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Splinter Cell: Conviction

I recently completed Splinter Cell Conviction twice in a row! :D i totally loved the setting and the character. not to mention Sam's really cool outfit and gear. the weapons and the upgrades with speed kill feature is totally awesome when you would want to hang out the window and take out the bad guys. another really cool feature is the sticky wall mine[the name's pretty different actually] which you can detonate as and when you like it.Grim's character is pretty interesting as well, the Bad ass look and and a really cool costume does make her hot :D :P

But the sucky part of the game being too short and easy takes the fizz out the game in a little while. but the storyline is good enough to keep going and play it all over again :D

If anyone else has played the game, please feel free to share your views.

Codemasters Colin Mc Rae Dirt 2


The hottest game around is finally installed in my PC! DiRT 2 is here to stay, i mean this game has made radical of an entry into the Gaming market. I was hesitant to have this release after a dissapointing/unpleasant experience with the earlier DiRT release. All i have to say is that lessons have been learnt at codemasters and i believe they are using the same graphic engine as they used in Race Driver Grid. This makes the game playable and does not hog the hardware specifications. although the required specs makes you wanna cry, this runs quite well on 8600GT with a 2 Gig Ram and an AMD 64 bit C2 processor.

I am soo totally in the driving seat for this release! all the - Really cool gamers around the world - dont even think of missing out on this baby!

Need For Speed: Shift

I got NFS: Shift a day back, and i gotta say....Great Job EA ! after a very long time, we have a Perfect or a Near Perfect Racing Simluation from NFS. Shift has everything Prostreet didnt have and more. Shift offers a state of the art racing simulation with spectacular graphics and reality along with a wide variety of racing scenarios to choose from, not to mention the Mean driving machines !

Okay, now the reason for my Blog[Reason ?!!! sheesh..!!!] :shock: :D

Am having a lotta problem handling the cars to Drift ! you can make out from the Picture above and guess that u shouldnt trust your BMW on my hands for a drift.....well.....if anyone has a sure shot and a easy way to drift a car on Shift plz let me would be a great help !

and also, the drift is no way near as in Carbon. its somewhat similar to Prostreet......:?

Prototype PC

Hey guys, its been a while since i wrote a blog at feels good to be back....and to be back with an amazing game on the market ! i recently got Prototype PC installed on my PC, and i gotta say...its one of the best games i have ever played so only to Assassins Creed and Gears of War. although Prototype reminds me a lot of Assassins creed, they both can not be compared and are totally different. The graphics and gameplay along with a wide range of combat upgrades makes this game an instant addiction. So, is there anyone out there who wants to share their personal view of the game ?

Prince of Persia 2008

The new Prince of persia, which is soo totally different from all the previous stuff has fallen short of my expectations. actually, its only been about beautiful set-ups' and acrobatics....where are the slaying and combo kickin' ? after Warrior Within and Two Thrones i was expectin somethin in a more adrelin and high octane demon Killin !

what do u guys think of it ?

Gears of War

I recently got Gears of War, and i have to say....its one of the coolest 3rd person shooter i have ever played.The graphics are marvellous, awesome sound recording and the dialogues are pretty interesting as well. Over all, the entire package is one hell of an experience. unfortunately i am not able to play multiplayer coz of slow bandwidth.

Ps. i regret playin Crysis before Gears of War !!!!! BIG MISTAKE !!!

Gamespot Beta ??!!

Look whats new at gamespot ! the entire Domain has got a make over, it all looks pretty n attractive but i personally feel that it has lost the 'GameSpot' look and has took on the appearance of a 'Social Networking Site'....but on the brighter side, the loading of pages is a bit faster compared to the previous version and the new pictures added is displayed...

What have u guys to say about this ?:D

FarCry Screens

thenewau25, here ya Go !
BOAT Level Screens are as follows..

Here's another...

Another one...

And here are some of the screens that i thought were brilliant... CARRIER LEVEL :

After killing Crow.... SWAMP LEVEL:


Well, thats all i could take...And more over i completed the game this morning...and i gotta say...this is one of the best FPS's i have ever come across.It has a strong storyline, a good plot and wonderful graphics to go along...the difficulty and challenge keeps the adrenalin rushing as well..i would recommend everyone to try this out ! :D :P


Hey guys, i am playing Farcry for the past two days...and i gotta say, its been amazing ! i previously had played the game in my older graphics cars...after installing it on 8600 GT i am able to run the game in MAX Graphics...the environment and the textures are just breathtaking ! i am soo lovin it ! :P :D

Top 5 - All time Favourites !

Hey Guys, there'v been soo many kick-ass games released recently.All the newbies make some of the not-soo-old games like Prince of Persia[Sands Of Time] and Splinter Cell seem Old School !! :P . Well, here's a place where u can feel free to name the top 5 Games that u think is an All time Favourite does'nt matter, even if u mention Dave or Mario :D :D !

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