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Level 14- Gitaroo Man

Im back from my vacation to the Pocono Mountains for some paintballing, which was really intense. My gun broke down a couple of times due to the weather but overall the trip was great. Since Ive gotton back, I have broken two milestones(kinda), reaching level 14 and registering 1500 posts. My rank is entitled Gitaroo Man, which I have no clue what it refers to but I imagine a Gitaroo man looks something like this:

In related news, Im now a mod over at the awsome Han Solo Union. The board is starting to take off, and if you have any intrest in star wars/random topics I sugggest you check it out.

Last Weeks Royal Rumble (see last post) pitted Boba Fett against Solid Snake in a fight to the death. There have been a dissapointing number of votes so far, so check it out if you havent already. THe winner will go on to face a new foe on wensday or thursday. Feel free to vote untill the new round is up.

The Royal RumblE (round 1)

I spent some time over the past month to watch the original 3 star wars films, and I realised that next to the sand people and Lando Calrisium, Boba Fett is the coolest guy in the film. Later on, I sat down to play some MGS 3, crawling around in the bushes and cutting up snakes. It made me think, what would happen if Solid Snake took on Boba Fett, in a deathmatch that left only one man standing. From this bizarre thought, the idea for THE ROYAL RUMBLe was founded. It would be simple, 2 videogame characters would go head to head, with the winner going on to fight the next week. But how would the victor be determined? The cool ppl at gamespot would decide, by placing a single vote. And so let round 1 begin...



Both of these men are pimps, but who would win in a deathmatch? Vote now!

Biggest Decision of My Life

So Microsoft issued their warning on xbox power cords, and it turns out mine was manufactured in the final month of the warning. So technically, i should be ordering a replacement. But then an evil thought came to my mind, why not have some fun with the cord and my evil little sister? SHes always wanting to play the SIms on my precious xbox, so im thinking why not leave the xbox turned on overnight, pray it doesnt catch fire and destroy my home entertainment setup, and then the next day tell my sis she can play her game. I'll say to her, "but first make sure the power cord is plugged in." Unknowingly she will touch it, scorching her hands in the process. "Bwahaha!" I will laugh at her for a brief moment but then relise that the burns are serious and I have to drive her to the hospital. Maybe I should just continue scrubbing her toothbrush on the toilet seat instead and order that replacement cord.

Back In Black

Im back from my extended vacation from gamespot (and my computer). It seems system wars hasnt changed much since I left, which is dissapointing. To celebrate my return, Ive got a new sig and avatar, both geared towards the upcoming relase of Star wars epsisode III. Episode III will be an excellent finish to the epic saga, and will be much better than the somewhat dreadfull Episode I.

I was devastated by this news, the death of the 2004-2005 NHL season. In an inexcusable fashion the players union and the owners failed to come to an agreement to save the season. It took the players asscosiation 5 months to decide that they would be able to play under a salery cap, which left the two sides only one week to decide what the cap would be. In the end the sides were only 7 million dollars apart, with the owners favoring a 42 million dollar cap and the players a 49. The two sides seem oblivious to the fact that many franchises may now be shut down, and attendance in most U.S. venues will suffer greatly. Hockey fans deserved better that this, expecially the ones who have been loyaly attending the overpriced games for the past eleven years. Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow should be ashamed of themselves, as their foolish pride caused many months to go buy with little progress being made. Personally, I think both of them should be given the old Donald Trump- YOUR FIRED!

hockey is screwed

Level 13

damn i lost points. someone reported my earlier journal entry!

anyway the big news is im lvl 13!

Fact: Purple shorts are not attractive

So i was playing Neverwinter Nights, in the first chapter of the game. I went into this inn and my male rouge approached this woman in purple shorts who had the look of a woman who wanted some action. She told me that if I followed her to her room upstairs we could get it on (no im not a sick kid who wants to see sex in a videogame). When we got up to her room she said get undressed so i took of my characters armour.Then she proceeded to laugh at my skinny body(im just a rouge after all) and humiliated me in front of my party of characters (a fat dwarf and an owl). I was angry, and thought about cutting off her head, but instead went back downstairs and informed her husband that she had cheated on him. THen he went upstairs and well, bit*h slapped her for me. THe point of this story? Never trust women in purple shorts. Come to think of it, my gym teacher wears purple shorts sometimes. Wait, hes a man. :|

The Safety Dance (need suggestions)

I have reached the 800 song level on my ipod mini. I wanna fill er up with 200 hundred more songs just so i get some variety. Right now i basically have Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The ROllong Stones and a little hip hop. I need some tunes dudes, so tell me some bands/songs/albums to put on it (any genre is fine).

The Playground of Destruction

Ive been playing Mercenaries all week, if you couldnt tell by the lack of Journal posts. This game is quite a gem, the sheer amount of destruction is awe inspiring. Calling down multiple carpet bombs, hijacking a helicopter and hitting a North Korean general in the head with a well placed sniper bullet is extremly fun, expecially when it all happens within two minutes. Playing as the sinister swede, I have completed about eighty percent of the game, and its taken almost twenty hours. This is the kind of meaty single player experience ive been waiting for, after beating San Andreas and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow(both of which were awsome).

I thought i would take a break from the game, untill I found out you can unlock both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Im a huge Harrison Ford fan and theres a unique feeling you get when you see Indiana climbing onto a tank, opening the hatch and throwing a grenade into it. The only thing missing is his wip.

In case any of you didnt know, the Eagles beat the Falcons yesterday and advanced to the superbowl to take on the Patriots. My brother had to pay me sixty five bucks due to Mike Vicks team losing. And for those of you who think the Eagles stand no chance against the Pats, shame on you!

On another note i got Star Wars Kotor today, after much pressure from a friend to buy it. I dont really dig most role playing games, but this one is pretty awsome. Besides the dated graphics, the game feels really solid a couple of hours in. Its tempting to choose the path of the dark side, but I follow the light! More on that next time.


Its time for some Cambels CHunky Soup!

THe eagles stomped the vikings today, scoring early and never looking back.seeing the peoples champion pull up the pants and put the belt on was a classic.the game really put the vikings in their place as the mediocore 8-8 team that they are. Randy moss might as well have sat up beside T.O. in the luxury box, he was so inefective. Next up the falcons and a chance to break the jinx of 3 straight nfc championship defeats(4th times the charm).
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