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GHlegend77 Blog

I'm back!

After a long period of absence from both my forum and GS, I've been really busy. I'm making attempts to come back. With summer just around the corner, there should be plenty of time to catch up with some old friends! :)

Also, I'm trying to get back into GFx/GIMP. Newest sigs:

Also, my former policy of an obligation to give credit for a sig I made for you has been rebuked! No credit necessary, though it is appreciated. :)

Well, I suppose that's it for now. I look forward to seeing all of you again.

So I've been asked this repeatedly...

..."Why did you create TDH?"

I created TDH as a medium through which contact with long-banned users is made possible and so that we GameSpotters may have a "safe haven", if you will; a place where we can go and just chill without all the needless rules and regulations GameSpot's ToU makes us adhere to.

So there y'go. The "secret" is out. :roll:

TDH_leak: Drama. 2 forums. One small, one medium-sized. Lies. Slander.

Go there for more info about it.

Tagged so f*** you all ;P

I was tagged by raynimrod.

Er... I haven't really gamed much in 2010. It's been a really dead year for me actually.

But, if I had to pick by going off of reviews , my top 5 games would be:

5. Alan Wake
4. Red Dead Redemption
3. Heavy Rain
2. COD: Black Ops
1. Fallout: New Vegas (only one of these I've actually bought lol)

I, in reality, play almost none of the vidya games now, so I'm just going off of hype on these. ;S

To top off this horrible blog, here are my tagged users...
3: v13_kiiltz
2: LJS9502_basic
1: cybrcatter

come on guys and do it

The.. NOTcars?!

I hear TDH has been stirring up a few OT_controversies lately. ;)I won't go into specifics, but apparently there was a leak last night!I don't really see how it was a leak, though, since anyone can sign up there...?

Anyway, we'll be hosting our own little ceremonies soon called the NOTcars! They'll be coinciding with the OTcars. A little preview of some of the categories:

"OT_comedian" Awardfor Unfunniest, try-hard poster.
"2001: A FAU odyssey" Awardfor most pretentious and elitist user.
"Trve Kvlt" Awardfor most zealous metal***.
"Big Brother" Awardfor despotic mod.
"Are U Gay Awardfor sexualy confused user.
"ADHD" awardfor consistently off-topic posts and thread derailing.
"Don't think, just type" awardfor worst spammer.
"MY PRECIOUS!!" Awardfor Obsession
"/thread" Awardto biggest ownage of the year
"And nothing of value..." Awardfor banned user OT is best without.
"Caesar's thumb down" Awardfor User who should be banned.

To see all of the awards and vote, you'll have to sign up hereand wait to be approved. ;)

Nominations are currently going on, but they'll be over soon, so be sure to get your words in!

Anyway, that's about it, GS. Thanks for reading. :)

I've written my own GS theme!

Well, actually, I used bededog's Opacity and ff7's private theme as a starting point. :)


It's a Google Chrome-only theme (too lazy to port to FF), and not completely finished, though it is most of the way. If you'd like a copy of the code, PM me. Afterwards, if you have any problems with the code, PM me.

Just a regular blog =]

Alright... hello, GS. :)

Tonight marks two months without a suspension, the same for a point loss. I've been a good boy, you could say. My last warning was a bit less than two weeks ago.

In other news, I've maintained all A's in school, barely getting my B+ in Arithmetic up to an A-. I have a high A average, though, considering that I had mostly A+'s. :P

Moreover, I have two cats. Just a little fact. My mom booted them out of the house, though, and they died. :(

I know you're all getting tired of the forum updates, but we've reached 111 members! :) :lol: :P

Currently, I am bored out of my mind and procrastinating over doing my homework, even though it's 11 PM :lol:

Anyway, that's about it. Bye, blog readers. :)