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gaming update

Hey y'all,

here is just a short gaming update from yours truly. I been playing a lot of AC2 and just got 1000/1000 achievement points on it last week :) I also played some MW2 and got 890 points. Also did some online with MW2 and Im not as good as my CoD4 days, but Im trying to get better :)

Now I don't really have a single player game so I decided to dig deeper into Fallout 3 :D I got the gamea while back and started it, but never got far. The game is pretty fun, but just takes a whole lot of hours to progress :P But Im planning to put some serious effort into it. I hope I'll enjoy it.

Im also thinking of gettinga new game for xmas, just don't know which one yet. Probably Fable 2 or Halo ODST :) Well that's all

Have a good one!

From endless frustration to endless amount of fun

Ok so AC2 has been my most anticipated game of the year. As you might know Ubisoft has released the game in three edition, normal, white and black. The Black Edition being the ultimate assissins edition sold for 90 euros, with an extra artbook, dvd, 3 downloadable maps and Ezio in hisfully upgraded gear. I tried my hardest to get my hands on the Black Edition and went as far to order it from knowing I wouldn't have my game on release day.

Here the journey of ultimate frustration starts. I was clever enough to convince my cousin to buy his White Edition on release day and hand it to him after the weekend. He was out of cash at the time anyway and was ok if I played it for a couple of days.So I could actually play the game for an entire weekend. I really put a lot of hours into it, it is such an amazing game. At the end of the weekend I had 500/1000 achievement points. I really was into the game, but had to hold on to the deal with my cousin and hand it over to him. So from that point no more AC2 for me.

The wait for the Black Edition from was on. Their site says shipments to Holland useally takes 7-10 days. Fair enough. The game didn't arrive during that time and I have been waiting without AC2 for so long and I still have nothing. Itis my most anticipated game of theyear and not being able to play it while it is in store is really a buzz kill.If the game doesn't arrive they cannot send me another copy either, since the Black Edition is so limited. They can only give me a refund after 21 days have passed. Frustration level has reached his peak. I couldn't wait any longer, knowing the White Edition are limited too. I went to a shop and got the last White Edition for 60 euros. I can breath once again.

The wait has been really killing me, doesn't offer any form of track and trace. I will never order at ever again. At least I can play AC2 now and I hope I get a refund as soon as possible. AC2 is such a great game and I am just over the middle of the game. Hours of fun are still ahead of me :)

360 is BACK ! ! !

So my 360 gave me an error message just over a week ago and I had to send it in for repairs. The timing couldn't have been worse, just before the release of Modern Warfare 2. So it killed some off the release hype. Microsoft service has been really good though, I called them and on the same day they picked the broken 360 up from my house. On the site I could see exactly what was going on with the repairs. Yesterday they send back a new 360 and today it got delivered to my house. The hardware of Microsoft maybe faulty, but with there repair service is nothing wrong. So now I am very happy :D

I can only start playing my 360 again when I return from school on Thursday, but that doesn't face me too much :P I will catch up on all the CoD action I have been missing for the past week :D And next week I will hopefully get Assassins Creed 2 in the mail. The game that is bound to be my Game of the Year. So I just wanted to let you guys know :) Hope you are having a good time gaming!

Have any of you seen the new Alan Wake footage? It looks amazing :D

Is this irony or what . . . E74 Error day before MW2 release (not joking)

So yeah I have been eagerly awaiting the modern warfare 2 release. Today I played a lot of CoD4 and a watched a movie on my 360. When I was done watching the movie I turned it off and left it for about 30 minutes. Just before I wanted to go to bed I wanted to play a few more CoD4 matches and I get an error message E74. I cannot believe this and just when I was thinking todaymy 360 has been holding up so well since I got it. Just before one of the most anticipated game releases of this year my 360 breaks on me. I really wanted to share this amusing fact with you, so you can have a laugh at least. I might try the towel trick to at least play some MW2 before I send it in for repairs :( I don't if I can sleep :cry:


Small Update 2 : Uncle and HP6

Hi all,

A quick update again :P Today I heard from my brother he got a healthy little son. I have become uncle for the second time now :) I have yet to see the little troublemaker :P Sure can't wait :)

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter 6 the Halfblood Prince. It was the first time I thought the movie was worse then the book. It really didn't meet the hype that was created for the movie. It had its moments, but I certainly wasn't blown away by the movie. Still looking forward to the last 2 movies.

I have been working a lot lately, one more day and then I can take it easy for a while again :) What have y'all been up to?

Small Update

I finished Prince of Persia again and got 1000/1250 on it. So I collected all light seeds and beat the game without over 100 savings from Elika and under 12 hours. Very good game and I plan on getting the DLC for it soon.

I also got 1000/1000 on Bully. Not the best game ever but fun to play. To get the 100% achievement took some time and you had to do some random stuff, like drink 500 sodas :? O well, at least I got all 100% without wondering too long where I had to look for the last percentages.

