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2 new Review...and surprise surprise

Here are 2 games I reviewed...very throughly, so check em out:

So I've been in the premiere of Spider Man 3 with the gang and my gf, it was ok, 7-8/10. Whats disappointing was the game (check the review out)

I gathered some more info of Splinter Cell 5: Conviction (why it is Xbox 360 exclusive)- Pictures

- No more sneaking around in the shadows. Apparently you're going to be more like James Bond and infiltrate buildings in plain daylight. You won't have to use force or sneak around as long as you don't act suspiciously.

- According to the article, every single object that is rendered on screen has physical properties and most of them can be used by Sam. For example, Sam can pick up furniture and use it as a weapon, or throw printers at enemies or papers in the face of enemies to gain the upperhand in fights.

- Melee fights are much more than "press this button to hit" this time around. There's different context sensitive attack buttons and as mentioned before lots of environmental interaction.

- Some pretty negative comments about the PS3 made by the devs. They state the fact that they are exclusive to the 360 allows them to do much more than if they were multiplatform, but they also state they doubt they would be able to achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive.

Those are the most important things in there. Ubi also claims the AI is really good and the magazine says the AI for example makes cover out of chairs and tables.




First scans of Splinter Cell 5: Conviction (WOOOW)

Click here to check out the first ever SC 5 shots in my album.

From the looks of the scans and info i gathered, is suggests that this time, The game will be even more personal. It it suggested that its an open world game. It will allow you to use objects in the world as a weapon like never before even before....WAAAAW. :( I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been an exclusive from GFofgaming...not gamespot :P.:D

Back in the States...also tools for da "Ultra" Gamer

Few Hours ago we just came back to Vegas after 2 nights of none-stop fun, classy football, classy shopping:). I took this opportunity to buy some "expensive" fashionable items from Milan. Just the n00bs out there, Milan is the fashion capital of the world, not Paris...Milan by a long shot. I went several fashion stores like Gucci, Gianni, etc and bought 3 classy, sexay italian overcoats, one cost...150$:(, and that was the least expensive of the 3, but the whole family was such in a good mood after the milan storm over manchester "once united", that my dad was all like, giving and giving...situations like this, with my experience in this playing field...I am just taking and taking :P. Then I bought 3 classy sunglasses, all black, but looks just..awesome and 3 ties. See the pattern emerging......3s. Then after giving farewell hugs to the rest ofthe family until 3 weeks we all again will go to Athens for the Grande Finale, AC Milan vs Liverpool- ROUND 2!.

Tomorrow is the Spider Man 3 Premiere and also the day I am getting the Spider Man 3 Collector's Edition for PS3....awesome week!


Now....while gamespot is a complete gaming site, its doesn't mean that u will be upto date with all the information, articles of video games. So here are the 2 small things you might be interested.



The site's simple design is very effective and yet elegant enough to be eyecatching. What I love about the site is that, even though it is not as heavily community driven like gamespot, they provide some very interesting articles regularly on games and not just previews, and they delve deep into the games, share their interesting views, etc.



Its a free very good electronic magazine (PDF), complete with the usual review, previews, interviews.............with a twist. The whole magazine is interactive! You can instantly vote in polls, send reader comments, check videos of games all within the magazine.

The night I shall never forget

We Won!!!!! I cant believe it! We won!!Won!!! We r in the finals! OMG!! Not only beat them, we beat them by 3 goals! 3! We arrived at the stadium half hour before kickoff. Than it started to rain like crazy. We got into our seats and didn't get any umbrella (the joy), like most of the fans. The Stadium was.....unbelievable, packed with 86,000+ milan fans and about 5700 MANU fans. The first half we dominated, TOTAL Domination. Possession displayed 72 % in favor of us, which is mindblowing considering the quality of the oppostion like Manchester United. We milan fans in the rain were shouting milan!! and also shouting the italian version of "CHOKE! CHOKE!" and it was really effective, they were like little ants trapped in a jar..buhahaha. Every single milan player played with a different class, the passing the movement were all as smooth as silk. We got into the score sheet by...who? Why...the best player in the world scored of course with good strike on the far right. We were 1 up, 3-3 agregade, enough to go on and win it. Then, seedorf, the man who is making his mark why he won "3 European cups with 3 different clubs"- which no one has ever done, has showed great balance and control and fired a thunderbolt on the right bottom corner beating the keeper. Agregade 4-3, half time whistle. Then 2nd half started and was expected, MANU gave us a little pressure from the start of it, but we coped it. Than....MANU was attacking in numbers in about 70 mark of the game, Milan than showed that MANU aren't the only one who can do counterattacks. With ligtening bolt counterattack, Ambrosini fed Gilardino the ball and he scored, in about 5 secs from end to end. Than the match slowly came to a close and We won 5-3 on Agreegade or 3-0 in our home!

Man of the match? Its tough, cause every single milan players played ultra**** But, the fan who terrozied manu throughout the match, the nucleus of milan's play, Gattuso, more than deserves it, I just luv that guy, he doesn't have any flamboyant skills, but the dude works real hard.

