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Probably won't be here on Gamespot

This will be probably short or long, but here it goes....


I am sure it comes to no surprise that I have not been active for awhile and it is not because of the upcoming Gamespot redesign (In fact, I am fine with that), but because Fuse is left out broken until the new redesign of Gamespot and I am left out sad and disappointed. It may sound ridiculous and stupid but Fuse is the reason I am very active and leaving it broken until the update made me lost my steam of excitement, putting me into the "no point of coming back here" state. 


It is only rewarding when you become patient, as always, "Patience is a virtue". I would have approached it as many people would tell me to stay, but unless it gets fixed ahead before I leave, I may not last long here in Gamespot. I do not want to make you upset just because others are leaving the same way with the same reason instead of waiting for the outcome. There reason are because of the features that gets removed. For me, it's because of Fuse. Everything else does or does not matter to me. I understand that the point of having Fuse in the beginning was to test it out so of course, there is bound to have glitches and bugs, but at that time when Fuse was new, I never knew about it. Now I've lost contact with my friends there in Fuse and the only way I'll see them if it's on Steam, PSN, deviantart or Facebook. 


I would've stayed here if it weren't for people leaving and Fuse broken until the redesign. I do not know why I would give up just because of one thing, but if it weren't for Fuse, I guess I won't able to know you or meet you guys. It was nice talking to you all, the joys yet also dramas. You may not know whether I changed my mind about leaving or not. I'll see to it as much as possible. If I don't make another blog about not leaving, then if you want to keep in touch, here's my ID:

PSN: yawnawn

SteamID: ZGamerF

deviantart: FuryX-4

Facebook: For you to figure it out....as I'll still meet the same people from Fuse (unless you send me one through PM) ;P


I would probably be here online but won't be able to respond to other blogs besides this and the lists on top. 


I'll leave you here with a funny pic before you feel sad....



....until then, I'll see you next time. Hope to come back talking to you GS if I can. 

The Gamespot we all used to know....

As you may have recalled about the recent article, Gamespot will be bringing a huge change for this website. One of the most shocking thing to hear from others is the disappearing of Unions, User-Created Boards, shutting down Fuse until integration and more that I have not mentioned (though I could use a a link about info on Fuse). That news alone just sparked a negative thoughts on citizen's mind, their words and their feelings. There are some that are ready, but others.....well, we are not ready for the change. Doing so just not only remove at what most people cherished, but also lose the identity of what Gamespot used to be about. It sounds as if I exaggerated that sentence about the identity but oh well....

I fear that as it happens, people will leave Gamespot just for things they have spent here for years, bonding with others they have never met until now for the first time and so on. Even though I rarely go to Unions, that does not mean it is better to kill it off based on statistics. I mean sure, it has not been active for awhile, but most deeply cared about their Union because it is the area where people meet each other and gather for their favorite thing. Heck, some Unions had been up for a very, very long time. The reason it would be removed is just because Gamespot just does not care about exposing it, nor even maintaining it. Another thing to talk about is the User-Created Boards. Same applies as I said about Unions so you know how it goes (Well, except the reason for taking down UCB is another thing so it's different than the Unions). I am not sure if I'll be here for awhile before a major overhaul for the new website.

Shutting down Fuse is a colossal mistake for Gamespot as it is the place that seperates from outside of Gamespot that I would or would not like to know (Even today, when comment system have been changed to Livefyre, lots of users post up positives stuffs, but also with lots of negative stuffs but that is just me and that is just how it is). Of course, Fuse will be integrated, but only features that will be placed on GS profiles. I have been on Fuse for very long time and it is the best place to stay, sharing what is in our thoughts and people would share their thoughts to others. The greatest thing about it is that I made a lot of friends there with people keeping themselves positives even though there is negatives, but not very severe and most of them are just poking for fun without a conflict abrew versus outside of Fuse, in any Gamespot news. I have enjoyed putting up good laughs, good times, made bonds to each others, forming memories and more. It will always be in my heart, remembering the days we all enjoyed there, chlling, talking and looking up random stuffs....on Fuse. Losing it....just gave me bleakness and sorrows. For years being here on Gamespot, it was great being here to enjoy cool things, but times have changed for this place and it'll be long gone before it happens. 

I hope this does not upset you...or Gamespot staffs, but thank you for reading...hopefully. I hate to see you guys leave Gamespot cause it was delightful talking to to yous, but I guess it is for the best. I appreciate leaving a contact info, groups or website if you want to continue talking to you.

So until then....enjoy your wonderful days!~


My review of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES


So here is a review of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES


My review is very sloppy, garbage and not written at a good sense compared to Golden so I'm sorry if I wrote like this, I'm not really good with putting up a great details on what the game has to offer


You know, despite completing the game, I still couldn't beat Elizabeth in the 2nd playthrough, mostly with the lack of Homunculus. So if any of you could provide tips or support on how to collect more Homunculus, I would greatly appreciate it.


