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What's on your Christmas list?

9:44 PM

Well, it's almost Christmas now, so what did you ask for? If you're reading this after, did you get it? My friend asked for Gerard Way to pop out of a cake...sadly, I don't think she'll be getting him. Hmph!

I asked for a pair of kick-ass boots with lots of strappies so I can kick some major ass and a black Coach purse with the little C's on them. I'm pretty sure I'm getting them because I didn't ask for much else. Just lots of cosmetics and makeup and stuff from Bath and Body Works. BUT I did get my fill of geeky pleasure when my buddy Sydney got me a Naruto headband with the Sunagakure symbol on it. She said, "You're gonna be alone in your room and you'll be like..." **Looks from side to side** "Oh...yeah..." **Puts on headband** Ha-ha...silly Sydney...

I really wasn't feeling the Christmas cheer this year. I wasn't last year either. I guess because we didn't get any snow except that one day where we got a foot and then it all melted. We didn't even hang up lights this year. Pretty sad, really. Well, what can you do? I hope I get what I want this year. I spent almost 200 dollars on my friends with my own money that I saved up for 8...million...years and now I hope to get some good stuff.

But anyway, I get the feeling that no one reads this crap so I'm just going to say what else I'm feeling. I am so freaking mad for no reason. I'm bipolar- I must be. I'm so excited for Christmas but then there's my inner evil that wants to rip and maime and rape. Actually....I wrote a fanfiction type thing about that. Man, I wish Aislin had replied to that. Silly goose...

But I digress. Well, who cares? No one is reading this. I hope for Christmas Gerard Way's car breaks down in front of my house and he has to stay here for the night. Then I'm like "Hey..." and he's like "Hey..." and I'm like, "I'm hot! You're hot! We're hot! LET'S DANCE!" and we do. Man. He is so freaking adorable. In his Helena video he reminded me of a cute puppy. His skin was so white and flawless...I sound like a stalker. Sorry, Gerard. Oh, well. I'ma go to bed now and hope my sexy semi-emo not-lover's car breaks down in front of my house.

Oyasumi Nasai,


I am in LOVE with Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance!

5:42 PM

Yeah, I haven't been on here in like, 2 months because I was grounded but whatever. Anywho, I recently "re-discovered" My Chemical Romance and thought they were awesome. I can't believer Gerard cut his hair! He was so damn (quoting Fergie) T-T-T-Tastey Tastey! I mean, really! Now he looks like Billy Idol! Here, look...




Blonde Gerard!!

He's so much hotter he was a black-haired sexy beast. He looked like a sort of normal guy and I liked it. Scary...AND NORMAL AT THE SAME TIME! Now he just looks like Billy Idol... **Sigh** But I love you! Mind all you anime geeks out there, I still love Gaara but....HE'S NOT REAL! **Cries to sky** AS you can plainly tell, I love the freaks. Scary...but oh-so sexy!

Ja Ne,


What I have learned from my friends (Very important life lessons- please read)

8:41 PM

Last night me and 4 of my friends (well, 3, one went home sick at about 11:00) got together because we haven't been able to see each other very much. During this time period, I learned some very important life lessons. They are as follows:

*The Boogie Man throws awesome parties

*Aislin will get shot by Confederate soldiers

*Sydney and I fight for the Union

*The real lyrics to Jeepers Creepers are "Roll on duct tape,where'd you get that smile".

*Fat girls can't dance sexy

*Some guy I am somewhat attracted to peed his pants in 3rd grade

*Mothers get mood swings

*Aislin is getting a cheese pillow for her birthday

*Just because you kiss girls, it doesn't make you a lesbian

*There's a GIANT drug party in the House of Pain

*You CAN live without your internal organs for over 20 minutes

*The old black lady is always right

*All mass-murderers drive giant trucks

*The Monster from the Black Lagoon will rape you

*You never know when someone is recording you talk

*When you're bulemic you can read minds

*ALWAYS sing along to "I'm Proud to be an American".

*The real lyrics to "Promiscuous" are: "I got what you what and you want what I doesn't make sense...Johnny Depp in my pants!"

*The word "Prom" spelled backwards is "Morp".

