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FrozenKnight Blog

Retro Elastic Fotonick Rivral Machine Gun

The Greatest Weapon Known to the Society of Robots and Machines, mostly used by andorids and created by The Frozen Knight AKA The Grand Master...MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, chose ur style and KILL!
i will get into detail about this Massive Perfection weapon in a while, gotta go, later,
comment u CLB (if u wanna know wat that means ASK ME!)


u make me wish i was with u every moment of my life, and i luv u so much. Id rather live for just 1 minute holding u then live the rest of my life knowing i never could and If i had a single flower for everytime i thought of you i could walk forever in my garden.
When i first saw u i was afraid to talk to u, after i talked to u, i was afraid to hold u, after i held u, i was afraid to love u, and now that i love u, im afraid to lose u.

I'll stop loving you when
Diamonds never sparkle
And flowers cease to grow
When thunder doesn't echo
And rivers do not flow
When hearts no longer wonder
And hands are never held
When smiles are only memories
And hope is never felt
When trees no long blossom
And the stars refuse to shine
When autumn has no falling leaves
And winter no longer dies
When time has no more tomorrows
And rainbows have no hue
When God alone commands me
Then i'l stop loving you.

~Dodge Ball~

Wow, that movie was hilarious, especially when the star player from global gym was that ugly ass woman w/ the messed up teeth, that was funny as hell!

Gundam, Zone Of The Enders......

i think it would be so friggin awesome if everyone owned their own robots, and the military fought in Robots, i wish i had my own robot, then i would be the leader of a great Clan called Xion, we'd own all!