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My top underrated games

Well well well... it's been awhile, folks. I've been thinking about all of the games that have been unfairly beaten up, and today I'll list my video game underdogs from the last 5 years or so. This is from least to greatest.

10. Shadow the Hedgehog (GC/XB/PS2)- I just recently got this one for $13. It had a HUGE outburst of negativity, for various reasons. But if you keep an open mind, you'll find it to be a flawed yet entertaining game. Sure the story had problems, and the game had a tacked-on "edge" factor (characters like sonic and knuckles would shout out "damn!"), but I actually enjoyed it. Sure, Shadow zips around way too fast like a goon, and there's the usual "cheap death", most of the vehicles controlled horribly, and the 2-player mode was worthless, but it's hard to deny the fun things the game had going for it. The gunplay added a cool little element to the usual sonic game, the stage layout was very non-linear, choosing different sides allowed decent replay value, and all of shadow's abilities (chaos blast & contol, slide, ring dash, triangle jump, etc.) were all put to good use. Plus, you gotta love the trashy and cheesy original soundtrack. I thought it easily beat out Sonic Heroes, and it's a shame it was hated so much. It's far from perfect, but I'll give it a 7.5.

9. Terminator 3: Redemption(GC/XB/PS2)- Wow. This one's a blast. Terminator games don't have a very good reputation, but this one rocks. It met only average critical response, yet I really liked this one. It's an exciting third-person shooter loaded with driving and shooting action. It's unreasonably difficult, but you'll survive. It really goes above and beyond the movie and fleshes out what the T-man can do. Just blasting the crap and thrashing bots to pieces is fun and satisfying, and the game has great sound and graphics. There's even a fun, albeit repetitive, arcade style co-op mode. This one gets an 8.

8. Gotcha Force (GC)- This 'cube title's a rarity. It was released very quietly by Capcom in '04, meeting critical and financial disapproval.But if you can find this one, pick it up if you have friends. It's a fast and very fun robot-battling game. There are over 200 bots you can put in your team, and duke it out with your friends and their team. The story mode is appalling, but it's worth getting through just to get more bots (which are all cool and varied). There's a co-operative challenge mode, and battle for up to 4 players. The graphics are simple, but colorful and bright (and sticks with a solid framerate mostly). The music is decent, but the voice acting is horrid beyond belief. It's easy to see why this game didn't catch on, but from a gameplay perspective it has top-notch multiplayer and it's really easy to learn. Gotcha Force gets a 7.5.

7. Billy Hatcher (GC)- Sonic Team released this one meeting much flak from gamers and critics, but if you get beyond the game's frustrating difficulty and extremely kidsy vibe, it's quite a solid game. The graphics are fine, and the music is okay but the voices are bad. What's really cool is the fresh gameplay that's introduced. The different kinds of eggs you hatch and how you use them in battle adds a certain strategy when playing multiplayer (which is VERY fun, by the way). Sonic and Co. even make appearances in battle! The multiplayer is where it's at, and you can find this one for DIRT cheap. Billy Hatcher rolls an 8.

6. State of Emergency (XB)- The reason why I only list the Xbox version (there's ps2 as well) is because of the 4-player support. This is a flat-out FUN game. It looks ugly (although there's A LOT going on), and it's a tad clunky. But get a couple friends and you'll find this one to be a fast arcadey romp worthy of play.It's a shooter/beat-em-up, and it's just CRAZY. There's not enough characters and the controls ain't perfect, but it's pure mayhem regardless. There's a lot of types of matches, and it's really addictive. Toss in a bunch of weapons and challenges, and you've got pure unadulterated chaos for you and your friends to enjoy. S.o.E. gets a solid 8, and you can also get this one REEEAAAL cheap.

5. Second Sight (GC/XB/PS2)- Developed by Free-Radical (guys that brought us TimeSplitters) brought us a gem called Second Sight, which met only average acclaim and wasn't a success. This is a high-quality game all around. From gameplay, graphics, music, story, all across the board this one succeeds. You might not have even heard of this one. It's a shooter/adventure/stealth-action game kinda like MGS. This one gives you a good array of powers at your disposal, and it controls well. It gives you camera and difficulty options to suit your style, and it never fails to entertain. You can even interact with "computers" in real-time like Doom 3. It sucks you into the plot well, and it packs great presentation too. It's like a smarter version of Psi-Ops, it gets an 8.5.

4. Phantom Dust (XB)- Some of you may be wondering why this is on here, seeing how it was critically recieved positively. Well to tell you the truth, you can't praise the game ENOUGH. This was released with a $20 pricetag, but it still met pisspoor sales, and has become a cult classic. The gameplay is extremely innovative, featuring a mash of action and strategy through the game's battle system, which resembles the ability-swapping of a card game, but is played in real-time. The graphics are GREAT and feature destructible environments and beautiful effects. The soundtrack is very fresh, featuring influences from techno,industrial and classical. There's Live play for up to 4 players, and there's 2-player splitscreen. The customization is vast and satisfying, and this is really one of the most original games EVER. You can easily find this for five bucks, too. A spectacular 9.5.

