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Too many cheaters in online games

More action is needed to stop online cheaters, they annoy me so much I want to rip there spines out >.< because only spineless jerks cheat in multiplayer games.

Youtube has so many 'cheater' vids up its not even funny, also what annoys me is the sheer amount of hacks in CSS and still, not enough is being done to combat it.

Guys, work harder to eliminate online cheating!


I hate fanbois, every since I used too kick the crap out of them in school yard brawls for screaming my megadrive (genesis) is better than the snes, no way my snes is better than yours....whine on losers.

Nothing worse than fanbois, they ruin online games and help push crappy products, since they don't have the guts to admit that there so called 'favorites' have problems....dream on

Gamespot reviews being too nice

Some reviews I can kinder agree with, but certain other reviews are just too nice, obviously if the game is pants it should get a bad review but not always, so-called game critics and paid magazine reviewers are not being critical enough, if the game stinks or has serious bugs then it shouldn't be coddled like a baby.

Gaming Rut

Not many decent games have been released over the past few months, i'm so eager for NWN2 to be released, and Star Trek: Legacy is also looking pretty good.

DMCA rules kill fraps game movies

Stupid corporate 'laws' such as DRM and DMCA that really should be illegal really annoy me greatly, several of my Battlefront 2 movies was 'deleted' since it 'infringed', along with many other movies created by other frappers on youtube.  Honestly, I think this countries laws are laughable sometimes, protecting corporations from 'in theory' losing money whilst at the same time screwing over free speech rights and fair usage.

If anything, video game frap movies help to sell them, people see the games and think, wow cool! That looks like a good game and don't forget about the free advertising....lawmakers these days just don't have a clue.  I hope in the future my children can grow up in a world free of war and not having to worry about potentially breaking stupid excess interlectual property laws.

latest movie

Created a pretty decent toontown movie last night, came out pretty good. I would post movies on here, but need lvl 10 first...thats going to take a while me thinks.

Frap Movies

Well, once I clear out some old temp files hopefully i'll have enough space again to make some more high quality fraps movies, Jedi Academy is looking like a prime target for a frap movie right now, shame the lightsaber sequences are a bit haphazard...


Well, i've been a member of Gamespot for over 3 years now, but only check in once in a while and even then just for a quick looksie. Now i've noticed its much cooler so I might stick around.
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