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FrostAlchemist Blog

I hate dogs...

This morning was great, This afternoon was horrible. When I was walking home all tired I got chased by a stupid dog. My hat fell off while being pusued by the dumb thing. It chased me far but not that far, which is good cause I have astma. I'm just glad I'm kinda of a quick person or else I would probably ended up as dog food. When the stupid dog finally stopped chasing me I had to go back... for my hat. I went all the way back to get the hat and lucky for me the dumb dog didn't come after me again. :)

I Quit

I quit this place. I've decided that I will come here no more. The forums here are truely horrible. There are too many bad threads in them that really really suck. For now on I will only be on GameSpot.

That stupid hurricane...

I'm finally back. Katrina knocked out my electricity for four days! My refrigerator is over half empty now. My mom threw mostly everything away and hasn't gone to the store to replace anything yet. :'( I want to make a sandwich but it's not even any ketchup here! I don't really care for ketchup but for some reason I have a taste for it right now. I'm more of a mustard person but really don't wanna use it this time... it's some of that here. I was so bored with the lights off and stuff. I wish I still had my laptop, I would have used it to watch dvds and stuff till the battery went dead like I did last time. Lucky for me I at least had my Gameboy Advance SP to keep me unbored for a while. sometimes I had to use it as a flashlight XD


Does anyone think maybe their house may be haunted or somethin? I do. Last night I heard and saw many crazy things. Steps making noise as if someone was walking up or down them, and I was playing with the dvd remote and all of a sudden the tv muted. I was freaked out cause I know my hand was nowhere near the mute button and I was the only one in the house when it happened.