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1 year Anniversary

I have not been on this website properly for like 2 months anyway, it's one year to this day when i signed up to By pure coincidence i came on today and saw the date that i joined while scrolling down the page, something clicked and i realised today is May 7th aswell. This was only made possible because its bank holiday monday in England (Bank holidays are so called because they are days upon which banks are shut and therefore (traditionally) no other businesses could operate. Legislation allows certain payments to be deferred to the next working day.) so im off school 2day which is good 'cause i need to finish my English coursework on Hamlet and the deadlines tomorrow.


Law Exam today. Noooo im not ready.

I have my Law exam in just under 13 hours. Im gonna go to sleep now and then wake up early in the morning to get in some last minute revison.

Wish me luck guys. God knows i need it. Oh pray for me if you can please. :wink:

I have a new "banner"

Well i dont know if you can call it a banner because its just a Gif thats tiled. Anyway i think it cool, its from one of the latest Naruto manga chapters.

Do you guys think its cool?

It took them long enough

Yay now lets us use our own icons, do you like the way they have changed the layout. Now that they have changed the icons ill probably have a new one each hour, i have soo many.

BTW how do you make people trusted contributors, some people have made me trusted and i want to return the favour.

Holy Level 10

Holy level 10 i made it in think i may stay at this level because the emblem looks cool.

Oh and im an editor of another person.

Random: At the moment...

At the moment i am eating a bag of Skittles drinking a bottle of water, listening to the new James bond theme tune.

Munch, munch, munch.

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