I think that's it but there might be more. I'll update if I remember any. My friends have taught me many things. These values will help me succeed in life. Even if you don't understand them...they will help you. GOD BLESS THE USA.


HYDRO- I mean...erm...*cough* CHAKRA!! (And Ninjas and Chidori!)

5:31 PM

Yes, yes. No more detention for me. Not that it was bad, mind you. I just sat in the office and read and drew a bit. The lady behind the counter laughed at me. Stupid b*tch.

Anywho, instead of using "Hydro" as a term for weed, me and my friend Deya came up with "Chakra" (yes, the energy source in Naruto) to replace it. So you can run down the halls of your school screaming "I LOVE CHAKRA!" and the top of your lungs and no one will realize you just screamed a drug reference. We also came up with a few more terms. "Chidori" is the word for very very strong "Chakra". A "ninja" is someone who USES "Chakra". (I hope you all are aware that I don't actually do weed.)


Yes indeed you'd better believe it. So now, go outside, rip off your shirt in a dramatic manner and scream as the sun hits your face and a magical wind blows from nowhere: "I LOVE CHAKRA!"

America will thank you.


Anyone here like the music I like? (KoRn, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, etc.)

5:08 PM

Well, I was just wondering if anyone here liked the music I did so we might have something to talk about. Here are the bands/artists I like. You may judge me as you wish as I will judge you in return. **wink** Here they are, my favorite bands/artists and my favorite songs by each:

KoRn- Thoughtless

Marilyn Manson- Nobodies

Linkin Park (this was a good band before the emos exploited them and ruined them)- PaPeRcUt

Metallica- Enter Sandman (Oddly enough, this isn't a Gaara reference...)

Nickleback- How you Remind Me

Papa Roach- Last Resort (my most emo song)

Evanescence- Tournaquet

KT Tunstall- Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

Hole- Doll Parts

Garbage- Either Push it or Only Happy When it Rains

Black Eyed Peas- Let's Get it Started

Barlow Girls- Grey

Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc.

Hoobastank- Out of Control

Matchbox 20- Bent

Offspring- Can't Repeat

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication

Staind- It's been awhile [Acoustic Version]

t.A.t.U.- All the Things She Said


Well, those are my favorite bands and songs. If you agree...then yay. If not, whatever. I really hate mose "modern" music. That new song by Christina Agulera really gets on my nerves for some reason. I think it's either that all her songs sound exactly the same or that she's not using her amazing voice to her full potential. I also hate those singers from the Disney Channel. Aly and AJ act as though they have felt real pain but I doubt they've so much as felt an emotional bruise. Real music is derived from pain and deprevation- at least that's what I think. Some of those songs I like aren't really under the "best song" categpry, but whatever. I listen to what I do mostly because I'm an angry person and music is somewhat of an outlet for me. If you don't like it, whatever. You don't have to. I've created a whole new style which I like to call "Don't give a F*ck". Well, I'm out. Ja ne.


Yet another Halloween Costume blog- My costume is the SEXINESS

6:26 PM

As you may or may not know, I am going as Wrath (the third most deadly of the Seven Deadly Sins) for Halloween this year. And, you know what? My costume is HOT...Paris Hilton hot (you know...she has the catch phrase...) I have this bright black and red wig that sticks out everywhere that I'm wearing with a black and red corset top. The skirt is pretty short and looks like it's been shredded. I got the long fishnet stockings and some strappy leather-looking boots (not real leather. The kind you get at Hot Topic) that are huge and kick-ass. I'm going to use some rather Gaara-ish makeup around my eyes and have bright red lips with black and red nailpolish. I think this might be my best costume yet. What are you guys going as? Are they at shmexy as mine? **chuckles** Of course they're not, that would be impossible...:wink:


Stupid authority- FIRST. DETENTION. EVER.

5:25 PM

I got my very first detention today for passing a note to Yuna7780. I gave it to her and it fell out of her pocket on the bus. Apprently, the bus driver found it (IRONY) and I got a detention for talking about Hydro (it is now called "chakra" to avoid further detentions) and using repeated "bad language". LIZ I SWEAR TO GO YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WITH THAT STUFF.

