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Fujin_Keima Blog

Blazblue Competition

I'm learning how to put Rapid Cancel to good use.I became so much better since I started using Rapid Cancels...

Really sucks that I don't have Xbox Live at home.Had to go at my friend's place to get my Gamertag....

I played Blazblue Network...It was awesome!Though I couldn't use Easy Specials(Which is kinda essential in my fighting style)

Sonic 2006

I'm currently playing through Sonic the Hedgehog 2006(yeah,THAT game)with the little free time I have.

It really isn't as bad as the people said.

Could've been better but could've been worse.

I'm currently trying to finish the Knuckles/Rouge part of Flame Core in Sonic and Shadow's story

Story of my life....

Right now for the christmas holiday,I'm on a massive gaming outbreak;everyday,from 11hA.M to 12P.M I play on my Wii and 360 with some gamer pals.

Today,we cleared Eternal Sonata(gived it a 7/10;It was SO easy),played Brawl for the 1st time since months and been abusing Blazblue again.

Today,oddly,I got completely owned by my pals(They almost got a perfect on me) after they practiced a bit in Training while I was getting a snack.Seems like I'll have to train this night or early morning.Left me a bad taste....T_T

I also had one of those 2-hour long gaming conversations with my pals about Blazblue,Arcana Heart and....DBZ(Strange,I know)

It's been like that for 3 days now(Not that I complain).If it stays like that,I'll have one of the best holidays in years..!:D