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goodbye guys

Hey guys looks like this will be my final blog here at Gamespot. I really don't like the new site at all and I couldn't find games that I could add to my wish list so I will still be on here for a few more weeks transfering my collection and wish list to a new gaming site. If you want to keep in contact with me you can add my gamertag SilverShocker99 to your friends list on Xbox. I had a great time here and I wish you all the best of luck.

no comments

This is the first time that I have received a blog with no comments, I guess the site is not active anymore, well at least they still have my wish list for games that I want to get in the future.

The New Gamespot

I really don't like the new Gamespot that much. I can't find my friends blogs and several other things. The pages look very boring as well.

no Marketplace for me

For the last 2 weeks I have been without the Xbox Live Marketplace because I couldn't make a purchase.  I just found out today that I need a debit or credit card on file to make any kind of purchase in the marketplace.  I really don't want to put my credit card on file but that is the only way I can download anything to my console.  Look for me to be more active now and begin playing Horror games.

I wish I had more to talk about

I have been enjoying my job for the past month at Petsmart.  Been playing MLB 2K10 and some Madden NFL 11  since the football season is here.  Fantasy Football has been fun so far with one of my teams scoring 165 points in the first week.  I did get a expansion of Dead Space 3 last week for 50% off too.  I will be getting back to horror games soon since Halloween is around the corner.

New Job, finishing old games

I start my new job Saturday morning.  I work as a early morning stocker at Petsmart.  It feels so good to have a job again.  In gaming I am just trying to finish my season of the MLB 2K10 game.  I am close to the playoffs so very soon I should be done with the game.  That's it guys.

Jobs, Games, etc

Well I am looking for another job, worked for about a month.  The job was temporary but I was hoping he could teach me something else in the business but he had nothing for me so I am back looking again.  In gaming I just picked up the Silent Hill HD Collection, so excited to get a copy of this.  The game includes Silent Hill 2, which is my favorite game of all time and Silent Hill 3 which is great also.  Going to be asking a girl out next week too.

My Impressions of the Xbox One

On May 21st I watched Microsoft reveal the Xbox One on tv.  I was not that impressed with the reveal.  First of all the name Xbox One is not that great, I know what they were thinking you can do everything in this One console the Xbox One so let's name it that.  I really like the name Xbox Infinity because Infinity means it can do everything as well and it is just a cooler name than Xbox One.  I got the name from a gamespot friend Immortality20 sorry if I mispelled your name.  Other things I really didn't care for was the tv service, I mean its cool to have the option for tv but most people already have a tv service that they really like which I do AT&T, I just don't see Microsoft ever doing well in tv.  Another thing is that the console is so big again, I wish they could have made it smaller.  Other things I have heard is that you won't be able to play used games on the Xbox One and that you won't be able to play games unless you are connected to Xbox Live.  If I can't play used games on the new console you can count me out from buying it that is a huge deal to me, people like to save money.  A few things I did like is that there are going to be 15 exclusive games coming to the Xbox One in the first year and 8 of them will be new ips.  Another thing is that they put a blu ray player in the Xbox One and it has a 500 GB hard drive which is nice.  So overall if the Xbox One allows me to play used games, and is backward compatibility with the 360 games than yeah I will probably get the Console sometime in 2014.

The 2013 NBA Playoffs

Most of my time lately has gone to watching the NBA Playoffs which has been exciting so far.  I should be more active in gaming when there is less basketball to watch.

The Walking Dead

Just finished the Walking Dead a couple of days ago.  The Walking Dead gets my reward for the best ever voice acting in a game.  The voices matched the characters perfectly.  Really good graphics for a arcade game too.  The game has a good story too but I thought I could of come up with a better middle part of the game which leads to the end.  The gameplay is awesome too.  I give the game a 9 out of 10