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Entry Fifteen: South Park vs Family Guy

I respected South Park creators Parker and Stone at one time, but after the cheap shots at Family Guy in Cartoon Wars I can't stand them or their shows. I became a casual viewer of said series and have had a straight face with every episode they made since. Suddenly comedy isn't about jokes any more it's about plots Family Guy fails with thembecause it isn't South Parks brandof storytelling or humour and now South Parksis 'deep' and 'situated on the issues it tackles all of which isrelevant to the plot'.Yeah killing Kenny every episode sure was relevent to the plot as were the side stories featuring Jimbo and Ned, Mr Garrison and so on.

The fans are worse on Youtube, and othersitesyou get SP fans going "FG appeals to degenerate retards andthirteen year old morons" this is the people the shows molded? individuals who devalue other human beings for their tastes? nice going South Park. Writers of other shows like King of the Hill and The Simpsons, the hasbeen behind Ren and Stimpy all praised Cartoon Wars, the same people who have angered fans of said shows by detracting from the humour, thats some endorsement guys.

I know Cartoon Wars is four years old but they still went there. The FG writers on the other hand have been good sports they just laughed, they now refer to their gags as manatee gags and Seth Macfarlane was awesome in his 2006 Harvard speech.

Family Guy is no means perfect it's evolved over the years, only casual ignorent observers dare say it's all random cutaways and flashbacks now but at least it's still funny.

Entry Fourteen: Sony and Microsoft have poisened this biz.

The gaming media hasprobably beencorrupted by Sony, every bit of news regarding Wii is met with insultingly brainless reactions. Take for example The Conduit suddenly it "looks generic", thats every 360/PS3 game I ever saw and played and yet on Wii it's generic and generic is now a bad thing.

I strongly believe IGN has beenseized too, the Nintendo team have been making clearly biased and ignorant articles such as 'Nintendo is lazy and you dont care' and some worthless **** about Splosion Man being better then New Super Mario Bros Wii "because it has more levels" at Gamespot one poster shown a graph displaying IGN getting about half the hits they did in 2008 so there may be another motivation there.

Maybe developers have been hit too, could there really be fanboy developers pro 360/PS3 or are there incentives for publishers to push hopelessly unappealing crap on Wii most likely both.

Remember back in the N64 day out of the blue gamers began calling Nintendo kiddy and went on and on about the N64 having no good games and so on? Total bull****. This is all Sony's doing.

I know it all sounds nuts but Sony have been foiled in other businesses for corrupting opinion such asinventing David Manning, a fictional reviewer, to promote their movies and tweaking Halo stuff on Wikipedia a few times.

Entry Thirteen: American Dad Raptures Delight

What a fantastic episode, it features armageddon, beginning with the rapture where millions ascend to heaven leading to a post 9/11 day and then skips to seven years in the future whichhas Stan wandering the wastelands where slain humans, demons and angels lie, Roger tries to build a ship with the aid of a Aisan guy, Francine is with Jesus as he leads the armies of Heaven against Hell.

The ending didn't retcon a thing and was very touching which is rarre for a Stan episode.

Entry Eleven: American Dad!

God I love this show! I used to love Family Guy in the early seasons for both the jokes referencing old shows with characters and situations you'd never see on them like Good Times and The Jetsons but now, it still does that and yet it feels as though the writers only want to be outragous rather then funny.

American Dad is a whole different show with it's own unique characters and theres lots of stuff that passes by, the occasional comment or more sinster stuff like a kid who looks like amidget copycating Stan and then his father shouts at him "Stop it! this is why you keep getting molested."

I love Francine the most, she's not a popular character but works well as a peripheral or partnercharacter and has some cracking lines and distubring revelations like this one ep which begins with the family in a restaurant and listening to her story "I cant believe you didn't know I killed my room mate at collage.(chuckles) I stabbed her."

Best side gags include the squirels rendtion of whats eating gilbert grape, the tortoise and the hare, the golden turd and one involving animal control clearing a dead groundhog off the sidewalk.

Entry Ten: Whats up with Wii forums?

