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New Writing Format for Video Game Review #s 31 - ...

(General overview + Opening Remarks go here)

The Five Best Things about ______.

1. Thing #1 (not neccesarily the most important, but just the first thing that came to mind.)

2. Thing #2 (equally important to #1)

3. Thing #3 (equally important to #s 1 and 2)

4. N/A (will be used if there isn't anything else to say.)

5. N/A (again, if I ran out of things to say early - note that I will usually list all 5 things, even if they are quite insignificant to many people, and I will only say N/A if it's absolutely necessary and appropriate.)

The Five Worst Things about ______.

1. (Same format as above, but now talking about the worst things instead of the best)





The Most Significant Thing about ______.

(This can be about any aspect of the game so long as it plays a highly significant role. That doesn't mean it has to be obvious - instead, it could be something very crucial to the game but usually unoticed.)


So as you can see, my new format is much shorter, concise, and specific than my past reviews. I think this is necessary to improve my writing past the long, tedious, all-encompassing and tiring writing formats of past reviews. I certainly tired myself out when writing the past reviews. Moreover, I felt my long, essay style reviews limited what I was able to review. Back then, I actually skipped many decent games because I felt I couldn't "write enough". Moreover, my reviews used to take me about three to five hours to complete, and I would be both exhausted and less motivated to do more. It was a constant struggle to keep shelling out essay reviews. I hope this new format will allow me to review more freely and more often.

As a reader, I hope you will find this new writing format much more managable and user-friendly when reading upcoming video game reviews.

Reviewing the past 30 video game reviews

Review #1: Pokemon Platinum (and moving Star Wars Republic Commando, Super Mario Galaxy, ~,~,~...)

I wrote only 2 paragraphs talking about the game very casually and touching upon specific and general features that made it good. This review ended up being my most successful review (surprisingly), and earned 5/5 recommendations.

Review #s 2-4(Star Wars Republic Commando to Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga)

I started to write HUGE essay style video game reviews touching upon EVERYTHING I could think of in the game. The reviews often ended up being about 5-7 pages long and, after personally reading them over and grading myself, I felt that they were way too tedious and long to read. However, they were of excellent effort and quality, in my opinion, and others felt the same; I earned 4 recommendations, in total, for these reviews.

Review #s 5-7(Pokemon Battle Revolution - Kirby SuperStar Ultra)

I tried out a new writing format where I assigned a number grade for each aspect of the game that I could identify. Even though these reviews received a total of 2 recommendations, I personally was displeased with my work here. I felt that these reviews didn't really help people gain a clear view of the game, and I certainly had trouble understanding my own grading system and logic after re-reading these reviews. These reviews were my worst, in my opinion.

Review #s 8-30(Pokemon White Version to Mario Kart 7)

I consider these reviews the core of my video game review writing. In these 22 reviews, I wrote medium-length, detail-oriented, and witty reviews only about games that really had a lot to offer people. I chose a mixture of really great games, really awful games, and games in between to practice my new writing style. I wasn't afraid to give my honest opinion, even if I knew others wouldn not agree with it. To this day, I am very proud of these reviews and look up to them for guidance and inspiration for future reviews coming your way.

Review #s 31- ...

With that being said, I have decided, once again, to try out a new writing format! You see, even though reviews 8-30 were very good, in my opinion, they had certain flaws that I feel my new writing format will help to fix. See the blog above for more info on this new writing format.

30th Review Milestone!

Just a few minutes ago, I posted my 30th video game review!

*The 30th game I reviewed was Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS

I haven't been playing that many new games recently, so I think this might be my final review for a while. Don't worry - I'm still going to review video games (like forever), but I think this 30th review will signal a temporary halt for my video game review writing.

Feel free to flip through my collection of reviews and peruse through ones that interest you.

Have a nice day!

Reminder: I made a video about Pokemon! (Video game Series)

The first blog, with this message, didn't receive any attention, and I'm wondering if it's just because nobody saw it posted. So here goes. I'm bumping it up to a more recent spot:


Check it out on YouTube!

I've put together a detailed movie guide on the entire main Pokemon video game series: Generations 1 to 5.

