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New Commentator

I usually don't like the commentator's on YouTube as they're just trying to 'get rich quick' in my opinion-- but I find that this guy has really helpful commentaries: Arcticz Hawk .

I like his commentaries so much that I'll be adding it to my sig, and hopefully help the guy out. He posts stuff up a lot and many different games (NOT just MW2 thank God) and hopefully give him a boost. Hope you guys enjoy it!


New websites!

Well this is a GREAT way to get backlinks (lol) anyways I've got three new websites, and I'll be purchasing a new one regarding the Zune HD soon. I've gotten really busy but I've been captivated back into the gaming world since the discovery of the PS3 (lol discovery) anyways I'm basically still amazed over these games:

A) Prototype

B) inFamous

C) Phantasy Star (PSP)


Anyways here are my websites: (ignore the domain lol) (New anime website about music) (bringing back this awesome show called Play Value about the history of gaming)

Free NX Cash Codes

So I have 2 blogs...

This one, and the one I will actually be updating. I plan on updating my primary one once a week for multiple reasons (visit it to find out) and I'll be updating this one once a month for gaming related things, and some other stuff (events in my life etc)... So yeah, I should be updating another time this month with MY BRAND NEW WII (yes I'm a PS3 fanboy, but any next gen console will do well in this economy).. So yeah just update on that, my blog posts should be lengthier though. GAMING FTW

ghosty1212 OUT

Forget Web 2.0... Bring on Desktop 2.0!

Yes! That is right-- forget the old Web 2.0 concept, and move onto the newer Desktop 2.0 concept. Only recently has there been chatter about it, at the CES, sometimes it's been talked about on forums, but now O'Reilly (the publishing group that created the Web 2.0 concept) is now getting abuzz with the new Desktop 2.0 concept. My ideas for this are:
Glossy Icons on all New software
Better software support for all Systems (ie Linux, BSD, Mac)
Let everything WORK together. As in, when you have systems that are different, let the software connect and work seemlessly.
More technical Support. This also means more jobs, AND DON'T SEND THEM TO CHINA OR INDIA. Keep them here, let the economy grow.
Wider range of community help. Give power to the people. Tech Support isn't always the best way. Sometimes, if you let people talk with ACTUAL USERS of the software, you could get better ideas for material.
CLOSE OPEN SOURCE. Let all software cost money! Open Source is bad, it doesn't create jobs, plus since it's a hobby, not everyone will want to contribute there great knowledge to it.

That's basically all my concepts, but also to add more stuff to my list, then doesn't work with the rant-based type.... Let there be a better Help section! I recently ran into Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a, and I have been using it/fooling around with it for a while.... And out of all of the different softwares I have ever used... it had the BEST KB (Knowledge Base) out of any programs that I have used.
Also, there should be an image included in every new software created that describes ALL of the Menus, the buttons, and what they all CAN do. It would save me a lot of time when trying to figure something out, and also help others that are "newbs" use the software easier.

Although it had started out as a guidelines for Desktop 2.0, it seems to have turned into a rant. Wish it would be more friendly... but I guess if you want to get a point across, you need to rant. :D

R.I.P. Gamecube- Janurary 1st 2007

Yes, the Gamecube has just died... It was a hard time for everyone when it did, so in the end, let's make his life worthwhile by demanding new games from Nintendo, and boycotting the Wii. R.I.P :cry: :(


*sniff* *sniff*

-A tribute to all Gamecube lovers everywhere, and the Gamecube itself.

PSP: No, it's not a big, sleek, dull, brick.

It's actually 100 times funner then one of those. For a portable, this is the first that I see with great graphics power. Yes, yes, the DS is out there but I don't like it because it's too thick, the graphics haven't improved since sometime in 1998, and the thing is easy to brake. Getting back to my point, the PSP is probably the BEST handheld out there on the market, even though there is the PSP2 coming out sometime in 2009-ish. But I feel that with Wi-Fi internet, and the ablity to update your system is really cool. Now people don't have to go and buy a new Nintendo Hand-Held or some other Hand-Held, because this is an updater. And free playable demos are my soft spot. :)

In conclusion, I suggest you invest some money into it. It'll be worth is for a while, and it won't go out of style too soon, like the GBA.

Wii: Is it really worth it?

I've been over at a friends how that currently has the Wii, and it's okay. I mean my PSP has more or less the same graphics power, but the small screen is the downfall. Also my gamecube is like it too. Just get more active instead of using the Wii. If you put a PSP and a Gamecube together, you basically have the Wii. So is it really all that? I don't think so. It's okay, but not too much of an advancement in the technological world.