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I'm Back!!!

I'm back from being banned and i can finnally post on the forums again! I got banned for a week for saying i was 12(sarcasm) and gamespot thought i was serious so I got banned. I'm sorry i couldn't rspond to anyone's messages. But now i'm back and can post again!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

New Banner

I finnaly made a new banner and the right size. I think it looks pretty cool.                                                                   


In other news(wich i'm so glad to hear)

Family Guy detailed2K Games' upcoming adventure in Quahog features three playable characters, different types of gameplay, trademark pop-culture parodies.

Fans of Seth McFarlane's Family Guy cartoon had mixed reactions when hearing about 2K Games making a game based on the show. When any license makes the leap to gaming, the interactive result can be a shell of what it was derived from.

The debate will no doubt linger on with the announcement of the first details of Family Guy, which is scheduled for release this fall on current-gen consoles.

Gamers will be able to switch back and forth between three characters: bumbling patriarch Peter Griffin, matricidal maniac Stewie, and martini-swigging canine Brian. Each playable character will have its own storyline--Peter is out to stop Mr. Belvedere from taking over the world, Stewie goes up against his archenemy Bertram, and Brian tries to escape his wrongful imprisonment.

Family Guy is loaded with tangential joke after joke that pokes fun at pop culture, and the 2K title will be no different, but in the game the jokes will be interactive. Gameplay is described by 2K Games as a combination of "combat, stealth, and puzzle-solving gameplay" throughout familiar locations in the show's setting of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Family Guy has not yet been priced or rated. Look for more details during GameSpot's E3 coverage. For more information on the Family Guy TV show, head over to

By Tim Surette -- GameSpot Posted Apr 19, 2006 3:47 pm PT

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Easter!!! Pt.2

Well my brother and i both want guild wars but we didn't get it. But if i put our money together well have $70! In my wallet I have $15-20(i think.) I need about $10 to get the expansion pack: Guild Wars Factions but my borther's birthday is in early May so maybe he'd get it. But before that i'll be hooked on Guild Wars.


Well i didn't get Guild Wars for Easter but my brother and i got EB Games  giftcards from my parents. They are both $15 and i have $10 so we can afford Guild Wars. Later today i'm going to visit both of my grandmas, maybe i'll get some more $. I'll tell you when i get back.

Spring Break!!!

Well my spring break starts today. I'm not going out of town,or state because money in my family is kinda tight. I'm not poor it's just taxes,gas,bills. Ya know. But I can still have fun playing videogames and going outside with my friends.(I hope i get Guild Wars for Easter) Also i get like a week off of school. So its cool.

April Fool's Joke

Ok here's the stroy, my mom's friend was having a party(and i was forced to come) thankfull i'm friends with her son, and when i walked in, he asked me if i could get this fake ice cube with a fake fly in it and put it in someone's beer. We went back to my house,telling my parents we were getting xbox controllers, but we looked for ten minutes and couldn't find it. So I went down stairs to see if I could find something else and i was looking through my food and saw mashmallows. So I asked my friend and bro if it was a good i dead to switch all of tha mayo off of the veggie pizza with marshmallow fluff,they said yeah. So i put some marshmallows in the microwave to make the fluff and put it on a plate,but my dad came in the house,probably because i was gone along time just for controllers. So he was in on the joke because he asked to see what i had. So i brought it over to his how, took some pizza's and switched all of the mayo with the marshmallow with four pizza's. While i was doing that, my friend was doing a magic trick to distract them. I finnaly switched it all, so i'm going around to people like a waiter saying,"Would you like a veggie pizza,my mom made them and there really good" I barley even knew the people. I only got three people to eat them because the third person noticed it taster weird. My mom ate one and she told me after the party she was think,"what did I do to the pizza's?":) It was pretty funny. So i couldn't get anyone to eat the fourth so i put it back with the normal one's and some lady i didn't know ate one. Her face was like:? when she was eating it. Man it was funny.By the way the veggi pizza looked like this:

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!! I asked gamespot a question on on the spot and they anwsered it!!!!!!!!!!Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was when they where playing loco roco and i asked if there was a stroyline and they anwsered it!!!!!!!!!!!!! They said Dan from New Baltimore, Michigan asks if there's any storyline? OMG it was awsome!! My bro was right behind me and as soon as they said my name and my adress I turned around to him and said, "OMG,THAT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!I ASKED THAT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I'm going to watch on the spot more often because this was my first time watching because i'm usually busy on thursday!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :) :D

I also got the convivial emblem! OMG Today was awsome!!!!Convivial

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