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GerardoExber Blog

I Finally Have A Wii! :)

Hey Friends :)

My Girlfriend and I bought a Wii :) Now we can play together games like Resident Evil Chronicles, both Umbrella and Dakrside, Kirby Epic Yarn and Super Smash Bros Brawl! :) Each of us will have it one week at our houses :) Currently I have it and next week is her turn :)

We only have SSBB for the moment but this week I'm going to buy more games including: Zelda Twilight Princess, Goldeneye 007, Just Dance 4 and Fatal Frame 2 Deep Crimson or Okami for my Girlfriend :D

Thanks for Reading! :D

I thought It wouldn't affect me, but I was wrong... Taking a Break.

And that's it :( Gonna see you guys when the next Gamespot arrives :)

  • I was mostly active on Fuse... now Fuse is dead :(
  • I wanted to be here posting and stuff but college gets in the way
  • And my motivation to stay in Gamespot the way it is now is fading :(

Silly? Stupid desicion maybe? Perhaps :( But I really don't want be here :( .

However I will be active on FB Fuse until the new site gets released :D

Funny Blog 2!

Hey Friends :D

More funny memes and stuff, to forget a little about all these Gamespot changes and the hate between some users lately :(

1 Wonder if Link would like to play Angry Birds? :lol:


2 :lol:


3 This :lol: I don't pay attention to that anyway :) My Girlfriend is a gamer but that was just luck, is she wasn't a gamer I would definetely still love her :D


4 Mothers power :D


5 I had to admit I was like this when unlocking Resident Evil 5 Platinum :) :lol:


6 :lol:


7 LOL :lol:


8 I would hate that :(


9 My dear Lord no! :lol:


10 Someday I will graduate and be a professor but I wouldn't do this at all :(


Hope you liked them friends :D

Thanks for Reading ;)