Right now, I'm playing Persona 2: Innocent Sin and so far, with a little bit of understanding the system, the game is very fun. I also snag Persona 3: Portable during the weekly sales on PSN (Also for getting Innocent Sin) but that'll come after Innocent Sin or Enternal Punishment. 


A feedback would be helpful in the later future review. I would thank you if you do :lol: 

Should I get more Persona games?


So I checked on Playstation Blog, at the Sales section, all the Persona games are having a discounts. I'll just copy the list just in case you are lazy to check it out: 


  • Persona 4: Golden PS Vita Game (now: $19.99 original price: $29.99)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PS Vita/PSP Game (now: $9.99 original price: $19.99)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin PS Vita/PSP Game (now: $9.99 original price: $19.99)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable PS Vita/PSP Game (now: $9.99 original price: $19.99)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES PS2 Classic (now: $4.99 original price: $9.99)


 Now I already have P4G, P4A with soundtracks I got from my friend and FES and I'm really a diehard Persona fan, but I also want to get the 1st, 2nd with 2 parts (Possibly Innocent Sins) and Portable just for FeMC In another future information, I'm also planning to get in the Shin Megami Tensei series when I get a 3DS soon. I'm also planning on getting Divekick but that won't be available until August 20 and for my prediction, the sales won't last long. 


So for your opinion, which game should I get and play and should I get it while it's a temporary discount sales or wait?


My review on Persona 4: Golden

I thought it would be interesting if some people would check out my review of Persona 4 Golden, I appreciate it.

I know this review is like 19 days ago and I sounded like I'm desperate to tell everybody to check out my review that is days ago, trying to revive it and already told. I am sorry if I did like this, but usually I would inform you on blog that I posted a review just like I did with Demon's Souls and Um Jammer Lammy 4 blogs ago :lol:. Sadly though I rarely post up blogs now that I bother much on Fuse than on blogs :P, heck . Think I sort of informed in Fuse, but not much. Anyways....you don't have to check it out though (you already seen it or not) but I would appreciate a feedback, just so I can try improving on what matters the most.

So yeah... 

In your opinion: Are you glad G4 is making a switch?

With this article up, I just wanna to make a blog about your opinion.

I'm not sure if my question opinion question make sense but here it goes and I'm gonna explain it long or short, and either the information are not right or nailed it....

G4 or TechTV whatever it is, used to be a great show that's meant to be for gaming and/or nerds (Dunno if it's a good thing to describe :P), and maybe some foreign show, I dunno i.e Unbeatable Banzuke, etc., but nowadays they only showed stuffs that looks uninteresting (Cheaters), shows that's unrelated to G4 community (College Campus or COPS), or shows that died shortly. NBC Universal has announced that it will rebrand G4 to something that focuses on GQ.


Back in the days, G4 and TechTV were separate. TechTV (AKA ZDTV before it was changed to TechTV) is a network that shows technologies and stuffs, but it's also the network where X-Play began. It's a great network to watch.


G4, created by Comcast, had their own good shows too based on video games and much stuffs similarly like TechTV. Later on, both TechTV and G4 merged together to form G4TechTV:

Things went well with shows like The Screen Saver, etc. up until there are changes. It's replaced with G4, which dropped TechTV to be dissolved leaving it to say goodbye.

Although years goes on till they made some changes to themselves when their shows has Cheaters, COPS, Campus PD, anything unrelated to G4, and it wasn't a great choice to put in. Things on G4 never focused about gaming though it still has X-Play, the only longest running video game show and Attack of the Show!

In your opinion, with things changes as time past by likeshowing shows that's unrelated or shows that was awesome is gone, people leaving mostly from TechTV or G4 employees (Like Adam Sandler, Kevin Pereira) only leaving Morgan Webb as the only TechTV employee,are you glad G4 is making a switch?

In my opinion: Yes, I'm glad they changed themselves to something else after things aren't making sense at all. And I'm also glad Direct TV dropped this network after their ratings and the value in the show it offers. Though I'm gonna miss shows like Ninja Warrior or Unbeatable Banzuke because it's a great foreign game show, I'm glad they made changes to themselves to ensure that it would make sense to change to something else that relates perfectly from what the shows has to offer.

Also because I didn't like the changes of X-Play probably after 2009 or 2010, can't tell exactly what year was it, like the intro is now short and I missed the old intro just to probably to cut down the time, contents in the show Gaming News, when it's my favorite part when I'm not always in the internet to check for game news, Cheats!, etc.) are gone but I'm not sure right now, missed the funny skits and such more.

So what's your opinion?

I'm scared

So I clicked this weird Steam link a weird Steam friend (2 with same name and icon but one is very fishy) sent me with a message to me that says (steamconmunlty & bugs3 on url) "my name is on the off-topic forum" before logging off and removing me from the friends list. I filled in my account & it's taken me to nowhere. The page looks very similar though the URL was a little different.

