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Here's a couple more you may be interested in. They're not quite as hard, but still challenging.

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Just thought I'd post this in case anyone here is playing JC4 and is stuck on this stunt. Most of the Wing Suit stunts in this game feel too easy, but this one earns your respect. If I see any others with this level of challenge I'll post them.

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The tracks are great, as well as the graphics, and there's a track editor. The bikes are not floaty like the first game. There's been a few bugs but they've been patching them.

I only play on keyboard so I'm just at Medium AI so far. I'm getting to the point where I can consistently win with a 2 to 11 sec lead though once I get the feel for the tracks.

I will likely use Hard AI next play through, but will probably stick with basic vs advanced physics. Realistic mode is unlikely on keyboard. Momentum is key in this game especially in 180 turns.

You need to lean into the turn and use rear brake to keep up enough speed for the whoops that come after turns. Basic physics allows you to lean a fair bit even in mud as long as you're on a berm.

My progress so far, some races are missing due to having a temporary problem with ShadowPlay.

Arlington Track

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Atlanta Track

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Daytona Beach Track

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St. Louis Track

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Indianapolis Track

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Seattle Track

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I looked all over for those posters after I read about them, but couldn't find any. Are they only there in the first part of the game?

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Not me, for a lot of us on PC, we feel GZ and TPP are the ones they FINALLY properly supported PC with, albeit with a few quirks, like lack of control explanations and KB/M prompts missing.

I also feel they could at least continue it on through to the end of the cold war era, which is basically 1991. They also ended TPP in such a way that opens up more possibilities.

I want to see a DLC for TPP that fleshes out and resolves Eli's escape, but honestly, it could also be the basis for an entire new game if it starts with him as a child, then has him as an adult commander leading an army.

As said though, they can't go forward much, just fill gaps that already exist. At this point it's kinda like the Star Wars saga in that sense.

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You generally always have the option to kill, but in TPP, it affects your Hero point status. Anything above 150,000 points is Hero status, anything below 100,000 points is Demon status, whereby your shrapnel "horn" will grow longer and you can't wash blood off. You CAN however gain back Hero status by doing heroic acts, some of which award more points than others.

That said, there are times you do not have the option to kill with certain personnel that fall into a gray area. I'd say more but it could spoil some of the story for you.

As for whether TPP has more "deserving" enemies, of course it does. Ground Zeroes by comparison is just Kojima's version of Guantanamo Bay. In TPP, you'll be going into areas with factions that do some petty despicable things. Just remember that if you go too kill crazy, you not only lose Hero points, you can lose valuable recruits. Plus if you Rambo it too much, the enemy will adapt with things like shields and armor, making it harder to complete some objectives.

I don't understand why you titled it "Killing innocents" though, when you're asking about soldiers more deserving of death. Not all are innocent, not even in Ground Zeroes.

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@iiioiister said:

@thundercloud80: I have over 180,000 Heroism points and I am covered in blood with a fully grown horn on my forehead. After a while I just started killing everyone (during Side Missions and Free Roam) since this game's Demon/Heroism effect only goes one way...

It doesn't only go one way, and since Hero status starts at 150,000, I find the 180,000 part hard to believe.

Demon status is supposed to start when you drop below 100,000 points, and even then, the Hero points CAN still be built back up. You just have to make sure you do more heroic than demonic acts. Plus there are acts that raise it faster, like saving children by extracting them, finding and disarming nukes, etc.

@thunder, develop higher grade weapons when you can, which will give them more power and/or ammo. At any time though you can call in supply drops to top it off. Go to iDroid, Missions, Supply Drops, Ammo/Fulton. Designate where to drop, and shortly it parachutes down to you.

There's also ways to conserve ammo, like lure distracting via throwing the infinite amount of empty magazines you're equipped with. When within 12m or so, you can switch to Bionic Arm knocks to lure to a cover spot for an easy stealth takedown. You can also use CQC-Close Quarters Combat (aim pistol from behind, hold Q for command). Or just hold RMB to grab, then Q to interrogate, or LMB repeatedly to sleep choke, E to knife kill.

One of the reasons a LOT of people on PC get frustrated, especially if you play with KB/M, is the game doesn't adequately explain control functions for those devices. Here's a great guide that I found and used, it helped a lot. It's for Ground Zeroes, but mostly works for The Phantom Pain (CQC Commands were changed to number vs arrow keys though).

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Actually you're right, it's mostly tranq pistol the first part of the game if you want to use stealth and avoid Demon points and losing recruits. Then again, it IS primarily a stealth game isn't it?

Later on the UN assault rifle that stuns is quite effective, but nothing beats the silenced tranq sniper rifle. Until I got the UN rifle I carried the MSR to kill non valuable troops that I had no hiding spot left for, but until you get the mid level silencer, it wears out pretty fast, so try to one shot them in the head.

Now I carry the UN rifle and the silenced tranq sniper rifle, and when I need to kill someone, I grab them and knife them. Don't worry about killing too much though. You'll encounter a lot of troops that just aren't worth recruiting, and as long as you extract a good number more than you kill, your Hero points will accumulate.

I used to get annoyed that the only sure fire way to avoid enemies waking up is to extract, hide or kill them, but now I just see it as a necessary element to keeping the game suspenseful, with a personnel system to manage that adds depth and strategy. Now when I kill someone I just laugh and say, sorry buddy, no toilets or dumpsters left. It is after all, just a game.

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I used no smoke, or supply drop tricks on [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence, just my handy tranq sniper rifle. Got a fairly easy S and all side tasks except no firearms. Never had a sand storm come in either.

Personally I'm not convinced sand storms are even scripted to automatically happen. I get the feeling the weather adapts to the player, much like the AI.

Meaning if you're taking a while or getting shot a lot, they're more likely to appear.

The no firearms task is going to be interesting on this one.

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I took D-Walker straight through the open left area of the airport, parked him alongside the hanger, sprinted along the far wall under the camera, then knocked that guy out from inside the building and just dashed back to D-Walker to extract him. Same score, no alerts, pretty close to the same time, and you get a high ranking soldier that's eager to join your forces.

Never been a big fan of fast and loud, and for a stealth game, they really should penalize enough for alerting the whole place to not allow an S score with such tactics. When they hear a loud explosion and there's coms chatter, that really should be a high level combat alert that significantly affects score.