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Today is my Birthday! + pie/cake question

yeah today is my birthday, a time for celebration,with cake and food! Yum. I got some blu rays n games. But anyways one of friends at the party insisted that pie was way better then cake. Now I totally forgave him for making such a ludicrous statement, I mean pie? Better the Cake? Surly you can't be serious. I explained that whenever a special event happens we always eat pie, also stating how cake is majestic while pie is for farmers. He said that cake is only for special occasions because know no one wants to eat cake everyday. I also remember that gamespot also held a poll on this. Hmmm so what do you guys think Cakes or Pies?

The Wii Sensation never ending?

So today I was shopping around for stuff and while I was at my local walmart I noticed that they had about 8 Wiis in stock which was odd to me because I have only seen that once or twice. The guy at the counter told me that they just got a new shipment today. So I walked around a bit and bought a few things, when I returned there were no wiis left. Then I realized that the Wii has been selling out in many places every week for the past 2 years. What I want to know is will the consumers suffer from backlash or will this continue? I mean the wii is affordable and different then the other consoles, however the Wii gets to much shovel ware and its game mechanics still seem gimmicky. I know many people who bought the Wii but never play it. Some hardcore gamers even badmouth it even though they own one. What do you guys think?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you guys have enjoyed your holidays, I've been having a Christmas feast and am now sipping hot coco by the computer while the snow outside silently sits in against the dark night awaiting the next morn. mmm sounds nice doesn't it? Anyway, I got some pretty cool stuff for Christmas. Gaming wise I got Persona 4 (probably the last big name ps2 title), and Prince of Persia (ps3), great games so far. Also I got a few Blu-ray movies for the HDtv. Got Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Burn After Reading. Also got some other cool stuff from friends n stuff. Many people I know went to the movies today, I never realized this but there are tons of movies out today. You got: The Spirit, The Tale of Despereaux, Valkyrie, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bed time Stories. I mean does it really make sense to do that? Well, I'm off to watch Batman kick some Joker butt. Happy Holidays.

My Holiday Woes

Alas my friends, it seems that the holiday spirit is gone for me. While the holidays are a day for family and friends, I have a problem that I just can't seem to shake. You see, we have a big house, and for many years my mom would put the upstairs out for rent. The most recent renters was my sister and her boyfriend, let's call him Alex. Now I to be frank I do not like her boyfriend at all, I believe he's kind of controlling. In fact I pretty much prefer every other boyfriend she's ever had... ever. So as the year went on my sister would be going up and down the stairs with said boyfriend, I was perfectly fine with that. But the worst part of it all is that she and Alex come down to our level and celebrate holidays with us and the air always stinks of awkwardness. In my opinion he already ruined Thanksgiving, but now comes Christmas thee most wonderful holiday of the year and he will be there when I open my presents. I am seriously considering opening them elsewhere but I don't want to be rude. So this is my Christmas woe. Tell me what you guys think.

ummm hello?

Hey it's been a while since i have done one of these, few months as a matter a fact. So... is anyone still here? yeah idk what to say but if your reading this say hi below cause won't have much motivation if no ones reading.

Wooooaaah I Missed a lot

So I just came back from my vacation and was very surprised to see that Game spot has changed dramatically since I left. I mean , its kinda like hard to navigate now. Anyways I had a great time over in california, lots of cool people and places, i love it. Decided to try and move over there in the future. On the gaming front Im just playing Siren for the ps3 and Ico for the ps2. Also busted out some megaman games to play. Also been watching the olympics, boy lots of drama huh? Uggh tons of things to do and school starts in a week. Blarg...

A poem about a game (Resident Evil)

hey all, with Resident evil 5 being my most anticipated game for next year and me being a RE fan in general I would like to share a poem I wrote about the series. ahem: Zombies, zombies, zombies run for your life you can try and shoot them or die using your knife those bast*rds are tough, you have admit you won't have enough, ammo and sh*t They'll never all die don't you see? it'll take more then 5 games and 3 movies the virus is everywhere making undead with weird little tentacles that pop from their heads in Africa, Raccoon city, and don't forget Spain boy, killing zombies has gotten mundane there are too many zombies, come on stop the charade can anyone honestly say they're still afraid? back in 96 maybe, but not in this age the scariest thing now is if the game gets delayed. So the next time zombie dogs are in hot pursuit just keep running don't even bother to shoot because like I said very clearly before you can kill hundreds and hundreds there will always be more