I can't find any Wii related video on Youtube or Gametrailers or Wii specific forum on IGN and Gametrailers without a bunch of mindless idiots who drivelabout Wii and it's games being **** casual and parroting each other or some dev who deems it a fad or a toy or whatever. The very few with arguements against theplatform whotell it ininactual paragraphs with good grammar fall flat when their opinion reads like facts and alsowhen they fabricate stuff and do no research.

It even happens on this site, one time on Dead rising Chop Till you Drop before the games release I defended the game a group having alot of enemies on screen I presented the 128 Marios vid and Spartan Total Warrior and one idiot called me a troll.

Is this what 360/PS3 exposuredoes to people? turn them into zombies incapable of handling reality, processingand assimilating new information to formulate new concepts? I'm glad my exposure extends to a hour a night.

Entey Eight: forced gender transmogrification

For the guys:

Imagine you went for a job interview at a corperation then were knocked unconsciece in the waiting room after said interview. When you come to your in a bed in a windowless room with a ceiling mirror and when you gain your sight to see a woman reflected moving in sync with you and you find these features through groping, you have been transformed fully into the opposite sex. Your wearing knickers, a brasier and night dress and remove a scrunchie which tied your hair back and find it to be long blonde and your eyes are your originals only your bodys been altered.

A man enters the room and tells you they altered your body with nanotechnology and intend to monitor and study the changes, he says you can accept it and a new identity or they'll dispose of you with a memory wipe would you go along and accept it?

Imagine the psychological ramifications of such a change, the change in body chemistry would alter your perception, your former girlfriend (if encountered) may become a colleague while your best guy friend may become attractive.

Entry Seven: Body Harvest


A N64 ****c, it didn't do well but it was a decent game made by DMA Design who became none other then Rockstar who now make Grand theft Auto.

The game is set in another Earth reality where alien bugs have invaded the Earth from a comet every twenty five yearsfor a hundred years, they take humans and harvest human flesh to sustain themselves. In 1916 they hit Greece first and spread to Europe, in 1941 they hit Java and spread to Asia, in 1966 it was America, in 1991 it was Siberia and finally in 2016 they hit a space station before making presumablythe final cull.

You play as Adam who flees the station during the bugs assault, he takes a time machine and a companion and goes into the past to change history, he can commandeer vehicles of the era, riding bikes and cars, boats and helicopters and at one point a flying saucer, and he can use weapons of war such as tanks and jets to combat the alien menace. Before escaping the station Adam was struck by a alien weapon and bled, they fashioned a clone from this who also travels through time to stop him.

Curiously while Adam works his way forwards in timefrom 1916 , it's never known if his actions in preventing harvesting had any significent effect on history as history makes no mention of the aliens, the aliens do seem to adapt coming back stronger yet there's this question hanging.

I loved the game and think it was ahead of it's time, I would love to see a remake on Wii, even a straightport using Wii controls for shooting and driving vehicles would be welcome.

Entry Six: Idiot logic

It was over two years ago when looking forward to Umbrella Chronicles I found a topic about a possible RE2 remake and posted "do it RE4 style" I merely suggested they make it with a over the shoulder perspective like RE4s but keep the original games puzzles and scarce ammo elements.

Some pathetic crybaby called Jonathan something or other replied to it starting with "I couldn't be bothered to read all your post after I read 'do it RE4 style' and no offence it's the dumbest thing I ever heard (the hell?!)" what followed was not one but SIX posts - all his - which were walls of text, I read the first one but only bits of the five follow ups though gathered they were directed at mine and also going on about RE4 being the "worst RE game" and it just went on and on.

Somehow he got others to agree with him it's like they didn't even read my post as a couple even suggested what I did in my original post, I tackled this and just got a backlash with them going on about RE4 being far removed from previous REgames, without realising it I commented on it controling different to previous ones and while the intial mention of it having tank controls too was correct annd a oversight on my part, these idiots actually destroyed their own arguements by citing things that made RE4 like previous Resident Evil games with the settings and enemies.

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