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im confused

i thort that xbox live was down for maintenice and was gonna come back with new features i havent seen any. :(


"master chief what are you doing on that ship"

"sir finishing this fight"

the famous words of MC  when i saw this movie scence and then it ended i was very very surprised and pretty pissed at the same time what was your reaction


hey peeps i wanna start a new fresh union and i just wont a couple of people to say yes with some good ideas for names and banners and stuff like that ;)

mean machines

for ages now sony and microsoft have been battling it out with there very popular consoles ps2 and xbox but wich one do you think is better for looks they way they play music graphics games every thing you can think then vote


  Anyone whos got xbox live:D leave ya  xbox gamer tag name below ;) and you gamespot user name :) 

Cant wait!

i herd quite a while ago that theres a halo movie being worked on and it has some of the creators of lord of the rings working on it hope its a good one!! :D

Tick off!!

i brought a game yesterday for the xbox and the noobie sale's man gave me a ps2 disk uurrgghh didnt even get to play it!!!! :@

final fantasy are now RARE so it you have f f 9 f f 7 f f 8 or any others keep hold of them because in a few years time you just never no.