Now....things r reall interesting in the finals....its so interesting that it deserves its own blog. Lets say...umm.....a feeling of Deja v, a feeeling of........REVENGE :twisted:


Thats a night I shall never forget, not only the family responded best to our support, but the atmostphere of the stadium, San Its...i cant express em by word,,, not even televesion wit 7.1 sorround sound can do any justice to San Siro, magificent stadium, magnificent night, maginificent win.

Now....I am in a local cyber-cafe. After few mins, we will go to Pazzini's Pazia house for some delecious...mouthwatering.,..pizzas. And then we will buy some stuff like some of those famous italian overcoats from Gucci and 1 or 2 watch. And Then.............we r gonna party all night with the crazy fans like us, Leena had a party yesterday...why cant I :P, And Lin, Paris is pretty close to Milan, being northern italy.

Hoping our captain lifts the cup for his 5th time.

I will miss u guys, I hope i could bring u some stuff from there.

Take care, lots of luv! Hope our captain lifts the cup for his 5th time.



Live! from Milano, Italia

By da time u guys can read dad. bro and I will land in Milano, Italia. Over there we will meet up with my cousins. Whats the occasion u may ask? Well............lets just "family" needs support :P

Call of Duty 4 reactions and.............Official PSM GTA IV Preview

I am very happy COD 4 is in modern times. COD one was god, COD 2 was the way it was meant to be played. COD 3 was absolute waste (talking about 360/PS3 versions), nothing new, slightly better graphics, same gameplay, almost same environments from COD 1 which had normandy missions. COD 4 embracing modern warefare, the time cannot be better, as we have more WWII shooters than we ever need. Like MOH A, Epic game's 360 xclusive WWII, and another game with an alternate WWII take (which is interesting and should not be included in the bunch) and who knows how many games I missed. As for COD 4, I hope the game is more "personal" and have a bit story and makes u go on and on. I like the airplane bit of the trailer, which hopefully hints the sheer diversity of the missions. The graphics.. I am not sure about it actually, some parts were good, others were waay bad. Then again, its a teaser trailer and who knows how many builds they mixed. My only real complain about the graphics of the teaser is the character emotions, i saw 2 characters in the game which had no expression at all when he shot a 9mm, not even the slightest movement, as if the face was a still image, but I am sure Infinity guys can fix em up.


Now...I created PDF version for the OPM GTA IV preview for you  guys to download, just click on the cover picture and start downloading. 

Just recieved my ticket to GTA IV HEAVEN :P

Yesterday morning I ordered the official UK PLAYSTATION Magazine which is said to contain a huge preview of GTA IV, similar to Game informer (also which I have). Today I recieved the magazine and I was like, that was sure fast and I didn't even tick xpress shipping and add xtra cash for it, guess parcel services r getting cheat nowadays....nice.

The OPM's GTA IV preview is MASSSIVE, much much bigger and more informative tha Game Informers, contains real screenshots as opposed to slight graphical altered images of Game Informer. So go get it!

Also, if you guys want, I can post a PDF version of the whole preview.

Until next time. :)

Don Montella out 

Maammiiaaa, My...MAAASTERPIECE

I have a habit of playing with photoshop, this is my latest masterpiece. The images shows the original wallpaper vs mine. The characters I added (more... their head) are of Kane and Granger from C&C 3, Tiberium Wars. The theme is "God Father of gaming", hence my nik gfofgaming. Enough talk, here is the masterpiece.


After Editing


I would appreciate if u guys can invite ur friends to see this, that is if u think it is cool. Now gamespot, can i get an emblem for this? P/S: IF u like it, then I can post the full wallpaper version of it, just give me the credit for doing it and whenever u see it,

A BIG SURPRISE Coming up:)

I luv to creat some "masterpieces" with photoshop, some of my works are like, the sig i use in the forums, and once FORZA ITALIA during World Cup.  U guys just have to find out what it has something to do with ..godfather..."gf"

Downloaded Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Reviews

PSN (PLAYSTATION Network) is really starting to kickass its content and with some huge PSN network titles I am planning to buy like "Calling All Cars" and "Little Big  Planet", original titles, just pure Sony. Today I downloaded Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo from PSN, using the first time since we installed, Comcast 9mbps Fiberoptics broadband, which is a speed of 112.5 megabytes per second, so... it took me like some 3 secs to get this heheee, just awesome! I switched the verizon 6mbps connection to PC and Connected the wireless router to the comcast, to creat the fastest wireless connection possible in my house. As I have Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Laptops and PSP, u can imagine what kind of jungle it would have been if we had wired connections.

NGS is an awesome game so far, high resolution textures, shiny ninja suit, awesome. The Fighting mechanic is also very well implemented, I think I am gonna get this game when it comes out, as I didn't play the orignal Gaiden.

Also, I reviewed this title, I kept it short and sweet, so if u can, check it out: