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Dark Messiah MP

Well, I tried it and had mixed feelings about it.....mostly bad ones lol The single player game looks extremely good, unfortuntely the MP side looks a bit rushed, and it plays like its been rushed too.  Many problems and issues need to be fixed or its just going to fail.

DS2: Broken World

So far, after buying the expansion earlier and installing it.....its great, fixes all the problems and grief I was having with the original DS2.

Local tradegy just happened

Practically in our backyard too, around an hour ago all hell was breaking lose in the park just behind our house, tons of police, ambulances, fire trucks was there and shortly after I went out to see what the commotion was, a chopper came in and landed in the field and airlifted someone out, only later after asking what happened, found out some kids was playing near the train tracks just behind the field and one of the kids got hit by a train somehow, how bad was he/she hurt? I don't know but obviously serious enough to be airlifted to hospital.

I hope the family of the kid who got hurt has the strength in this bad time, and I hope the kid pulls through, getting hit by a train....well, it isn't good.

Another Hurricane soon

I'm tracking a pretty nasty tropical disturbance, which is pretty much exploding right now and most likely will eventually become the next Hurricane, TD6 is almost at a tropical storm, so anyone in Florida should watch the local weather reports for the next week or so....

Big Brother all-stars

Wow, so much deceit and backstabbing, just goes to show how people act in controlled conditions, I guess the prize of $1m proves people would proberly stab their own moms in the back to win it...

New laptop arriving Tuesday

Already got my periherals for it such as the my 65w AC adapter, sucks that I have to buy it seperately....stupid HP! Grr, at least I got a good deal on my new laptop.

Back to playing WarRock

Surprising good fun game, a few hackers/griefers but not nearly as bad as some other games, this ones definately worth keeping a eye on once it starts pulling it together.

Just wish they would remove the 'rent' weapons feature, its kinder lame.

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