3. Shadowrun (X360)- The critics beat this one up too much, getting a much lower score than it deserves. Sure there's only like 9 maps and 2 game modes so far... and the graphics aren't perfect, but I'll be damned if this isn't the most exhilarating and balance multiplayer game EVER. In the style of UT or Counterstrike, it's a team (or free-for-all) online shooter. If you don't mind plopping down some cash for a content-lite game, you'll find the core gameplay to be absolutely awesome. You pick your race, weapons, tech, and magic, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. So the underlying depth of combining your character and abilities makes an extremely satisfying game. Resurrecting your allies, gliding over the landscape, and teleporting through walls are some of the coolest game mechanics I've ever encountered in this kind of game. The bot AI is really smart, too.There's no music at all, but that's why there's custom soundtracks, right? No splitscreen kinda drags this one down a bit, but still the multiplayer is damn near flawless, so Shadowrun bags a 9. Try the demo and see for yourself.

2. Earth Defense Force 2017 (X360)- Even being released with a $40 price tag, this one FAILED on the market due to poor advertising. Recieving mediocre reviews, this one was lost to obscurity, yet I picked up this Japanese sci-fi shooter hoping for a fun time, and I DID! It's a game you should totally hate, from the sub-par graphics (2D power-ups from the SNES era... check), to the horrible sound (Bad music and worse dialogue... check), it seems that this shooter brings nothing to the table. But as soon as you PLAY it, your thoughts will change. An addictive arcadey shooter featuring HUGE enemies and 150 weapons (thats right, one hundred and fifty weapons!), and full co-op, this is immensely enjoyable for some inexplicable reason. You will laugh out loud because of how ridiculous the game is, and maybe that's why it's so good. It's just a fun game for ANYONE who likes a shooter. It's cheesiness is reminiscent of old Godzilla movies, yet trying to collect the dozens and dozens of weapons to dispatch giant robots and insects sucks you in. I actually liked this one more than Gears of War :lol:. Theres a crappy versus mode, no online to speak of, and clunky vehicle control, but if you have a friend to play this with you're in for a great time! This one gets a 9.

1. Geist (GC)- I can't believe this one recieved lukewarm sales and reviews. What may appear to be just another shooter, turns out to be one of the best multiplayer games ever. No kidding. The cube didn't have online, but if it DID, this game would be flawless. The single player is a decent fare, but the main factor is getting more maps for the superb multiplayer. The VO is kinda bad, but the music is quite good. The graphics are very nice and have some nice effects. It controls like any FPS, except for one thing.... you're a ghost. Being a ghost you can possess characters and objects to gain the advantage in battle. You can only hold one weapon, but you can switch between characters in a snap. There's a variety of good, balanced weapons to use. You can even get crazy and take control of a missile (not a launcher, A missile!)and manually home in on your target.There's 4 player support, but it can be up to 8 with bots (which are smart, by the way). I can't express how fun the multiplayer is. It's so fast and addictive, that you and your friends will be happily blasting eachother into the wee hours of the morning. You can get this one for $10 BRAND NEW at Gamestop/EB, if it wasn't a sweet enough deal! Although... more weapons and stuff like vehicles would have been nice, but this one gets a great big 9.

So there you have it, my top ten underdogs from the present-gen era (save for 360). If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, please go ahead.:D

multi-platform games BETTER on wii!

Oh I think it's safe to say. When I first discovered it, it was Godfather. The new controls absolutely sucked me in. Next was Mortal Kombat, and I was really satisfied that I was able to perform special moves with a simple motion (screw online play!). And now I am kicking ass in RE4, which I played the hell out of 2 years ago... but now it's better than ever. Scarface looks wii-ified as well.

Well I'm absolutely ecstatic about the possibilities now. Think about how awesome Transformers will be on the wii. Sure for $10 more I could getthe shinier, more realistic 360 version, but I think aiming and motion control give wii games an extra layer of interactivity that simply cannot be reached by the other platforms.

Sure sometimes the developers get it wrong... but I'm really happy with their performance overall.Most of themsimply get what the system was made for. I'm really looking forward to games like Manhunt 2 and Driver: Parallel Lines, confident that they'll effectively put a good"wii" spin on the title.

Anyway... is anyone elsepleasantly surprised with the 3rd party response the wii has been getting?

Megadeth- United Abominations Review

Dave Mustaine was a member of Metallica for less than two years when he was ejected from the band. Ultimately this was a good thing, because then he founded Megadeth, one of the greatest metal bands ever. But how's their latest album, "United Abominations"? Check out my in-depth review.

The album act depicts none other than Megadeth's mascot, Vic Rattlehead, being embraced by the angel of death in some type of urban warzone. In the included booklet is more art of Vic and The four horsemen of the apocalypse, along with lyrics. Obviously, "United Abominations" is a play-on-words of United Nations, and much of the album is very political.