With these 2 games finished I will go achievement hunting in Star Wars the Force Unleashed and Tomb Raider: Underworld :) Looking forward to it

That's all, keep well :)

Summer has Begun ! ! !

So here is another blog :) Things are going good for the moment. I finished my exams and got 7 weeks of no studying ahead of me. This week I won't be working, but from next week I will have to do some labour. Life isn't cheap.

So what have I been doing lately. Well I got the Rock Band Drums finally :D I have played for some hours and I really enjoy them, but it is still a bit hard haha. I can play some songs on hard though. I downloaded some songs for RB2 today, including songs by system of a down, evanesance, papa roach, franz Ferdinand and not to forget Sponge Bob lol.

I'm also replaying Prince of Persia, nearly got all the light seeds (just 12 left :)). After that I will start replaying it for the speed demon and go easy on her achievements. PoP is the first game of a series of games I will replay this summer. Bully, Star Wars Force Unleashed and Tomb Raider Underworld are still on my list.

This weekend I have been to a rock festival called Rock Werchter. A lot of bands were there, here are the ones that I enjoyed: Cold Play, Limp Bizkit, Black Eyed Peas, Pendulum, The prodigy, Just Jack, Katy Perry, Bloc Party, Rodrigo y Gabriella, The Killers and Metallica. 4 days of constant rock haha. I had a blast and it was over in a blink.

Now Im getting ready for a brain dead summer with lots of games and movies. How is your summer looking?

Who could help me with a cool new banner?

Hello guys,

I am doing alright, almost ready for the summer. 1 more exam left :) I already got one result back, which is a 9.2 for Aerodynamics. A very good score if you ask me :P

Been playing games too, right now I am really into GRiD and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

I am going to keep this blog short, since I need to study some more. I do have a request. I would like a new banner, since this one doesn't represent me anymore. Right now I am looking forward to the following games:

Assassins Creed 2
Dead Rising 2
Modern Warfare 2

Just the big games for 360 :)

I don't know if anyone is interested in making such a banner, but I might as well give it a shot :P

Well for now, see you all later

Another Blog

Hi guys, how is everybody doing? I am doing alright, I'm in the midst of my exam preparation. Luckily there is enough time to keep track of E3 a little. Some really exciting stuff happening and each console tries to deliver the best they can. That is always a good sign :)

I just noticed I have been playing a lot of games since I am back and my Gamer Score has almost doubled in these 4 months. It has gone up from 7930 to 15125, pretty impressive if you ask me and when summer starts the rise should continue steadily :P Games don't evolve around GamerScore though,but around playing quality games and I am confident to say there are lots of those on the market. Plus there are a lot of quality games coming before years end.

We really had some amazing games in the last few years and it seemed to be dying down a little, but now things are looking very good again. Off course we have a lot of sequels from the likes of Assassins Creed 2, Dead Rising 2, Modern Warfare 2 andBioshock 2. Those games will really brighten up my upcoming holiday season :P

I am also very excited about project Natal, it looks to be very innovative and I wonder what types of games they will bring on the market. I am not so thrilled about games that play like Wii Sports and the game they showed, Milo, looked a bit creepy in my eyes.A virtual friend just doesn't seem right in my eyes :P But the fact it works is very impressive.There sure is lots of potential to come up with great gaming ideas. So I can only kick back and wait what they will throw at us.

I also think MS will keep improving Live, I love the new services they are offering. The option to watch a game of football, or a movie with your mates in a lobby is just fantastic in my eyes. All in all, Assassins Creed took the show for me, it was the most anticipating game for me this E3 and Ubisoft really delivered. The game looks great and I am sure the story will be great again. I really cannot wait to play that game.

With that I am off. I hope you all enjoyed E3 as well :)


A blog

I am writing a blog. Been so long :P See if I still have it, I doubt it though :P I have been quiet depressed the last couple weeks and can't say I am over it. Too much to explain though and none of you are waiting for that :P I am still gaming a lot and it helps to take my thoughts of my problems even if it is for a split second. I got a lot of new games lately, a bit too much if you ask me. Luckily all of them where budget price. 6 games for a total of 135 euros isn't too bad imo. What games did I got you ask, let me lay them down for you:

Prince of Persia
Mirror's Edge
Tomb Raider Underworld
FEAR Files

KING KONG (Borrowed from my cousin)

So far I have finished Mirror's Edge and I am a far way with Prince of Persia. I think I will start playing FEAR and Tomb Raider next. I am playing KING KONG on the side, mainly for the achievements, but the game is actually quiet good and stays close to the movie.

I am pretty broke atm, so budget gaming is gonna be the new way of living :P I am still looking into getting Rock Band 2 though, I so want to play the drums on that game XD But that is probably going to be this summer.

Well there is not much else, I am not that active on GameSpot anymore so probably a lot of you have lost me out of sight :P For the ones that haven't, how are you doing :)

Keep gaming fellas :)