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Dungeons and Dresdens

For the past few weeks, a group of friends and I have been playing a pen and paper/tabletop RPG based on the Dresden Filesseries of books. The game is known boringly as The Dresden Files RPG; so we call it Dungeons and Dresdens. The game uses the FATE system as its backbone, focusing more on story than on gameplay/combat. This makes having a good GM (game master, or if you are more familiar with DnD, the DM) very important.

I have been talking with my GM about writing up a summary for our current campaign when we finish tomorrow (we meet on Fridays). He has been keeping short notes on the story, and has agreed to help me write a coherent story for you guys. Onward from this weekend/early next week, we will posting a summary of each session, and at the end of each campaign the summaries will be put together and embellished to make a servicable narrative.

I hope that I can bring a little bit of the fun I have been having to you, albiet in a condensed fashion. If you have any questions about the campaign or the universe of the gameworld, which I will try to explain as I go, feel free to ask.

Until next time cadets.

The (Official) End of FunRat

For any of you who still eagerly await for a new blog post from FunRat, well here it is. You have probably noticed that I haven't been around for a little more than two months. It started with a new game MineCraft (one of the best games ever), but I still stayed away, and it boiled down to a few things.

1) I was spending more time on GS than playing video games. This is a problem I know a few of you have had. Taking a break from GS usually fixed that for you. It just didn't work for me.

2) GS is incredibly biased.I joined for news and game reviews. I am usually content with the news, they do fine. But any Nintendo fan knows that GS writers seem to have a thing against Nintendo, and really any game that isn't an FPS. Basicly GS, in the terms of movies, only likes big summer blockbusters.

3) I only used GS for the unions/community.This one is hard to write. I had a great time in my unions, especially the NCC, and wish that I didn't have to leave them along with GS. But the core (see what I did there NCC members) reason I joined isn't living up to expectations.

So I am leaving. I might be back every once in while, so I won't quit one or two unions, but I would like the leaders in the unions that I am more than a recruit in todemote me. Good-bye everyone, live-long and prosper.



I downloaded Minecraft last Sunday... expect to see a lot less of me in the coming month because of this game.

blog over, must play Minecraft...

New Rank, New Avy, New Life

I recently rose in the ranks here on GameSpot, making me a Magician Lord.

The leveling guide says that Magician Lord isa cl@ssic SNK action-adventure game placing you in the role of a magician lord seeking out eight books of wisdom while fighting off enemies with numerous types of magic.

Heres a vid!

Any who, I have had the same avy since I began here six monthes ago. It was time for a change, so I changed my avy! Hope you like it!


Tag: 5 Mistakes Made in Video Games

Zmanrwks tagged me. The idea of this tag is to name the top five mistakes you have ever made in video games in no particular order.

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Spent a half hour on world six-two (I think it was this one, I'm going by memory)trying for one of the star coins, only to find out later that there was a secret passage to it.

2. Monster Hunter Tri: Ended up leading all of my hunting companions to death by knocking them all down with a wild long-sword swing. Then Devilijoe ate all of us.

3. Red Steel 2: Rushed into one of the last areas guns blazing, thinking it looked super cool. I used up all of my ammo, and, on my quest for more, ran into five ninjas. They then proceeded to have two of their numbers attack me with swords while the rest shot at me. I took all but one down when I met my demise.

4. Elite Beat Agents: After coming back to playing it after a month or so hiatus, I attempted Jumping Jack Flash on Sweating difficulty. I thought I had barely gotten through the whole thing with a victory, but I wasn't paying attention and a new section of the song started up. Then Rhomulans then took over the world, because I failed to bring epic dance beats to their ears.

5. Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels: Ate a poison mushroom... twice in a row.

I'll tag three people in the comments


It is so cold outside today! It was negative 26 at my house! I think the weatherman said it was a record for this day.

Anyway, every school around mine had a delay, except for ours. *sigh* I would have missed sience and geometry if we were delayed, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe they didn't cancel because it was the last day of the semester and they wanted to make sure we got all of our tests in. Still, our tests are not as important as our lives. I could have frozen to death! No, I couldn't have, our car works fine, it wouldn't have broken down. Oh well, what's done is done

Peace out

New Laptop!

I got my new laptop in the mail today! Yay! It is an HP Pavilion dv6t. I got some pretty good deals on memory and hard drives, so if you are looking for a laptop I would reccomend that you check this out. I plan to use this momentous occasion to start blogging more. You can now expect a blog every two weeks, instead of every two months.

Anyway, peace out home dogs


Last Thursday through Tuesday I was in Mexico! My family and I stayed in the Barcello Maya Palace resort. I had a blast! There was a reef right off the resort that I got to snorkel on!

The food was amazing! I tried so many different things. I had caviar, swordfish, veal, tofu,and lamb for the fisrt time. (Tofu is horrible)

We also went to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. That was very interesting, all the little things they did in the buliding to mark the soltices and equinoxes is incredible! There were also tons of iguanas around, they were fun to watch.

It was a great trip!

P.S. I might post some pictures later

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