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Juice in video games

I stumbled upon a nice little talk by two guys. Worth a watch if you like games:

I have played the Mass Effect 3 Demo

I played it on PC. I have been mind blown! My eyes are burning with so much awesomeness and pure win! I'm throwing my money at my screen but nothing is happening! Seriously though I been impressed so far. The game is pretty awesome ^_^ Multiplayer is really fun and well designed. Only drawback is that I have to use Origin to play the game but I can live with it. Also why did I have like 7 people track me in one day? What did I do? I could had swore I was not very active...

Hello friends!

Greetings from the future! Just fyi i'm still alive 8) though I can honestly say I don't frequent this website as much anymore :(

Gallego makes a board game (pic inside)

Took about 3 months of suffering but its finally complete ^_^ You won't find it on any stores though since its just a concept. I have to say...its definitely a daunting task to make any type of game that you want to provide as a product.. However, the more you enjoy doing it the better the experience will be. Enjoy the pic (click the link because the image is muy grande) This is the finished product. click me for pic

Commiting to not buying games...

...kinda sucks! :x I'm missing out on so many good games this year! But I decided to not buy anymore games for now...mainly because I don't need that entertainment, university takes a lot of my time :P I do have some games I still play on PC, so if you guys fancy playing with me on tf2, and fancy getting owned by me on Shogun 2 total war, then ask me for my steam id ^_^ I also have some other games that I have not played for a while (L4D1-2) to not buy games, but kinda loving the money saving part :D

Master Chef!

Yes! I can finally cook all the foods I wanted! [spoiler] don't you dare spoil my dreams by pointing out its Chief instead of Chef! [/spoiler]