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They always find something to complain about...

It is everywhere and to be honest it makes me sick. No matter how great a game, there will always be people who are unhappy. This I understand because one man's trash is another's treasure. I accept this and this itself does not bother me. What really pushes my buttons, gets under my skin, what doesn't float my boat, and what is my pet polterguiste of a peeve are the people who go out of their way in an attempt to infect others with their bitterness.

If GTA IV scores a 9.5 the world is up in flames because the score is too low. If GTA IV scores a 10 the world is up in flames because the score is too high. One can disagree with a score and perhaps debate it, but the incessant whining and hatred which ensue is astonishing.

My most recent example is the impetus behind this thread's creation. Personally, the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is my all time favorite game. If people disagree and state their reasoning behind this, so be it. But what I have seen of late is pitiful. A few days back I registered on Bethesda's forums. Yet on those very forums all I see are posts of why Oblivion is boring and in offchance of a positive thread, many cry why Fallout 3 will be a catastrophe and why its Oblivion-esque structure is a great injustice that everyone should hate. Why register for a game's forums if only to spread hate about the game? This immaturity is shocking.

What do people expect? Bethesda to cop out and simply make a barely 3D, top down dungeon scroller whose format has long since become obsolete? So they create a sequel to Fallout with Gamebryo and use a similar structure to the Elder Scrolls; aside from the 1st/3rd person view options and quest structure I hardly see any concrete examples of how Fallout 3 is Oblivion in the Fallout universe. It is a Fallout game. Not an Elder Scrolls game. It has the same setting, history, characters, themes, dialogue, and humor of the previous games. Unfortunatly, this is never enough.

I guess I am just exausting a moot point; i.e. my issues with some basic aspects of human instinct. I just wish people would either remain satisified or remain content in their discontent. The evangelistic hatred and the zeal with which these parasites spread it is becoming tiresome. They always find something to complain about.

*This was initially a forum post, but I decided this is better suited as a blog entry.

I write my first blog...

Damn, it is late. 12:49 a.m. EST, to be precise. I write my first blog entry at the stage of night where I cannot sleep because my eyes will not shut, though my mind is manifesting into some senseless abomination of psychology and my body is succumbing to the day's fatigue. To be clear, this is will not be grade A material. I do love to write, however, and perhaps a reprieve from this itch to express myself will allow me to get the rest I am so often deprived of.

Let's begin with my one crucially outstanding feature, that must be recognized for you to even tolerate my existance and controversial pattern of thought. It being my insanity. My family and friends simply view me as quirky, but when the doors are closed and the windows shuttered I acknowledge how bat**** crazy I am. Although I am more opinionated than I would like, I do not view my "curse" as such. I am an entity whose mind cannot be touched by unintellectual banter. Sure, some ignorant d-bag will piss me off. Though only briefly, before I tell the racist 12 year old to get through puberty before he speaks into the mic again.

I am a free thinker, I possess the ability recognize how twisted some of society's virtues are. Now, I am not an elitist by any means. Nor do I belong to the UPP (Union of Pretentious Peoples.) I simply allow myself to comment on, largely in a critical manner, the pros and cons of all in society. I analyze everything, for better or for worst. I admit to my faults and rarely my positive attributes. I am usually too hard on myself, and often on others. Analysis: It is this which drives me; yet paradoxically fuels my insanity. I must analyze, though it is often detrimental to my mood and behavior. So when I spout out negativity or criticize your views or beliefs in an attempt to convert you to my ideas and philosphy without acknowleding the irony in my own zealotry, I implore you to understand that it is out of compulsion and not hatred. I get some odd satisfaction out of proving another wrong and claiming myself a conflict's victor. I am also too stuborn to admit my defeat. Though I will always respect an intellectual or those who wish to be informed of today's issues in a light hearted manner. I have a good sense of humor and I hope to inject it into serious discussion so hostility and boredom do not become prevelant. I hope we see eachother on the frontlines of banter. I will attempt to beat you to a bloody pulp and I hope you do the same.

But when the day is over, I want to laugh it off; even if we agree to disagree. Because when it comes down to it, we are all human. It is best to separate ourselves from beast and learn to better ourselves and then help others raise above petty hatreds and phobia. Controversy will always strengthen us, though conflict will destroy us. Think about it....

Well, this is the end of blog numero uno. I had an entire issue I wished to discuss, but its bordering on 1:20 a.m. and I am about to hit R.E.M. So, I will have to end it hear. For those that read this, thanks for "listening?" and I look forward to future success. Good night and good luck.