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Vietcong? More like Vietcrap.

When i saw the add on tv for vietcong purple haze, i thought hey, this could be a good game. well i was really wrong. the graphics in this game really stunk, i mean, if you shoot the with 100 bullets, he still shoots back. c'mon. and the levels are so easy, you don't even need your pointman to tell you where to go. you just have to follow the path and shoot badguys. and with your medic and engineer, there's no challenge, cause you get unlimited health from your medic, and unlimited bullets from your engineer. The ONLY good part of the game (or should i say funny part of the game) was the drill sargent swearing at you when you where training. he would make fun of your momma, or that you're gay or something like that. So if you really want to rent this game or even buy for some stupid reason, the only good thing you're going to get out of it is how to make fun of someone.