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PSu most likely dead within a few months

:( Too many hackers ruined it so soon, may the hackers die in horrible house fires.  Developers/Publishers need to crack down hard on them otherwise whats the point in playing online games?  Anti-Cheat programs need to be able to detect cheatengines.

Annoyed again at poor quality gaming releases

Picked up The Guild 2 from EBgames yesterday mostly because of its namesake, since the original game was pretty good even though again, that did have some serious problems and yeah, should have guessed that this version would have some problems, but didn't think it would have some really serious issues, developers really should be careful when releasing really poor quality products then 'patching' at a later date, the public are not paid beta-testers and shouldn't be used as such, release stable and fully playable games! Grr

Off to Boston tomorrow

Going to be gone for around 4 days, visiting my wifes friend who is baptising her new baby :) I enjoy these little trips, I get to play on my friends xbox and have a blast playing some WWE wrestling games.   I'm taking my laptop but not sure if i'll be able to get a signal...


Hopefully i'll recover soon since its been nearly a week since I developed whatever this junk is, kinder like a nasty stomach cold or something :(
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