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Games that make you sleepy

This is the weirdest thing you will ever hear me say, but... Have you ever played a good game that made you want to take a nap? I can't explain it, but that's what happens every time I play Pokemon Diamond. It's a great game, but it makes me feel tired. Maybe it's the slow pace, or the coloring and lighting or... I don't even know. It works faster on me than reading a book (which actually doesn't put me to sleep -- unless it's boring!).

Stupid games that you can't put down


Have you ever gotten stuck on playing a game that isn't really all that wonderful a game in the realm of life, but one that is strangely addictive?

I'm currently playing Cake Mania, and can't put it down. There's really nothing to it, but I keep playing it. This isn't good, because I have other things I need to do, like study, clean house, buy food.....

Anyway, what games have any of you played that holds a weird attraction?


Price Cuts

Well the PS3 is now $100.00 cheaper but is it enough? What about a Xbox 360 price cut, how much is enough? $199.99 core system, $299.99 regular system and $399.99 Elite? Tellme your thoughts or ideas about a price cut for the 360 and PS3.