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I am back! AGAIN!

School has been tough the last two months. I will be posting more now though as we approach summer time. How is everyone??Is everyone still here? Hope you all are staying out of trouble.:P

NFL playoffs!

Yes, the playoffs are here. I am going to be cheering on my Bears tomorrow against the Seahawks. Any one else going to be watching?


Yes another level up. Just took a couple months to get. Haven't been posting that often though. How is everyones new year going?

Defias Brotherhood

Yes levelled up again!

I also beat Fallout New Vegas today. Great game, I ended the game with the NCR. I am playing it again though. Going to try hardcore mode and take the path of Caesar's Legion. Looking forward to it. The last quest with the NCR was a b**** though. Took me about 5 tries to kill that guy at the end, I ended up using the ballistic fist to kill him. Three punches and he was dead. What a way to end the game eh? What have you all been up to?

Surgery was a success!

Hello all. Just thought I would update you guys on my situation. I had surgery on Tuesday, as most of you know. I am seeing alright but still a little blurry. I also have a brutal headache right now as well. But I should be 100 percent within a week. I no longer have Glaucoma, the presure in my eye before the surgery was 48, now it went down to just 10. I''m hoping to be posting more within the next week. Thanks for all of the support.:D
Have a good day, and I hope to be posting very very soon.