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Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege: First person shooters have gotten a bit stale over the past couple of years and the whole lone wolf / run and gun style FPS like the latest Call of Duty games have gotten boring and uninspired. So, it was refreshing to see a heavy teamwork / tactical FPS like this game at E3.

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Just a simple filter on the feed that allows you to filter out different types of things on GS (i.e. blogs, reviews, images...). Right now my feed is filled with stuff I don't even follow.

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@best_Alchemist: Excellent! Thanks for your help.

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I haven't been able to view all the friends on my friends list in my profile. There should be a way to view all your friends you are following on Gamespot.

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I've noticed that your "Feed" on your user profile basically lists everything that all your friends are doing. There should be a way to filter your Feed by type (I.e. blogs, images, reviews). This way you if, for instance, you just want to view friends blogs you don't have to scroll through pages of other stuff.

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Guys, there's no spoilers.

Anyways -- I prefer to use Microsoft Word for critiquing articles (track changes is the best), and I really don't want to suffer through the headache of getting the formatting to work on GameSpot, so... gonna link to you screenshots of the document instead. Let me know if you can't read the comments and I'll update the sceens.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

The biggest problem with your review is the lack of elaboration. You speak of the game's high quality but never explain in detail why it's so good. I can follow along since I played the game and thus understand the mechanics and themes, but few are going to have that same knowledge. I would have been completely perplexed if I hadn't already played the game myself.

You must write reviews with the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the game in question. People read consumer reviews to learn about what these games are just as much as whether they're worth their time. Fail to do so and they'll look elsewhere. Treat them right and they'll remember you if they happen across another one of your works, which is exactly what you want as a reviewer.


c_rake thank you for the in depth analysis! This is exactly what I needed, good feedback. After reading my review again with your thoughts in mind I totally agree that my review doesn't really explain the game very well. I say the game is awesome but unless you are in my head you wouldn't know. I'm currently writing a review for DOTA 2 and I'm going to keep this in mind. I would like to post that review here once I'm finished to see if I'm on the right track.

Also, to everybody else, I try my best to keep the review as spoiler free as possible. 

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Hello GSWRT,

Just an FYI, I will be sporadically absent for the next 6-8 weeks. I just accepted a job that is moving me to the east coast in about 5 weeks (same company I currently work for, but a different position which is awesome!). I'm extremely excited, but due to the move, I will be busy off and on, and I cannot exactly predict when I will be around. I will do my best to check in on weekends or any other available times, but my critiques will likely be rather delayed.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to PM me. I check GS typically several times a day, but don't always have time to give articles the critique they deserve and I typically read submissions but wait to respond until I've had time to think about them a bit.

Keep on writing, though! I'm looking forward to reading your posts when I can :)



Awesome and congrats! Engineers for the Win! 

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I've been writing reviews for a while now and I would like some constructive feedback on one of my latest reviews for Bioshock Infinite (located here). I would really like to hear what the pros or justicars of this union think. I'm always trying to learn and make things better and I've been reading many of your works so I know that you guys are exceptional writers.
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Hey everyone, I'm rather new to this union but here are my answers to the questions.

1) Ideally, want do you want from the union?

 I would like for my reviews and other writings to have a chance of being seen by a broader audience.

2) What would you like to see more / less of?

More PM communication. For me and most of my unions, I forget to check them on a regular basis. However, when I received notice from zyxe about this thread it reminded me about this union. Now I don't mean that we should PM the masses for everything but it would help for the more important matters. 

3) How can the Justicars be of further assistance?

Just like question 2. More PMing to the masses about important happenings in the union. 

4) What can we do to make the union more of a community for writers?

I think you guys do a really good job of that now. Making this a place for reviewers and writers to get recognized and critiqued is exactly a place for writers to commune to. 

5) What can we do to keep you coming back on a daily basis?

More chances for being recognized and following through on the those chances. We had a great E3 expectations blog idea but nothing ever came of that. 

6) Ideally, what do you see the union becoming?

A great place for reviewers and writers to come together for help and widespread recognition. 

7) What would it take for you to recommend the union to your friends? 

Pretty much a lot of what I said in questions 1-6.

I hope this helps.