I knew it was fake because it doesn't say [Valve Corporation [US] security next to the url, the login page was different (The real one says to fill in my username, the fake one tells me to fill in my email address), and even my account, it supposed to show an avatar and my name on the top right, but it doesn't.

I was shocked that it could be a trap to hacking my Steam account. I made a quick move by changing my account info and my email password. I made a support account so I tell Valve about it. Sent a support ticket to Valve abuot that weird link. I'm really scared :(. Help me!

How are you Gamespotters doing? Sharing my experience with fighting games.

How are doing? I don't blog a lot, still at Fuse. Though few days ago when Fuse was broken, today it's fixed and running good. So what's new?

Today, I just bought and downloaded a game that I am so seriously interested, even if I'm terrible at it, and its:


I have been following this and keeping track of it. I also tried the demo and it's amazing. With it's amazing charming look, in-depth tutorial and such things is what makes me interested in playing other fighting games that I'm not good at. I don't usually blog a lot, but after reading this article, Fighting Games Symposium Part 1, I was thinking that, "Hey,I'm gonna share my experience with fighting games since I'm kinda bored :P." There could be grammar errors in my story but I don't care so yeah, LETS GO!

Normally I wasn't into this whole fighting games but I think I played a lot of fighting games for the past years or so just with the controller. I remember as a kid that I saw Killer Instinct on SNES and Mortal Kombat II while watching my brother or sister play it. I'm really glad that I saw it, they look great. Killer Instinct was good looking, and Mortal Kombat II is very bloody and it's possibly the first Mature game that I know as a kid to watch it, but not played it. (Not sure so I can't remember but it's possible :P). I also remember watching someone play a fighting arcade games at a mall in Philippines, many kinds of fighting games or arcades, begging for money to play arcade games, pretty interesting. Years later, when we have PS1 and PS2, we play many games on it or watching someone else play it. The game that made me interest remembering this underrated fighting game is called Bloody Roar:


It was a decent fighting games involving with characters turning into monsters or animals :P, good times.

The only fighting that I mostly play and always is the Tekken series. A great and amazing fighting series. My big brother beating me many times and never even win many times, and sometimes playing with someone else, winning or losing, so I was play a different fighting games and playing something. As time flies by, I sometimes play something interesting games like DOA, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 with my cousins or friends, but afterwhile I lost interest, then it came back.

This is a different fighting game, not like Street Fighter. I was 7th or 8th grade, when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released, I was eager to wanting to play it. The great thing is that my sister got the game few days when the game launched and we're excited to try playing that game.


We played so many countless hours on that game, we couldn't stop playing it or putting down the controller till we are tired or whatever it is. It was great. :P

Last year as a freshmen, the only fighting game we got for PS3 is Tekken 6 with my friends.


A gift from my sister's classmate and boy I beat all my friends, I mostly win, few losses for me and rest having wins or lose. It's unfortunate that I just mash the buttons on different characters hoping to execute moves or combos. I was thinking I could be good, but not skillful.

As of today, with new games like SFxT, UMvsC, and so much more, I'm really curious on trying out new fighting games. With the new game that I got Skullgirls, I'm thinking of trying out and learn moves, improve skills and learn strategy with the controller. And once I learn good, I'm thinking of competing with someone else who is good online or offline. Thank you Skullgirls developers (Reverge Labs). Without you, I won't be interested in fighting games or Street Fighters stuffs :P, now you regained my interest in fighting games. :P

My story is probably missing some parts, but I don't care, I just got what's in my mind.

I still thinking of what my favorite Skullgirl character is since all of them are amazing :P, and possibly reviewing it or not. So yeah......thank you for reading my blog.

In your opinion: Is Bioware getting themselves in trouble?

Now I haven't even gone depth into Bioware and I don't know a lot from them, not genius or something, I also could be wrong and should have done research a lot from them, but.....

I'll make this quick:

1. First Dragon Age II, one of the promising sequel that have succeeded ended with a failure or disappoint to the fans. (I even tried the demo on PS3 and boy, it just looks ugly). I did probably watch some of the 2011 most disappointing games or read, and they mentioned DAII as the disappointing game. Good news is DAIII is coming soon and around the corner to be announced.


2. Mass Effect 3 with a seriously controversial ending that left them angry, sad or WTF?! to the fans. The new DLC disappoints, though it's separate. Fans are really begging for BioWare to change the ending and really was a big news for Bioware and the gaming community.

I don't know about The Old Republic since I'm not that kinda interested but it was one of the most expensive budget games ever to be made, so huge it overlaps GTAIV by million dollars...

My opinion is hmmmm......:probably not a lot, but it's just left a scratch for them and the others.

In your opinion, do you think they are getting themselves in trouble or is it just nothin?
Tell us your opinion by comment. Plz, thank you....

2 reviews are up

I have posted up the new review for 2 games: Um Jammer Lammy, a great classic PS1 rhythm game and Demon Souls, 2009's GOTY successful RPG game. My review for Demon Souls was really big and detailed, though my review for story will be short since I kind of forgot about it and more into gameplay.

So I hope you like it...