When my dad gets home I am so f*cked. I might not be able to post on here for a while because I'll be grounded. Dammit. Here are some funny parts about my encounter with the principle and Dean of Students:

At first. I had no idea what they were talking about. Then they showed the note and I was like, "Oh, sh*t." inside my head. I denied it at first, but then I almost burst out laughing when the Dean said "The clues lead to you." I was so tempted to yell, "JINKIES, FRED! THE CLUES LEAD TO ME! RUH-ROH!" What the hell was that?! "The clues lead to you." What is this? Scooby-Doo?

The second thing was when he said "By the way, we know what Hydro is." Well, no Sh*t, Sherlock. Of COURSE you know what Hydro is (this is why me and my friend came up with "chakra": not only is it not a real name for weed, but it also provides a formidable excuse. YAY NARUTO! You have saved me again!)

The next thing was that the Principle was like "Why were you talking about that (weed) in the first place?" I said, "Oh, it's something me and my friend found online. It's an inside joke." I didn't want to tell them about the fakedubs because they might start tweaking and block the website (I can access it from the school computer lab- YAY!). You also can't swear, but you can write notes about crack and weed and meth and whatnot and not get a detention. I find that a little odd. I can't say, "America! F*ck yeah!" but I can write "No one cares about your hair, give ME THE WEED!!" Whatever. one less fault for me. I had to show it to my mom and get her to sign it. Apparently, she didn't find it funny. I did. I was in math and I was like "What's math for anyway...wait...Ifeel a song coming on!" Then I drew a picture of three people in a car bobbing their heads to "What is math" (like that SNL skit). It was funny. My dad will be pissed though. Wish me luck, I'm totally tweakin'. **Wishes she had sand jutsus...and Sh*t...**


Dear Diary. Mood: Apathetic (RANT- BAD LANGUAGE AHEAD)

8:36 PM

For all of you that have heard Adam and Andrew, you know that line is from the Emo Kid song. I'm not emo (at least I hope I'm not).

I finished my most recent AMV, Naruto Themes 2 (the sequel to the original Naruto Themes video I made in which everyone has a theme song). I just put it up so I have no replies but a lot of people liked my original so I think it'll do well. I'm not sure what to say now. I guess I'll rant. Since Yuna7780 has a list of loves I guess I'll basically do the opposite and do my list of hates/pet peeves. I guess I'm off.

Net Speak

I really don't mind if you have a few 'lol's thrown in there for whatever reason, but if you don't take the time to actually make sure you've capitalized the letter I, I might as well shoot you now so the world doesn't have to deal with your * *** Sure, we all have a typo here and there, I can sympathize. But if you honestly believe that your wee little fingers are too old and crippled to reach the correct numeric characters on your keyboard, then just take that bottle of asprin I know you hold so dear and swallow it. All. And when your intestines are bleeding I'll be, "Oh, your fingers are too crippled to reach the phone to call for help. Boohoo." Stupid f*ckers.

People who try to sound tough by using the word "b*tches"

Everyone does it. It's sweeping the nation and I swear to God I might as well kill every living person on this planet for saying it. No, no, no. You know what? I hate it when people say "biatches". Oh my f*cking God, that's worse than "b*tches". Mostly it's adolescent girls trying to be tough- guess what, Valley D*cks- YOU'RE NOT. You're not tough, you're not funny, you're not smart- you're just one more human being on this planet who needs to be hung by their large intestine from an electrical wire.

People who try to act like they're smart when they're not

This happens to me on almost a daily basis. People will use big words out of context just so they can sound like their IQ is over 40. In reality, these people on the brink of retardation and they just don't want anyone else to know it. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. If you're stupid, be stupid. If you're a smart-*ss, be a smart-*ss. Just don't lie to yourself or to me. It's really f*cking pathetic.

People who wear clothes they just should not

If you're a fat-*ss, don't wear tight clothes. No one wants to see your blubber- it's disgusting. Don't wear bikinis at the beach, either. It makes me wanna stab you. In fact, I might. The next time a fat b*stard is wearing something they shouldn't, I should push them over onto their back and see if they can get up. When they can't, I'll laugh my ass off. Nice. Oh, and those preppy b*tches who try to act all tough so they shop at Hot Topic (even though they're scared to go in there so they have to go in with their Mommy) and buy Tripp pants. I have Tripp pants. You know what? I like them. But you know what else? I'M NOT A PREPPY. Don't wear the clothes "my kind of people" wear. I'm not goth, I'm not emo, I'm just an angry person who needs clinical help of some sort- REGARDLESS. Don't do it. Just don't.