How did the Pokémon Video Games evolve into the series we know and play to this day? How did it all begin? Where did it all end up? If you want to find out, then this is the guide for you!

Go watch it! Comment on it, and rate it (if you have a YouTube account).

25th Review Milestone =)

Merry Christmas Eve, Gamespot Community =)

Today, I have published my 25th review! For my 25th review, I've evaluated Pokemon Yellow-Special Pikachu Version for the Game Boy Color.

Ironically, Pikachu is the 25th Pokemon!

New Movie: "Guru's Guide to the Pokemon Video Game Series"

Check it out on YouTube!

I've put together a detailed movie guide on the entire main Pokemon video game series: Generations 1 to 5.

How did the Pokémon Video Games evolve into the series we know and play to this day? How did it all begin? Where did it all end up? If you want to find out, then this is the guide for you!

Go watch it! Comment on it, and rate it (if you have a YouTube account).

Guru's Rating Guide - "Border Lines"

Border Lines:

8.5 or greater - Good game overall; amust try; very good impression.

8.0 to 7.0 - Good game overall,BUTNOT great; not extremely impressive, but a decent recommendation.

(Border Line)

6.5 - The good/bad border;neithergood nor bad; definitelyNOTa great game;moretowardsmediocre.

(Border Line)

6.0 or lesser - BAD GAMES!BEWARE! Guru doesNOTrecommend these titles. However, games between 3.0 to 6.0 are generally "safe" to try. You might get a little kick out of them, although it's highly unlikely and you'll probably end up wasting your money.

Guru's Rating Guide ~ What do those 1 thru 10 numbers mean?

Individual Points Breakdown:

10 - Excellent; amust try AND own; nearly flawless; amastergame.

9.0 to 9.5 - Excellent, BUT notmasterful; amust try.

8.5 -Good;amust try; butobvious flaws.

8.0 to 7.5 -Flawed, but prettygood;NOTnecessarily a gameyou must try, butstill considered "good".

7.0 -NOTthat good;obviousflawsthatmay degrade the gameoverall and slightly.

6.5 - ABADgame overall; many flaws and/or one or twoflawsthatsignificantly degrade gameplay; some strengths, but the BAD outweighs the good.

4.5 to 6.0 - ABADgameinmany aspects;NOT EVER recommended; waste of money; play at your own risk.

4.0 to 3.0 -VERY BAD, BUTthe lowest a game can go if it's part of a successful series/franchise with a lot/significant success in the past.

2.0 to 2.5 -EXTREMELY BAD;game isnearlyaCOMPLETE WASTE; no strengths; if it has some entertainment, the best it can be is "not good".

1.5 or 1.0 -Utter disgrace; complete waste;no strengths whatsoever; no significance;mayNOTeven be a "legitimate video game".

About me - Self Introduction of GameReviewGuru


My username on gamespot is "GameReviewGuru", and as the name implies, I enjoy writing reviews about games that I've enjoyed, and also about games that I've loathed. (Basically, both ends - the really good and great, and the really bad and wrong.)

I began writing game reviews (for Console, Handheld and PC games) at the age of 14. I began by submitting reviews to Boy was that a bad mistake; on writing my 3rd review, which was elaborate, clever, witty, and overall well written in my opinion, gamestop declined my review. I asked them what I could do to improve my review (so it would have a better shot of being posted) and after 2 weeks, they ultimately failed to respond. I submitted the same review again, about a month after I last submitted the review. It was declined again. At that point, I filed a complaint, and waited for 3 weeks. On the 3rd week, gamestop replied, saying that my review was not chosen, because, as long as user submitted reviews do not contain explicit material, gamestop chooses reviews by random, to avoid showing "biased" viewpoints. To say that I was enraged was an understatement. I quickly went searching for a different place to post reviews, and is a gift as good as heaven! Thank you for allowing me to post reviews.

KEY POINT: Don't post anything on - take this advice from a guy who wasted nearly 2 months, advancing nowhere with that pathetic site.


Aside from writing reviews, other hobbies I have include bicycling and watching movies.

KEY POINT: My all time favorite movie series is the Star Wars movie series. They are so meticulously crafted - all of them! Truly amazing movies.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Nice to meet you =D