1. "Sleepwalker"- The album opens up with a killer track about a prisoner dreaming about vengeance. The riffs are heavy and the lyrics are chilling... classic Megadeth. (9/10)

2. "Washington Is Next"- Featuring a great Iron Maiden-inspired riff, this political song absolutely rocks and has great ominous lyrics like (How can there be any logic/ in biological war?). Scathing polital critizisms aside, this track is GREAT, and definitely worth a download. (10/10)

3. "Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms"- This one is less political, but it's heavy and brooding, and it showcases Mustaine's awesome "snarling" vocal style. Solid all around. (8/10)

4. "United Abominations"- Easily the most political song on here, but it's easily one of the best. Opening up with a desperate reporter's words about the government's corruption, this track is RELENTLESSLY critical. Here's an example, (a mire of hypocrisy, bribes, kickbacks, and corruption, the UN enables terrorism, and ignores sex crimes by its peacekeepers. The UN is where our so-called allies undermine us, and we pay 22% of their tab to host our enemies here at home.). This one's gotta be one of Megadeth's best, its absolutely awesome. (10/10)

5. "Gears of War"- The title and lyrics of this song were changed after Dave played the game GoW, but ultimately it's the album's weakest track. It's political, and it's a pretty good song overall, but it really pales in comparison to the others. The lyrics are decent, but the riffs are totally unimaginative and grating. But its still an okay song. (6/10)

6. "Blessed Are the Dead"- This one's a great depiction of the Horsemen's apocalyptic ride of Doom. The galloping riffs keep the song rolling, and the lyrics have a good sense of imagery. (A white horse on the clouds of death/ A red warhorse to end all wars/ A pale horse and pestilence led by a/ Black horse with famine and scales). (8/10)

7. "Play for Blood"- One of my personal favorites on the album, this track is a BLAST, with a great riff that's reminiscent of Motorhead. This is the kind of song that you want to kick ass to. It's one of the few non-political songs, and it just flat-out rocks. You can really appreciate the shredding, and once again Dave's snarling vocals dominate! (10/10)

8. "Amerikhastan"- Resuming the album's political tone, this is a great follow-up to United Abominations. This one's also very critical, but it just lacks the teeth of U.A. Having that said, it's still pretty kickass. (8/10)

9. "A tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)"- An impressive re-recording of one of Megadeth's best, this version has the help of Christina Scabbia's vocals which gives the track more soul. It's faster and more refined than the original, and I'd go as far to say it's even better. Yet another gem. (10/10)

10. "You're Dead"- This track's chorus is so blissfully full of revenge, it's hard to ignore. (One day I'll dance on your grave /Even if you're buried at sea /Till then till when I exact my revenge/ I'll tell them you're dead to me). The riffs impress, the drumwork is thumping, and the vocals are great. (8/10)

11. "Burnt Ice"- Possibly reflecting upon Mustaine's past drug problems, this song descibes the demise of a junkie. Another solid track, but I think it wouldve been better if this switched places with A Tout Le Monde. It just doesn't feel right as the final track. But it has some blistering shredding, and it's worth a listen. (7/10)

Overall, I give the album a 9/10. It's going to satisfy any 'Deth Fan, and it can also convert the unfamiliar. It's very political, but it's very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The great tracks here definitely outweigh the weaker ones. Along with Iron Maiden's "A Matter of Life and Death" last year, United Abominations proves that the metal bands that rocked in the 80's can rock just as hard today, if not harder. The band's experience seems greater than ever, and it's a very impressive effort! I absolutely recommend it.

Thoughts on SSBB

We all know Super Smash Bros. is one of (if not THE) greatest multiplayer games ever made. We also know that it's probably the Wii's most anticipated title. There's no doubt that it'll be great.

Having that said... here's my two cents.

There has been much speculation that it will have online play. I'm a firm believer that you need an effective line of communication to properly enjoy online games, to chat and set up matches. DS titles like Metroid Hunters and Tony Hawk Downhill Jam have a simple voice feature, so we know it's possible for the wii. I think it would be great if there was a wireless headset you could plug in the wii's USB port. That's a simple solution, and Nintendo should definitely consider it.

Next, the characters. Wario's FINALLY a character, so my prayers are answered. Meta Knight's a great choice because the Kirby series is respectable and deserves another character. Solid Snake's a strange fit, but he's a game icon nonetheless, and he DID originally appear on the NES, so it kinda makes sense. The only problem I have is Pit. Kid Icarus is a cult classic for a reason. The original game is merely average, and very frustrating. There's really nothing special about the game, so why honor it? They even had a Kid Icarus character in that horrible "Captain N" show. What's the deal?

While I'm at it... here's some characters I'd love to see.

Bomberman, Megaman, Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Little Mac (Punchout), Black Mage (Final Fantasy), Alex & Ryan (River City Ransom), Diddy Kong, and Ridley (Metroid).

Lastly, the costumes. I think it would be a wise choice to have a system where extra costumes are not just recolors. The Dr. Mario and Pichu characters were pretty worthless, and I think they'd be better as costumes. Each character would have several costumes to choose from, like Wario would have his classic outfit, Samus would have her Fusion suit, Link would have his Fierce Deity form, and the list goes on.

So if anyone has any comments or additions to this, go ahead.