People who get attention when they really shouldn't

To get what I want, I work hard. I do whatever I can to get what I want and I don't do it with rich parents or whatever. But you know what I hate? When someone commits one of more of my Pet Peeves (as shown above) and they get people drooling all over them. I'll admit it, I like attention- but who doesn't? I like working hard and then getting praised occassionally. Not even a lot, actually. Just a little. But when I try hard and I only get a few people's recognition and then Joe Shmoe get a million people kissing his feet because he didn't do * *** I get pissed. It's what's wrong with America today. They don't know good from bad. We hard working folk don't get the respect we deserve.

Wait a second, I need to go get some water.

Okay, back.

When you have a song stuck in your head for long periods of time

This happens to me at least 3 or 4 times a day. At the moment I have "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top stuck in my head. Not sure why. I hear humming the Gilligans Island theme song gets it out. I don't want that stuck in there so I'm not going to try it.

People who take your ideas

This also happens often. People flat-out copy me and think I won't notice. Guess what- I DO. Stop lying to yourself, you're not like me. You don't WANT to be like me. And for all your folks out there who don't know me, I'm not trying to flatter myself. It does happen. A lot.

When people don't give my things back after borrowing them

We are all guilty of this one. We borrow something and it slips our mind to give it back. But after being reminded I kind of want my things back, okay? After a certain amount of time it should be legal to break into the person's house and take what you need. That would work. You'd never have to worry about getting things borrowed again, I garauntee it.

When Anime guys get girlfriends

This is self-explanitory. (Good thing Gaara has this whole 'hate' thing going on.)


That's about it. I'm emotionally drained. But that's what happens when you write a lot. I am a good writer. I mean it. I love writing. I will be a famous writer one day and you will all buy my books because of how great they are. Cool.


Mission Impossible 4: Fruits B*tches

6:47 AM

As you may or may not know, Yuna7780 just purchased the 14th Fruits Basket book. Ah, yes. Furuba. You have yet to fail us...unless you count every single book after book 8 where everyone slowly develops Down-Syndrom, all the books stray completely from the plot and focus on meaningly relationships, everyone is out of character, and they REMOVE THE EXTRA SPECIAL BLA BLA BLAHS...then yes, you have failed us. We have had it up to HERE **holds up hand to forehead** with Fruits Basket. It was an amazing series until book 8 where everyone decided they were gonna "make love not war". **wink** So Liz buys book 14 and we decide that all hell will break loose. Liz, Jocelyn, Emily (they all have names on here), Rachel, Kerry and I all get the book for a few days and a different color pen. Liz gets purple, Jocelyn gets orange, Emily gets blue, Kerry gets black, Rachel gets red, and I get green. In those few days we sign our name in the front of the book and we are allowed to write ANYTHING we want inside the book. We add facial hair, hilarious comments, coloring, Yaoi references (that was mostly me *cough*HatoriShigureShipper*cough*) and blatant vulgarity. We also tend to draw vomit leaking out peoples mouthes when they have their mouth open. I also threw in a few Gaara references (like in my "Mini-comic" at the bottom of a blank page where I drew me and Gaara kissy-kissy and Shigure going "aww..." and then in the next panel me saying "Well, you shouldn't have been a d*ck then. GET 'IM!" and Gaara's sand coming after a Shigure saying "Sh*t..."). I can't remember if it was Liz or Emily who pointed out that Kisa's feet at the beginning look like hands...see? Down-Syndrom. The reason I called this blog "Fruits B*tches" was because on the title page I changed the "Basket" to...well, you get it. It's pretty much my fault that we have to be careful not getting caught because there's a whole "Yaoi-Time!" section with Hatori and Shigure. Long story short: It's pretty bad. When we're all done we're going to scan it and upload it. It's so hilarious I cn barely stand it. Kerry has it now but she should be done soon. Well, I have to get to school. Bye bye.


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