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There will be a day...

There will be a day when our hope for Halo falls and out confidence in Bungie lessens. That will be a sad day. But alas, it will not be this day! There will be a time when we no longer look forward to a new Halo installment; BUT NOT THIS DAY! This day we have the greatest Halo game to look forward to: Halo: Reach. Bungie calls this the definitive halo title; I agree. The graphics look incredible! This isn't the same crappy graphics engine used in Halo 3 and ODST. This is brand new and will look and play epicly! Knives-check, sprint-check, armor abilities-check, new multiplayer-check, new weapons-check, better gun sound effects-check, no brutes-check, no flood-check, Halo-check. I KNOW that this game will be the best Halo game to date with awesome gameplay and story. I am almost done with the highly acclaimed book Halo: The Fall of Reach and I must say that if the game's story is in the same time and atmosphere as the book its gonna be BAD A FO SHO! This game takes place before Halo CE and is at a time where the Covenant is an Unknown force to the UNSC. The enemy, who feel like humans must be destroyed because of their religion, will no longer speak English and will be much scarier in this game. The Covenant have made little contact with humans so all human elements will be stripped from the Covenant foes and they will be more vicious than in previous Halo games; no jokes, no English, just plain brutal. Who better to combat this foe than Spartan III's! That's right; not like Master Chief (a Spartan II) the more mass produced Spartan III's are more fragile so that you won't feel like a juggernaut in the campaign hopefully this will provide players with a better playing experience taking the best ideas from previous Halo games and implementing them into Reach. So if you haven't started the Halo books now is the perfect time to get hyped for Bungie's last Halo game before Microsoft ruins it: Halo: Reach. Till then look up the game and get pumped!

UPDATE: jetpacks and teabagging support confirmed.

15 things I would rather have than Mass Effect 2

Ah, Mass Effect. The game that impressed so many that is was destined to have a sequel from the beginning. For every wide-eyed child who is an RPG aficionado, E3 was where it was at. "Is Sheppard dead? Is he missing? No…wait I just saw him in that trailer. Hmm there he is again in that game play video". Yes many a Mass Effect fan watched those trailers enthralled with any bit of information they could obtain; the sheer excitement building inside them for the next installment of their favorite new RPG. Ahh Bioware sure DID know how to make a game.

I'm not gonna lie….I really detested the first Mass Effect. Why? The Characters: Bland. The Story: unremarkable. Game Play/ Battle System: FAIL. Side Quests: Same crap over and over again. Transportation: Seriously…. who can say they liked the Mako Rover? The only good thing I can say about the first Mass Effect was the graphics and voice acting. Other than that just an overall crummy game. Now I'm not saying if you liked the first game you're an idiot, I'm just simply stating my opinion. I won't even think less of you if your one of the many who are looking forward to this game. I simply like poking fun at a game I did not even remotely like. Now since you can probably guess I'm not going to purchase the second Mass Effect, I made a list of things I would rather have than Mass Effect 2; a substitute for it if you will.

1) A sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando
2) A New Megaman X game that is similar the older ones
3) A Gundam game that is not done with the Dynasty Warrior approach.
4) The New Red Dead Revolver game
5) The GTA expansions
6) A decent Sonic game where he dies in the end to prevent all sonic sequels
7) Duke Nukum Forever
8] A New Rock Revolution game haha jk
9) A new Peter Jackson Project, it doesn't matter if its a movie or game because whatever that man touches turns to gold!
10) A new Tom Clancy franchise
11) A challenging Guitar Hero game; similar to Guitar Hero 3 Also: a new Guitar Hero controller that doesn't suck
12) A copy of Fallout: New Vegas, or a new Elder Scrolls game would be nice too
13) StarCraft 2
14) A Crysis game ported to consoles
15) A Cookie

I Implore You....

Let me start this blog by asking this: Who likes Halo 3? If I asked this amongst a crowd of gamers, some might be hesitant to raise their hands. I'll be first to admit, after playing through the games campaign once, i never want to do it again. The first time around it was very enjoyable for me and my kid brother, after that...not so much. Now let me ask this: Who likes Halo 3 multiplayer? If I asked this to a group of young gamers like myself, I would hope the reaction would be much more positive that the previous question. Hopefully everyone can remember many thrilling times in the Halo 3 multiplayer; whether on Live or at a well put together LAN party (I myself have had some magical experiences in the Halo 3 multiplayer; especially at LAN parties).

With that being said, that is why I implore you to purchase Halo 3: ODST. NOW WAIT, don't stop reading, please hear me out. Have you ever been to a LAN/System Link party and there's that one guy attending who does not have any of the Halo 3 downloadable maps? What about the guy who comes and has the maps, but they just don't work when he's not connected to Live? Of course you have. This brings down the mood of the whole party because you have to play the same original maps over, and over again. Well I hope the solution to this problem is as clear to you as it is me. Halo 3: ODST comes with two disks: The first disk is a brand new campaign featuring Orbital Drop Ship Troopers. Also on this disk is a mode called firefight (4-player co-op on Live or System Link), which is comparable to Gears of War 2's Horde Mode. Now the second disk is where the value of this package is realized. On the second disk is Halo 3 multiplayer (this means you don't have to have the original Halo 3 to play) which includes every map ever put on the Xbox Live Marketplace PLUS three new maps exclusive to the Halo 3: ODST package. Now let me say that this is like buying a regularly priced game: $60. I know what your thinking, this is a lot of money to go towards a game that I already own some of the content to. Yes, this is quite a sum of money. That is why I propose that we trade in our copies of Halo 3 (who's really gonna play the campaign again?) to get Halo 3: ODST, this should help ease our wallets and put a great game in our 360. Now if every LAN party attendee had a copy of Halo 3: ODST, system link parties would become far more enjoyable than ever remembered, because of the variety of multiplayer maps that could be enjoyed over the course of the night. Now Comrades! Lets all get out there and pre-order Halo 3: ODST! WHO'S WITH ME!!!

End note: Sorry for the length of this blog; I did not intend for it to be this long. I guess my passion for Halo 3 multiplayer got the better of me. To find out more about Halo 3: ODST read this months issue of Game Informer or check it out at here:

Till then see ya at the next LAN party!

To All My NEW Friends

Well comrades, it's official; we all have Gamespot pages. What does this mean? This means that even when we're not playing games, we are learning about games, which leads to playing & buying more games. What does this really mean? We are freaking losers! Just kidding guys this is pretty darn cool. Hope to see yall posting some stuff and whatnot. Maybe we can have some intense conversations via the forums. Untill then enjoy the site and your membership to this elite group.