Shady Business, Grrrr.

you know, now that I look back at it gamestop, the biggest chain of video game distributers, have a very shady business plan. Many times I have shopped there and many times i have some problems. Here are some examples of some problems I had with gamestop. I remember when I was just geting into PC gameing and I was going to buy Unreal tournement 04 from them. I bought a used copy ( this was before I knew about the CD keys and stuff. ) And after I bought it I noticed that and installation disk was missing. I was distrought, especially after the guy put those disks into the box, later I returned it and bought a new copy elsewhere. Another example is when my friend wanted to buy "Need for Speed underground 2" for his nephew. He eventually found a copy but there was a big sticker on the top right of it blocking the end of the logo. He asked the guy at the counter if the game was NFSU2 and the guy said yeah, at the time I was loking at other games. Later still unsure he asked be if it was the game and one look at the cover and I knew it wasn't (I have Underground 2). So I told him that he in fact bought the first. Other crap tactics that gamestop uses are hiring collage students who always give attitude and dont care, and selling games that clearly state NEW but when you bring the case to the counter they whip out a disk and put it into the display case to brought up, and overprice the games defult price buy up to $10. Clearly from what I've seen gamestop needs to get its act together. Unfortunately they are one of the only stores around here that sells used games and they have some pretty rare games. But I will now only shop their as a last resort.

My favorites of E3

Now that E3 is over I am pumped for some games this holiday season. Heres some of the games Im looking forward to... Resident Evil 5  Chris Redfield is back in probably the most solid title at E3, liked the new character, the gorgous graphics, new building architectures, and co-op. the gameplay look like resi four, but capcom has stated that they will offer multiple control schemes players can pick from, what can I say I love the Resi series and I am looking forard to this. Honestly we need more zombie games, and while the enemies in RE5 are not techically zombies they are close enough. Heres to Capcom! Far Cry 2  The Developers While I liked the first one the cliche character and faulty AI was a shame. This time you get to pick one of 9 characters so there no problem if you dislike a character. They also got rid of all the mutant stuff and focused on gunplay and realisim. this will also be the first time console players will get to play in the sandbox version like in the PC farcry. A unique feature is the perminant death for the characters, this is an inovative feature not used since Fire Emblem I believe. I may not be able to play Crysis but this is just as good. Project Origin  F.E.A.R. Alma again.... I was a huge fan of the original. Its horror sent chills down my spine and the combat well paced. The original was critizised by for its closed office enviorments and samey scares not to mention repetitive expantion packs with no minor improvements. Well, Project Origin does away with the same enviorments, mixes up it's scares, and completely ignores the tired FEAR expansions. The Graphics and the already great enemy AI have been have also been upgraded even further, making is one of my Favorite Games of E3. E3 Honorable mentions include: Fallout 3 (100 hours of gameplay? bloody mess? weeee), Street fighter 4 (My favorite fighter series goes 2.5D) and Killzone 2(terribly fantastic, best sony has to offer so far). There you have it my top games of E3!

Have I gone rogue?

Hear me out. I never had concidered myself to be a fanboy. I've owned the nintendo handhelds, the sega genesis, the PSP, the gamecube, the 3 playstations, and the Xbox 360 and enjoyed them. During the course of the E3 2008 I must say that the reveal of FFXIII for Xbox 360 left me sorly dissopointed and while I was happy for the 360 and FF13 fans, inner fanboy in me was calling out " Why did I buy a ps3? grrrahh!" So I went to gamespot. I was not suprised to see the emence out rush of people complaining. I joined in to some degree. There were many people arguing with each and things were said and blah. So anyways it was a double edged sword for me. In a sense of it I don't think its that its totally right for a great game like Final Fantasy to be kept as an exclusive. In the other hand I am a little dissipointed that I bought a ps3 for a collection of games and some fell through, that was a fault on my part though. I obviously don't hate any of the companies and I'm not a mindless drone like some other fanboys. But at times I do play favorites for sony's first party games. I don't know what else to say I'm like somewhere in a gray area... Do you think I'm a fanboy?
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