThe Greyest of Blue Skiesbringing them into the mainstream. Well the lyrics of the song are basically trash, I mean they rhyme and all but what stands out in the song is the singer's (Scott Anderson) voice. This is just one song that sends adrenaline rushing through my veins every time I hear it. The song received high airplay in both theUnited StatesandCanada, and was performed live on the March 14, 2007 episode ofThe Tonight Show with Jay Lenoand again ten months later on January 9, 2008, in a testament to the longevity of the single's success. The song has surpassed "One Thing" to be Finger Eleven's most successful single.

2. Papercut [Artist – Linkin Park, Album – Hybrid Theory]

Linkin Park without a fraction of a doubt is my favorite nu-metal band ever. There are very few of their songs that I don't find addictive. Papercut was released as the third single from their debut albumHybrid Theory, and appears as the opening track on the record. The "Papercut" single was never officially released in the US. The song reached number 14 in theUK Singles Chartin 2001 and was in the chart for 6 weeks.It also reached number 32 on the Modern Rock Tracks Chart in 2002. The song explains the feelings of a person who is haunted by paranoia. It is a terrific example of how L.P lead vocalist Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda blend their individual vocal talents to make music. Chester's high pitch voice and Shinoda's unique wayof rapping makes this song No.2 on my list.

1. Don't Tell Me [Artist – Avril Lavigne, Album - Under My Skin]

Well, down to No.1, eh? Avril Lavigne…ah, it took me forever to decide which one of her songs I love the most. There were so many of them, "Innocence", "Girlfriend", "Fall To Pieces", "With You" etc. Finally I decided it was this song since every time I think of Avril the first few lines that pop up in my head are, "Don't try to tell me what to do…don't try to tell me what to say…I'm better off that way…!!" Her voice is so…pure..! I can't find a better way to explain it! And this song brings about the best of her voice. I guess it would be unfair if I didn't mention her band. The acoustics are superb. The guitar strings brings about a special "rock n' roll" feeling to her voice. One of the best songs I've ever heard. I love you, Avril:oops:. And I love your music! Rock on!

-Thank you for reading!


Where is Agent 47?

If you were to ask me, "Which is the most fun game you've played after fifteen years of living in this planet?"...I would think for a minute considering all the games I've played throughout my short lifespan and say,"Hitman: Silent Assassin". A short introduction of the game for those of you who havent played it(can't believe you haven't !):-

Standing tall

Well Hitman is a game in which youre a trained assassin known only by the codename Agent 47. The game features a set of missions in which you go around killing youre targets. The thing is that nobody BUT the target is supposed to be killed. Now, that's easier said than done!

Choke em!

After a few years of playing all four games of Hitman [Codename:47, Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money], I've developed a strange kind of worship for Agent 47. Now I donno whether it was just because I was addicted to the games or if it was because I was impressed with the way he killed. I guess it's a little bit of both.

Hitman : BM cover

The last game in the series:- Hitman Blood Money was released in May 2006. Agent 47 hasn't been seen since. I just can't seem to find a reason as to why the developers wouldn't think of releasing Hitman 5! I have heard no news about any such discussions even after Hitman 4 BM became an immortal hit in the stealth-action genre. So, where… where is Agent 47? I'm sick and tired of having to refresh my memory of him by having to play the same games I've beaten again and again and I'm sick of having to watch the movie (by the way the movie Hitman absolutely sucks and it's an embarrassment for the developers who created 47). I do hope that Eidos publish Hitman 5 as soon as possible…I want to hold that fibre wire just one more time and feel my opponent writhing in pain as he chokes on his death…!

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